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I think the only reason Mahiru and Kureto are so different, despite their cruelty and lust for power, it is because she found a way to escape a life not chosen. Mahiru could find in Guren a friend to be herself, a person who taught her that privileges and hierarchies are not the most important in life and what defines who you are.

I think they were already fundamentally different before Mahiru met Guren though. And also, as an aside, I wouldn’t really characterize either Kureto or Mahiru as actually cruel (that would be Tenri and Seishirou), they’re more amoral and ruthlessly goal-driven to me.

My interpretation of Kureto is someone who is aware of how terrible his family and organization is and actually thinks it is distasteful but will follow along until he can seize power for himself. I think he is fundamentally a practical and calculating person and only uses cruelty as a means to his goal of gaining power.

Based on how Guren remembers Mahiru in his childhood, I think the human version of her was never really “power-hungry” the way Kureto is. She was disgusted with the Hiiragi family even at that young age and always wanted to escape and thought about power as a means to that goal. As for what she thought about privilege and hierarchy, befriending Guren was probably a singular case for her that made her like just Guren himself rather than convince her that lower class people in general were okay, because she doesn’t seem to make any attempts to get close with anyone else.


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