Bounce-ler just finished putting the pancakes on a plate that he found when he heard a knock at the door. Thinking that someone must have came to the shrine after all he grabs his flashlight off the counter and got in position to strike if needed. He walks quietly to the door. Bounce-ler quickly opened the door ready to strike when he saw it was his best friend Bartend-ler. “Bartend-ler!” Bounce-ler went from attack mode to giving him a hug. “I was getting worried! I thought that something might of happened to you!?”  


Winter woke up in the middle of the night. He wondered what time is it and notice the cave was dark. The fire had burn out, only leaving a pile of ash in its place. 

He slowly got up,not wanting to wake up int and stretched. The first thing he thought was that he was alive. That means its was either still the first day or someone had died. He really wished he had a clock on him. He checked if he still had his weapon on him, which he did, and headed out the cave to breathe in some fresh air. 

He felt rested and energize so he figured he slept for a really long time. The moon was still out and the stars shinning so he estimated it was around midnight. He sat on the edge of the cliff and started at the stars. He wondered if all the players were sleeping or finding someone to kill…

He unconsciously touched the device on his neck and shivered.

He had to get this thing off of him one way or another. He promise Int they would get out alive, and he intended to keep that promise.

I can’t escape myself
So many times I’ve lied
But there’s still rage inside
Somebody get me through this nightmare
I can’t control myself

So what if you can see the darkest side of me
No one will ever change this animal I have become
Help me believe it’s not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal I have become

Player 12 & 13


In seeing the hill winter smiled. He was so close to his destination! There he’ll feel safer than being out here in the open. 

Winter looked behind him as he started climbing the hill. He noticed a figure in the distant. He swore his heart stopped. Was he following him? Did that person noticed him and has targeted him? He turned around and ran up hill away for the figure. He need to lose him but how? This was a plain! Any one can see him from afar. His only hope is too cross over the hill and try losing him there. 

After a while of running and successfully crossing the hill, he saw the mountain.  He was really tired and his legs were hurting from running and walking such a far distant with out stopping. He wanted to stop and rest but he knew someone was following him. Tho…He didn’t want the person to follow him into  the mountain so he stopped at the side of the mountain and turned around.

It wasn’t such a smart idea but he had to get rid of the person. He stood there with his hand on his waist ready to attack if threaten to be kill. He waited to see the person in view. He gulped. His heart was racing and his palms were getting even more sweater. Anyone can tell he was in a nervous wreck. who could blame him? He knew nothing about the person who was following him, never the less the weapon the guy might have on him or her.

Player 12 & 13 ~ Trust... (A06)(encounter 1 cont.)

Red didn’t move as the man stepped into the opening, the man had his hands up and no weapons that he could see. He paused for a moment and tried to make himself appear bigger than before as the figure spoke.

“Hello, Doctors. My name is Eckert. I bear you no ill will, I simply heard a noise and followed it.” Red watched him cautiously, hand still firmly holding the sickle in his hand. Why had he followed a sound in this kind of situation, Red felt his pulse quicken again. 

“ I have seen you before and I hoped you might… join me in an alliance?” the man continued, shivers shook through the younger counterpart. His nerves and fear racing through him and his thoughts flashing, his flight and fight mode taking over and sending thoughts to his mind.
Doc started to speak, his voice low and hopeful, "red maybe we should…we could maybe do something…”

He shivered thinking of the cold words of the game masters, seeming to stick in his head.
“kill or be killed”
Who was this Eckert? He followed them in the woods, cornered them to a cliff edge next to a danger zone. Red felt more anxiety hit him like a wave, he had to do something. Doc was far too trusting 

He shoved Doc off him, his voice a low rumble, “you’re letting your guard down” he spoke quickly, Doc stumbled back slightly as Red shoved him. 

“Red….Red?!” Doc stuttered as he fell back, and stared at his counterpart who had crouched slightly his attention on the man across the clearing from them on the edge of the forest.

Red lunged forward with a primitive growl coming out of him, sickle up with blade out for business.

“Red no!” Doc shrieked trying to grab the maroon fabric that speed past him. His counterpart was too quick, he shot across the clearing toward the other player.

Doc was shaking, what had gotten into Red?

E06: Decisions, decisions...

“Well, no use in just waiting until we all explode then! I say we start moving along.” the Doctor was the first to give his answer. 

“Alright, that’s a vote for leaving. Greedl'r?”

“I say we leave. I’ve been wanting to punch someone ever since these stupid games started.” Greedl'r said.

“That’s two votes for leaving” Oncel'r turned to Lolita-ler, “What do you want to do? Stay or leave?”


((For those of you who don’t follow my main blog/only follow TR posts, Tamaranean Once-ler and Greed-ler have shortened their names/got nicknamed Oncel'r and Greedl'r for better identification and ease of typing. Since they’re Tamaranean, their names are spelled reminiscent of Starfire and Blackfire’s names, Koriand'r and Komand'r.))

I hope we may take some of your time to introduce ourselves, We are the Game Masters Happy and Sunny.

We have been appointed to lead in enforcing the Unless Act, with a sponsorship of the Truffula Royale.

Currently we are gathering participants, and competitors are encouraged to submit themselves … willingly.

Submission and participation is for all members of the Onceler fandom,(including OCs)

 The start of events is anticipated for mid October, with active recruiting and gathering events currently

You can find updates for the AU can be found ~here~


Good day to you! Although I will (most likely) not be participating in the games myself, I will mention your AU in the next issue of The Unless Press.

