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Trumbull County Dog Kennel - Warren, OH
Ruff ruff! My name is Henry. I am a male Pit Bull mix and very urgent!!A volunteer writes: Henry is a sweet sweet boy, but very thin. He needs someone to love him back to what he is supposed to look like! He is about 2 years old, and only weighs 51 lbs, but should weigh around 63 lbs or so.  Available for rescue/adoption 3.14.13.

Elm Road Drive-In Theatre on Flickr.

1895 Elm Rd. NE
Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio 44483

The Elm Road Drive-In Theatre was founded in 1950 by Stephen Hreno and his wife, Mary — and is now one of less than 400 drive-in theaters still active in the U.S.; and one of only two still open in the Mahoning Valley.

On August 3, 1950, the drive-in opened its doors as a, then typical, single screen, outdoor movie theater. When the business passed to Steve’s son Robert in the ‘70’s, he first added a big second screen in 1979. Soon FM stereo through the car radio was added, and then in 2005, a third big screen was added. For 2013 the Theatre has made a commitment for the long haul by installing new Digital Projectors on all 3 of its outdoor screens.

In this regard, the movie industry has spelled doom for many of the remaining outdoor theaters. It will no longer supply the theaters with 35mm film for their old projectors! They will only supply new movies on digital mediums. Unless the theaters invest in very expensive digital projection equipment, they will not be able to show newer movies. Elm Road has made that investment and hopes to be in business for years to come.

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Every Woman Memorial, Women’s Park, Warren, Ohio -  on Flickr.

“For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” ~ Virginia Woolf”

Women’s Park
Adjacent to 321 Mahoning Avenue N.W.
Warren, OH 44483

(330) 395-1840

Located just south of City Hall and north of the Kinsman House on Mahoning Ave. there is a park dedicated to all women – past and present – who have made a difference throughout the local community. This beautifully landscaped park, features walkways, courtyards and a stone bridge spanning a brook. It is also home to “Every Woman Memorial,” a nearly life size statue of a disarmingly coy woman whose beauty is only outdone by her obviouse intelligence. The gardens are maintained by volunteers from the Upton Association.

Yes, the Upton Association does indeed refer to Harriet Taylor Upton– who along with Susan B. Anthony was largely responsible for the ultimate success of the Woman’s Suffrage Movement and passage of the 19th Amendment. Born on December 17, 1854, in Ravenna, Ohio, she moved with her family to Warren, Ohio in 1862. She graduated from Warren High School in 1873.

At the turn of the 20th century Harriet was quite the celebrity in Warren, Ohio.  She worked closely with her mentor, Susan B. Anthony for many years. It was said by the Washington Post, “Mrs. Upton is without a doubt the best liked and wisest suffrage worker in the country.  Always in times of stress, the other state leaders have to call on Mrs. Upton.” Through her political involvement, she became friends with Presidents Hayes, Garfield, McKinley, Harding and Hoover. And from time to time they all had occasion to pass through her unassuming house which stands to this day on the corner of Mahoning Ave. and Monroe St. in Warren (which you can just see if you look past the monument to the right of the image).

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