If Beth was there, she wouldn’t let Daryl be left out from being assigned a job. She would use her adorableness to sneakily persuade someone to give Daryl something useful to do.

If Beth was there, she would noticed Daryl’s uncomfortableness with that fancy environment and he would open up to her about it.

If Beth was there, Daryl would try harder to fit in because she would make him want to make an effort and be a little more excited about being there.

I just wanted to say that criticism, especially harsh criticism, can be so so so harmful and doesn’t change people’s actions or thoughts. I understand that some people may feel concerned about others (and I’m seeing people express concern over Josh’s career). I can understand that but it’s his life and he knows what he wants to do it and more importantly constant criticism just makes people feel shitty and awful and perhaps ashamed and just so many bad feelings. It’s definitely ok to have opinions but actually critiquing someone and their life choices is another thing. If Josh actually knew some of the things people are saying, how do you think he would feel? I don’t think he would feel very good.

We all have people in our lives who have really critiqued us whether it was our career choices, fashion, relationships, food habits, all types and I bet it didn’t make you feel good at all and was a terrible feeling. I just think we should have more empathy for people and their experiences.

warunbridled asked:

"Hey-ah....uhm, should I, maybe, come back later....?"

He looked over, his face turning red. He thought he’d been the only one at the tower. Last he knew he had been. So he’d decided to train, and afterwords he’d taken a shower. But he was beginning to think he should have tossed on more than just spandex boxers after the shower “C-Cassie.. Hi! I um… when did you uh… get here…?” He’d kill for some sort of extra clothing at the moment