Trust No Man

I have a friend that modeled for Dollskill and wanted to see if she agreed with all the things that are going around about them at the moment and she said it’s pretty much all true. She’s like tiny as shit and apparently the stylist at dollskill was being mean to her cause she wasn’t anorexic.

I hate listening to bullshit said online because most of the time it’s just jealous girls finding an excuse to be mean to each other but now that it’s been confirmed by someone I know and trust… Man I’m disappointed.


          The thing that most bothered Saitama about Genos’ relationship with Dr. Kuseno was the lack of control Genos had regarding the timing of his replacements.  Genos could not decide whether or not to change his robotic parts, and remodeling him was all up to Dr. Kuseno.  Granted, it was amazing that Genos trusted the old man so completely, but if Dr. Kuseno ever got tired of Genos’ never ending requests for repairs or replacements or upgrades then Saitama didn’t know what Genos would do (sometimes, in his nightmares, Saitama saw Dr. Kuseno leave Genos on a table, completely shut down, for weeks on end, until whatever human parts of him that were left had died, and then Genos was a robot and–)



“You were staring.”

“Oh, sorry Genos.  Didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“…It’s fine, sensei.”

          Saitama resumed gazing at the cyborg’s new look: blue hair, blue highlights; a soft color like the bluegreen of house finch eggs.  It made Saitama think of a cool breeze on a chilly morning–ironic because of Genos’ heat-producing nature.  Blue suited the cyborg, though.

         It took a while for Saitama to notice.  But one night, after tossing and turning and being unable to sleep, he finally opened his eyes and saw.

          Genos was dozing on the couch (an unfortunate habit that Saitama had scolded him for many times over) and Saitama, who had planned on a midnight snack to help himself sleep, couldn’t help himself but stare.

          Genos was glowing the most beautiful blue color that Saitama had ever seen.  And as he stared at him, Saitama noticed something.  The blue light emanating from Genos projected onto the walls glowing stars that fluttered this way and that as Genos breathed.  Curious, Saitama took a few steps forward.  How did Dr. Kuseno manage that?

          Suddenly, Saitama saw them: a tiny number of star-shaped holes incised into the back of Genos’ neck, glowing bright with his artificial light.  He smiled.  Wow….I bet Genos doesn’t know.

          The next day, Genos asked Saitama why he seemed so tired (concern etched into his features) and Saitama smiled wide.

“Constellations, Genos.  Blue ones.”

Genos looked confused.  “Okay, sensei.”


Archer pulled away as Tobias bit his neck, knowing it drove the young pianist wild in their more intimate moments. His eyes opened wide in dismay & confusion. Had he felt he had the strength & grace to jump out of the hot tub at that moment, he would. But, because of the mixture of alcohol & drugs, he had neither.

Tobias tried to pull him back in, to continue his attempts to tease & excite him. Matty’s hungry eyes watched them intently, not saying a word. Loosen up, the man urged, looking deep into Archer’s concerned eyes. It was a move he knew would make the naive, young man trust his words more.

Tobias, stop. He found it hard to see straight. His efforts to stand were futile at best. It only allowed Tobias to get both of his strong arms around his muscular body. The struggle ended when their lips met. Tobias pinned him down, kissing him deeply as he felt his young lover concede.

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You're going to change your URL? Why though? Sugasmut is a really good url, and even though you still own the name it doesn't feel the same...what am i talking about lol you can change it if you want to but i prefer not! :~)

Ah I am about to make a post about it, so you shall see on there!

Anonymous said: What is this personality thing??? I do not understand….

It is a test to determine what personality type you are!

Anonymous said: I always dream of bts, got7, ikon, seventeen honestly all my favs all the time. 😂 only because they are literally on my mind all day everyday and I read almost all of your smut (others too) before bed and I end up dreaming about the smuts I read 😇

Haha oh man, trust me when I say BTS are on my mind 24/7 too! But that is because I am always planning the next thing that I am writing, with one of them in it, of course. I never really dream though at all!

The reply to a thread I’m working on kinda made me think of a thing. 

So, Rowena confessed she hated Crowley because if she didn’t she’d love him and love is weakness. Okay.

She also explained his father had left her for his wife and left her to die and/or deal with his child. Okay. 

She’d loved him. She’d loved Crowley’s dad and he’d promised her the world and then he left her to die. Not just hurts my heart at that, it hurts a lot more to think about what Lucifer did now.

He convinced her to free him. He probably told her he’d kill/punish Crowley and that she would be safe and could stop running. But also… we all know she was kinda smitten by him. He’s all Alpha after all. And she totally was melting at the sight of him. 

And then.. he killed her

So, again. She kind of trusted a man and.. that guy uses that against her. Okay, trusting Lucifer was the wrong thing to do, but it wasn’t as if she had had all that many options. 

But… okay I made myself sad thinking about that. I mean, she hurt Crowley (for which I hate her), but she didn’t deserve this, okay? She just didn’t. I love that they kinda did it that way, but OW the feels.