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Todos nos sentimos mal,todos se cansan de siempre lo mismo, es normal, viviendo en un mundo lleno de mentiras de engaños, de gritos, donde el dinero que tengas el el nivel de felicidad que puedes tener, la vida se acaba con trabajos, con discusiones, con gritos, con cosas tan vacías como  la nada, joder  no encontramos ni un propósito bueno, los  jóvenes que digo jóvenes niñas desean morir a sus 12 años  por que se sienten solas, mama y papa no están, tal vez soy así y trato de taparlo con sonrisas y una que otra tontería, pero eso cambio cuando llego ella... me enseño a recordar en lo que creía, la vida no es fácil, pero quiero mi vida con cosas buenas o malas, mis padres han hecho su vida y que se vaya al carajo los problemas me dan igual, no quiero ni estaré  mal por eso, luchare por mi por ser feliz, luchare por esa chica que con sus ojos cambia mi mundo, luchare por esa niña que soñaba en ser policía, en volar, en tener poderes, luchare por esa niña que con lo simple era feliz, la vida es difícil, pero lo que hace el amor es difícil de entender, pero joder lo bueno nunca es fácil, y la vida tampoco entonces debe ser bueno vivir la vida al máximo.

No quiero dormir sin ti amor obviamente

Destiel Thoughts

I think one of the biggest reasons why Destiel is such a big ship in the supernatural fandom is because of how much they have learned and know more things from one and other. I believe that they really do love each other, but Dean has never really been the one to commit -except with Lisa- in a relationship and stay. Cas, on the other hand is still finding out about feelings and doesn’t exactly know what love is, but he has an idea of it.

So maybe that’s why none of them, and the writers too, do nothing to make the ship canon. Because Castiel and Dean are still learning what love really is for the first time, and they are walking at the same pace to learn what it is. Like a mentor, but both of them are learning along the way to find out what love really is with each other.

And I personally think that’s why so many people are on this ship, because we all want to find out what love really is with the right person. And we all know Castiel and Dean were made for each other.


Despite the loss of her legs, Li Juhong has been a doctor in her Chinese village since 2001.

Li lost her legs when she was 4 years old, on her way to preschool. She ran into the road and got caught under the wheels of a truck.

Since her accident she has been determined to remain mobile, and she learned to walk again using wooden stools. Growing up, Li had always wanted to be a doctor, so she left her village to get a degree in medicine, graduated from college, and was hired at the village clinic a year later.

She later married a man named Xing from her hometown. He quit his job to help around the house, and he carries Li to jobs when she isn’t able to travel by herself. Xing even carries Li on his back to neighboring villages so she can check up on the elderly or people who are unable to travel to her.

“I just did what I felt I had to do. Even if I’m not honored for my work, I would still continue to do my job as a rural doctor.”

h/t and photos: Daily Mail