Bounce-ler just finished putting the pancakes on a plate that he found when he heard a knock at the door. Thinking that someone must have came to the shrine after all he grabs his flashlight off the counter and got in position to strike if needed. He walks quietly to the door. Bounce-ler quickly opened the door ready to strike when he saw it was his best friend Bartend-ler. “Bartend-ler!” Bounce-ler went from attack mode to giving him a hug. “I was getting worried! I thought that something might of happened to you!?”  


Winter woke up in the middle of the night. He wondered what time is it and notice the cave was dark. The fire had burn out, only leaving a pile of ash in its place. 

He slowly got up,not wanting to wake up int and stretched. The first thing he thought was that he was alive. That means its was either still the first day or someone had died. He really wished he had a clock on him. He checked if he still had his weapon on him, which he did, and headed out the cave to breathe in some fresh air. 

He felt rested and energize so he figured he slept for a really long time. The moon was still out and the stars shinning so he estimated it was around midnight. He sat on the edge of the cliff and started at the stars. He wondered if all the players were sleeping or finding someone to kill…

He unconsciously touched the device on his neck and shivered.

He had to get this thing off of him one way or another. He promise Int they would get out alive, and he intended to keep that promise.


In seeing the hill winter smiled. He was so close to his destination! There he’ll feel safer than being out here in the open. 

Winter looked behind him as he started climbing the hill. He noticed a figure in the distant. He swore his heart stopped. Was he following him? Did that person noticed him and has targeted him? He turned around and ran up hill away for the figure. He need to lose him but how? This was a plain! Any one can see him from afar. His only hope is too cross over the hill and try losing him there. 

After a while of running and successfully crossing the hill, he saw the mountain.  He was really tired and his legs were hurting from running and walking such a far distant with out stopping. He wanted to stop and rest but he knew someone was following him. Tho…He didn’t want the person to follow him into  the mountain so he stopped at the side of the mountain and turned around.

It wasn’t such a smart idea but he had to get rid of the person. He stood there with his hand on his waist ready to attack if threaten to be kill. He waited to see the person in view. He gulped. His heart was racing and his palms were getting even more sweater. Anyone can tell he was in a nervous wreck. who could blame him? He knew nothing about the person who was following him, never the less the weapon the guy might have on him or her.

I hope we may take some of your time to introduce ourselves, We are the Game Masters Happy and Sunny.

We have been appointed to lead in enforcing the Unless Act, with a sponsorship of the Truffula Royale.

Currently we are gathering participants, and competitors are encouraged to submit themselves … willingly.

Submission and participation is for all members of the Onceler fandom,(including OCs)

 The start of events is anticipated for mid October, with active recruiting and gathering events currently

You can find updates for the AU can be found ~here~


Good day to you! Although I will (most likely) not be participating in the games myself, I will mention your AU in the next issue of The Unless Press.

That being said, I shall keep this posted publicly to raise awareness of the games in case anyone else would like to participate.

Have a wonderful day!! :)

- Pluto


*Peddler opened the letter that was given to him by a strange uniformed man*

Prepare for the trip? What would one require from one such as I?

*Peddler was already travelling somewhere else to prepare for the winter wares. He was uncertain as to what he should be doing for this, and how would someone contact him in his travels at that date. With a shrug Peddler placed the letter in his caravan and started his journey to his next destination*