Ep. 1 Creature of the Night - Here We Go Again


Holy crap you guys, what even?! I’m going to be straight with you guys, these two episodes exhausted us! There is a lot of venting and left over frustration and shading of Shelley Hennig’s hair.

I promise the next episodes will have more of a structure, we just had to get out even more S4 feels and cleanse our spirits before fully moving forward.

Also, I’m taking applications for the Theo Raeken Fan Club so…

In Which We Discuss:

Special guest @fannisheryblog’s Jennny Cee! Please check her out

Shelley Hennig’s Hair
Why Theo Raeken is NOT SHADY and is just an ordinary werewolf boy looking for love in all the wrong places.
A rousing game of Boff/Marry/Kiss
Colton Haynes
Series Bible
Diversity and Representation
Jeff Davis and Stealing
Mythology Buffet
Why the Eichen House isn’t closed down yet
All those effing initials
Lydia Widow
The disappearence of anchors
True Alpha Weekly


Ep. 2 Parasomnia - Sticky Loves Theo


All he wants is to join the pack of True Alpha Scott McCall and y'all are HATIN’! I'mma set you straight in this podcast

Also, still taking applications for the Theo Raeken Fan Club so…

In Which We Discuss:

Special guest @fannisheryblog’s Jennny Cee! Please check her out at

Momo Takes on Scream: Scream but no Scream
Why Theo Raeken is NOT SHADY and is just an ordinary werewolf boy looking for love in all the wrong places.
A rousing game of Boff/Marry/Kiss
The twins basically killed everyone, including themselves
Deaton - Editor in Chief of True Alpha Weekly (web edition)
Diversity and Representation
Jeff Davis and Stealing
Human Allies
The displacement of Lydia Martin
You guys? Liam fell down a hole.
Also, his dad should still be black, we’ll keep you updated.
Omega Sigh Sigh

And SO MUCH MORE! Honestly, we could have gone on for hours and I have so many outtakes. This is a doozy, thanks for sticking with us!

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Shifter and proud

The meta about Scott, that argues he is worth being a True Alpha because in his alpha form he looks the most human, made me think about the following.

Humans have anthropocentric mindset. Even the gods look like Homo sapiens. It’s not surprising that for many TW fans “being human” (as in “having or showing those positive aspects of nature and character regarded as distinguishing humans from other animals: an act of human kindness”) is equal to “looking human” (as in “Having the form of a human”).

“Werecreatures are animals untill proved otherwise” - say hunters. The point the show tries to make? Werecreatures are people, just with a few different charactertistics from the majority. You know, like people with ectrodactyly are still human?

Scott indeed starts his fights without shifting. And he tries to not shift till the very end. Usually, it’s pain that makes his face change. And it isn’t good. He is doing it out of fear (to become Peter the monster), out of internal werephobia. He was born and raised as human, he was bit and turned without consent, there are hunters brainwashing him with their worldvies, I understand his predicament. 

However. To be a true werewolf, to be a true alpha (lowcase) is to understand and accept the werewolf nature. The Wolf is as part of a werewolf as The (naked ape) Human. No half is better than another. Strong werewolves shift from human form to beta/alpha form instantly, willingly, always in cotrol, always by their own choice (not forced by the Moon, not forced by fear , pain or being angry). The strongest werewolves shift from human form to wolf form. Not because they are physically stronger (beta Derek), because they are in piece with inner self. 

Being naked is natural to them. They love their human body.

Pranking kids with their shift is natural to them. They love the werewolf face.

Turning into a wolf is natural to them. They call it EVOLUTION.

Untill Scott learns to befriend his “monster” he is not a true alpha (lowcase), and surelly not the best alpha we know. Satomi also was born a human.


Stiles Imagine- The New Girl pt.2
it’s kinda long
your p.o.v

He was adorable, and sweet and just amazing. I thought to myself thinking back at just a few hours ago talking to him at school. My face lit up with a smile then faded as I remembered. But it won’t work out I remind myself. because he’s best friends with Scott McCall… the true alpha. And if Scott finds out, who knows what he would do.

Stiles p.o.v

I sat there looking at my phone waiting for a text from (y/n) then I revised she didn’t have my number and I’m an idiot. so I decided to text her.
s: hey (y/n) this is stiles I was wondering when you wanted to work on our project
y: I’m good whenever
s: how about tomorrow?sometime after school
y: um sure we can do it at my place if you want.
s: sure so do you want me to drive us there after school
y: actually could you come at like 5?
s: ya sure
y: ok bye see you tomorrow
s: bye
s: wait I need your address
y: oh right well it’s (address)
s: thanks
y: no problem anyway bye
The next day can quickly and I was just waiting for school to be over. As soon as it ended I rushed to my jeep and went home. I mean it wasn’t a date or anything but I wanted to look good. It was almost time for me to leave so I grabbed my backpack and headed over to (y/n)’s house. I got to her front door and knocked. A lady who I presume was her mother opened it.
“hi I’m here to do a project with (y/n)”
“oh well, she’s in the backyard, um come in follow me.” she said as she leaded me through the house and out the back door. I saw (y/n) swimming laps in the pool.

