Trust me. My siblings are like that too

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Siblings shouldn’t be trusted in those situations xD

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Name: Elena
Birthday: May 25th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight 
Relationship status: More than happily taken
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Siblings: 1, younger sister
Favorite color: Blue, in some distinction, turquoise, to be exact.
Pets: 3 parakeets
Favorite bands/ artists: The Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, James Blunt, Scorpions, Michael Jackson, I guess Ace of Base too, and a bunch more, trust me.
Sleep: Wellll, it depends. I’d like to keep my sleep schedule tidy but boy, does that all alter when Im on break.
Type of phone: LG G3
Love or lust:  Why not both, right?
Lemonade or iced tea: Iced tea
Cats or dogs: Cats, most definitely. Though dogs aren’t bad.
Few best friends or lots of casual friends: Few best friends. Too bad they don’t live next door like in the movies. Maybe one day they will. 
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Day or night: Days are nice but nights are lovely, so I don’t know.
Text or call: Calling is way too underrated, it’s lovely when you get to hear someone’s emotions and emphasis when texts don’t do the job.
Makeup or natural: Natural, I believe. 
Ever meet a celebrity: Ha, yeah, incredibly breathtaking
Spoons or forks: Spoons all the fucking way!
Truth or dare: Truth, because I’m a bitch
Pronounce caramel “car-a-mel” or “car-mel”: First one, that’s the way I was taught and it’s stuck with me now.
Smile or eyes: Eyes. You can see million smiles in them if you look close enough. 
Light or dark hair: Originally was dark hair, but I want it lighter now.
Shorter or taller: Shorter, it’s fun to climb on the benches to reach into the cupboard or a high shelf. 
Intelligence or appearance: Both are good, I guess. But it doesn’t really matter. Chapstick or lipstick: Chapstick
What color shirt are you wearing: Purple 
Musical instruments you play: Piano, currently in the process of learning the guitar as well. 
City or country: I lived in the country as a kid and I loved the idea of living in the city. Now I live in the city and I wanna go back in the country. Then again, I’d have to switch back and forth to see which one I like best. 
Last song you listened to: So Far Gone by James Blunt
Last book you read: Last Chance Saloon by Marian Keyes
Favorite old song: There’s one too many.
Favorite TV show: The Office, Friends, and Spongebob
Favorite animal: Cats and horses.
Interests/ hobbies: Let’s see, we’ve got writing, music in all forms, turning my room into a bomb site, collecting records, buying posters, obsessing over The Beatles.. The list could go on.
Cool pillow or warm pillow: Cool, definitely.
Favorite horror film: The one with Michael Myers, I forget the name.I’ve laughed so hard through it. 
Any piercings/ tattoos: I have ear piercings but that’s it, haha.
Favorite book: The Outsiders (!!!!)

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Name: Moses

Nickname: Momo

Birthday: May 1st

Gender: Boy

Height: 5'7

Relationship Status: Single and slept on 

Sibling(s): None, only child

Favorite Color(s): Instagram Thot Colors (Muted Colors/ Neutrals)

Sleep:  3-5 hours

Type of Phone: Galaxy

Love or Lust: Both.

Lemonade or Iced Tea: Icey Tea session with my closest hunties 

Cats or Dogs: I like the majestic tall or horse looking dogs cause we can model together and they can protect me from the real dogs. Men. As for felines, cats are hella shady and so I naturally love them too

A Few Best Friends or Lots of Casual Friends: A few best friends. I don’t trust many hoes but i’m friendly when I want tea.

Coke or Pepsi: Neither, I’m not trying to die.

Wild Night Out or Romantic Night In: Romantic nights

Day or Night: Night.

Text or Call: Text. Only call me if it’s an emoegency (tea counts as an emergency too)

Makeup or Natural: Natural but I’m not opposed to a lip

Ever Met a Celebrity: None I can remember…
Smile or Eyes: Both?
Light or Dark Hair: Dark.
Intelligence or Appearance: Both. Knowledge turns me on but I’m not gonna fuck Einstein cause he knows shit, bitch bye. I need something.

Chapstick or Lipstick: Chapstick. Slick,plump, moist…

City or Country: City but I need the country from time to time

Last Song You Listened To:  Gypsy Woman- Crystal Waters (A gay club hit)

Favorite Fictional Characters:  Daria Morgandorffer or Jane Lane

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moment of silence for me + my step siblings. we’re white and had to eat my step mom’s plain tasteless chicken with no seasoning pretty constantly over the years. this ended with me + my step brother deciding we hate chicken n refusing to eat it and she’s just like “well no dinner then”

+ that entire family was hella emotional so it ended in at least 3 people crying and whenever chicken was ordered at a restaurant legit fights would break out at the table. me n my dad would just sit there staring blankly like Wtf is going on as they scream and wail from in the bathroom over unseasoned fucking chicken

apeacebone asked:

Marvel for the shipping meme

Excellent! It’ll probably be a mishmash of mcu and comics haha.

Lowkey otp: A lot of ships fall under this category haha. Stuff like Rhodey/Tony, Jessica Jones/Luke, like, just… a lot haha. I feel now is the time to bring out my rarepair ships too, like Bruce/Jessica Drew (just trust me). 

Highkey notp: Stony oops. Like, I see where it comes from in the comics but it’s never been my thing at all. There are so many people that are better for both of them.

[softly] don’t notp: Wanda/Pietro. Because i just. I associate so many sibling feelings with them so it squicked me out hella to see them shipped.

Highkey otp but i’m scared of saying it because it’s not a very popular choice: I’m not really afraid of any of my ships. Well, except for Nat/Bruce. I don’t highkey ship them but I did ship them until aou happened and now it’s absolutely tarnished and ruined. I still like the idea of them if handled right, but just. It’s hard to admit that when they were so badly shoved together ugh.

Highkey otp and anyone on my tumblr knows it: Probably Steve/Sam or Tony/Bruce?

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3, 20, 33, 51 70

3: i regret not studying more when i was 17. To study in a public college. Or at least studying more last semester to have better grades.

20: playing board games at my friend’s house, whos now gonna live in another state. not his house, but him. you understood me

33: Yes. I sound like 13 years old, trying to be edgy, badass or whatever, but i really can trust anybody, like, i don’t have this hability. im just too scared and insecure. I don’t even trust myself. And that’s horrible, and makes me feel alone all the time, but my parents did raise me like that and for that. I can’t trust in my parents either.

51: Sushi, meat, and ice cream. fucking love ice cream.

70: I would die for my siblings. For my friends. My parents. Even if i can’t trust them. Because im fucking dumb and i love them too much