That being said, I shall keep this posted publicly to raise awareness of the games in case anyone else would like to participate.

Have a wonderful day!! :)

- Pluto

Player 12 & 13 ~ "Cornered", First encounter (A06)

They continued to crash through the underbrush as the sound of the tracking devices TINGs started to dwindle and become faint until finally they were finally gone completely.

“no…no this can’t be right” Doc groaned as they came out into the clearing and saw out into the dark ocean waters lapping the beach. 

“let me get this right…” Red said looking at Doc who slumped down staring out at the water and cliff drop ahead of them in A06.

Red chuckled, “the guy with the fucking tracking device…oh! And a map! Leads us right to a…~ where was that place Doc?” He smirked and continued, “oh that’s right a cliff, a fucking cliff!”

Doc glared up at him, “what did you just fucking say”. He could feel his body shake from his anger and adrenaline from their escape from the oncoming opponent. Red smirked at him as Doc spoke, his voice shaking slightly as he balled his fists up.

“I dare you, say it again Red. So fucking help me.”

“oh wait what was it again? Oh yea, that’s right! A fucking cliff.”

Doc lunged,

“that’s it I am so sick of your fucking mouth” he growled wrapping his arms around his counterpart and grabbing and pulling on whatever part of the man he could get a grip on.

Red cursed loudly his hands flying up and grabbing Doc and yanking against him trying to break away from him.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!” he spat at him as he gripped him by the hair and faced him. 

The tracking device started making its loud shrill TINGs, the two doctors still roughly pulling and shoving at each other and uttering growled curses. 

“The dot wasn’t even-” red grunted holding his foot firmly as Doc tried again unsuccessfully to overpower him to the floor, “-that close, you COULD have referenced the map…you could have-” he growled his teeth clamped tight as he continued struggling against him.

Doc yanked on him again, “just shut up!” he yelled trying to put him to the ground, the TINGs from the device getting more rapid and happening in a quicker procession.
The two continued their battle to throw the others balance off, until there was a soft crunch on the forest floor behind them. 

They both stopped, Red’s eyes shot from Doc to the forest and he felt his pulse increase as he noticed the figure walking from the wooded wall. 

He growled in frustration,they were cornered. Red only hoped he could someone manage to have an advantage with his weapon.

Red gripped Doc’s shoulder, shoving the older man behind him forcefully. Doc stumbled slightly, it was like the shoreline came back into a focus, the ear splitting sounds the device made seemed to echo as he heard his counterpart hiss for him to stay back.

Red felt a quick rush of adrenaline and fear taking over him as he withdrew his sickle from his waistband and stood firm footed in front of his counterpart. No one was going to touch Doc, not while the blood still ran through his veins and breath still in him.

His eyes narrowed slightly as he forced a sick smile onto his face as he sparred off with his approaching enemy, he barred his teeth defensibly 

“you’ll have to go through me,” he growled out dangerously

“bring it on~”


*Peddler opened the letter that was given to him by a strange uniformed man*

Prepare for the trip? What would one require from one such as I?

*Peddler was already travelling somewhere else to prepare for the winter wares. He was uncertain as to what he should be doing for this, and how would someone contact him in his travels at that date. With a shrug Peddler placed the letter in his caravan and started his journey to his next destination*

Player 12 & 13 ~ Packs (B06-A06)

External image

12 :Doc Player Pack
~bottled waters
~field rations
~random weapon: Neck tracking GPS Unit
External image

“what the hell is it” Doc said looking at the little gray device and pushing the power button on it, it made a shrill screech noise and red shot him a look
“dude you need to keep that thing quiet, you’re going to get us killed”
External image

“shut up I don’t even know what it is, chill the fuck out” He examined the screen and saw two light gray green dot on the grid screen, a tracking device for the collars? What kind of a weapon is this? It was useful sure, but a weapon?
“its a tracking device of some kind,” he mumbled, “what am I supposed to do beat people to death with it?”
External image

“come on Doc it’s not that bad” Red smirked at him with that all too familiar cocky expression,
“well then what did you get then?” Doc growled at him

13: Red Player Pack
~bottled waters
~field rations
~random weapon: Sickle

External image

External image

Doc stared at it, his mouth dropped a little.
“Dude…that is actually…”
Both of them smirked and said together “really fucking cool”
External image

“So a tracking device and sickle…” Red mused touching the blade and examining the sturdy connecting areas of the weapon and sharpened edges
The tracking device made another long loud shrill noise, TING
Red shot him another look as Docs face turned to the screen
External image

“Didn’t we discuss you figuring out how to shut that thing up!” Red barked as more loud pings came out of it
“Red…we have to get moving, NOW” Doc said as he jumped up and grabbed Red’s arm, “someones coming up on us…FAST”
The two doctors started to move into the foliage, only to emerge on a ledge of the cliffs in A06
“FUCK!” Doc cursed as they saw the clearing and looming cliff, now where the hell were they?


((My friend who runs askraggedy-man and I saw last night that Lolita-ler was eliminated from Truffula Royale, so we actually responded quickly (which is a rare feat for me cuz I’m freaking lazy, lol XD) and wrote how he died. When I woke up the next morning, I saw in my dash that the game masters killed Lotty on accident and revived him…of course this would happen to me right after I wrote how they killed him off. FML. So now I have to go write a post on how he magically comes back to life from the game masters’ magic powers or some shit XD

Lotty, I’m so sorry we were so quick to accept your death…