I’m so grateful to be alive. Maybe I’ve been trying a little too hard to understand why things are the way they are. Maybe it’s okay to not know how we even exist, maybe it’s okay to have questions with answers that aren’t satisfying, or even some questions with no answers at all. And maybe I don’t need more answers, but a bigger sense of trust. I’m so grateful to be alive. Maybe I don’t need to know why.

I either trust too much or don’t trust at all, there is no in between.
—  Tenari Ioapo

A new Gallup poll shows a majority of Americans no longer trust Trump

  • A new Gallup poll is shining a very bright spotlight on President Donald Trump’s relationship with the voting public. 
  • Specifically, the Gallup poll released on Monday illustrates that American citizens simply do not trust the president anymore.
  • “President Donald Trump’s image among Americans as someone who keeps his promises has faded in the first two months of his presidency, falling from 62% in February to 45%,” Gallup reported. 
  • “The public is also less likely to see him as a ‘strong and decisive leader,’ as someone who 'can bring about the changes this country needs’ or as 'honest and trustworthy.’” Read more (4/17/17)