SO GONE PROPOSAL… DROP THAT BEAT MAN! The only thing I didn’t like was not knowing the answer, but I guess it was yes.

We’re incomparable, yet inseparable.

It’s indescribable, yet undeniable
how we complement each
other’s strengths and

how our love transcends the biases
described by psychologists
and biologists,

so-called realists, exposed as cynics,

science doesn’t have an answer for this.

A love, incredible - M.A. Tempels © 2016

sometimes when you are a Married Lady, you realize there are things about your wife that makes her better than you and you don’t deserve her

Like the way she calmly and slowly eats her chicken and rice like we’re at some kind of fuckin like fancy dinner party like she never puts her elbows on her eating surface and she cuts her meat into teeny tiny pieces and she uses the back of her fork to transport the food to her little mouth

meanwhile I’m over here shoveling the food in like some kind of starving ravenous feral manchild who was raised by wolves

anonymous asked:

So would you say the moment you realized you were in love with Killian and couldn't love any one like that, was when you lost him to the underworld?

I don’t think it’s something I could pinpoint. I fell in love long before I ever lost him though.

Losing him was definitely a defining moment, but the love had already been there for some time.