your p.o.v

“(y/n) there is a boy here to see you” my mom yelled and I looked up seeing stiles looking at me weirdly. shit… I forgot
I jump out of the pool and grab a towel and wrap myself up.

stiles p.o.v

she hopped out of the pool grabbing a towel and dragging me inside the house.
“sorry stiles I lost track of time” she said as she lead me to her room.
“it’s fine. your a really good swimmer you should join the swim team at school.” I said with a smile
“I did ” she replied
“oh cool” i said then I saw a gold heart shaped locket around her neck. “ I like your necklace but you should wear swimming it might get wrecked.” I stated and she looked nervous.
“yea I guess your right.. but whatever” she said nervously. “um I need to shower but I’ll be quick ok, you can start if you want” she said gabbing clothes and a new towel out of drawers. I nodded and she left the room. I got my history textbook out and decided to look around her room, not in a creepy way though. Her wall was laced with awards some for science, art, a couple for math and other thing but mainly medals and plaques for swimming. She walked into the room wearing a hoodie and shorts, her hair was wet and messy, but it was cute. I was staring at her and I think she noticed so u quickly shook it off we worked on our project and actually got it done. so I decided to get to know her better.
“so (y/n) how come I’ve never seen you around before?” I asked turning my face towards hers and admiring her beauty.
“I just moved here like a month ago.” she said putting her books and pencils away
“oh well you should come sit with us at lunch tomorrow” I said praying she would say yes
“ ok, but you should get going you don’t want your mom worrying about you.” she said with a smile on her face. her smile soon faded when she relished the devastating look on mine. “you don’t have a mom do you” she said under her breath probably not expecting me to hear it.
“ no she passed away a while ago” I said
“ I’m really sorry I didn’t mean to..” she started but I cut her off
“it’s fine really it’s fine, but your right I should get going” I picked up my bag and headed for the door. “ we still on for tomorrow at lunch” I said giving her a hopeful look
I’m glad you guys liked the last part hope this parts good as well

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My little Beta’s

Request: Imagine - where y/n is overprotective of her pack and when someone kidnaps them and threatens to hurt scott, she lashes out and kicks their ass(es)?

Warnings: swearing, there is a fight scene

Word count: 703

A/N: I was so excited to write this omfg yesssss

Being the alpha of a pack had its ups and down’s, as well as dating the True Alpha; Scott McCall. So you can imagine my life is pretty hectic dating Scott, taking care of my own pack and having to also attend school. Every Thursday night I have been calling meetings to make sure my betas are all okay. Today was Thursday and I was driving to our school.

I arrived at my destination and to my surprise none of them where there. It’s very strange seeing’s though they all usual like to arrive earlier. I thought that maybe they had met at another spot and so I tried to call Danny, one of my betas. The phone went straight to voicemail and I started to get worried. Thinking that maybe Danny’s phone is flat I decided to call Angel, another beta of mine. Just like Danny’s, Angel’s phone went straight to voicemail. Now I was starting to get extremely worried, Angel never leaves anywhere without her phone fully charged and it is always on. I only had one more beta so I tried calling him, Greenberg.

“y/n.” he sobbed out, his voice so quiet.

“Greenberg! What the hell! where are you guys? I tried calling Angel and Danny and it went straight to voicemail!” My voice was panicked.

“He’s got us. y/n, he found us.” He’s voice was so quiet I could hardly hear him. “He was to strong.”

“Who Greenberg? Who was to strong?!” my voice was getting louder because someone has taken my betas and now they are going to get it. I heard noises on the other line; yelling, shuffling of feet and a scream. “Greenberg? What’s going on?”

“y/n, y/n, y/n, you’ll never learn. Will you?” I noticed the voice instantly. Peter.

“What do you want Peter?!” I yelled, losing my patience.

“I want you to stay away from Scott! I’ve told you this before and you didn’t listen. If I find out that you’re even talking to him I’ll kill all your betas, and I’ll also kill Scott.”

“You won’t touch them! When I find you Peter you better watch out!” Peter laughed.

“Good luck.”

I hung up my phone knowing exactly where he will be, the old Hale house. I got in my car and drove so fast I’m sure I’m going to be getting a lot of speeding tickets. I got a few calls from Scott- but declined them all. I couldn’t risk my betas getting hurt. There is only one person in that room getting hurt and it will be Peter. When I was close to arriving I parked my car. I couldn’t afford having Peter see me, he has quite a surprise in store for him. I sprinted until I could see the house. I hid in a bush and pulled out my phone. All Peter was doing was looking at his nails. I dialled his number and when I saw his phone flash he smirked.

“y/n, darling cared to join us yet? I laughed from my end, I wanted to make this short and sweet.

“Checking out your nails isn’t going to make them look any better, maybe you should consider going to get them done professionally.” I hung up and watched his reaction. Oh I’m good.

I changed into wolf form and jumped through the window, glass shattered everywhere. “Time to put those claws to use.” I growled, Peter growled in response, changing into wolf form.

I sprinted towards him, dodging all his throws. I jumped into the air pushing my leg into his chest. He fell backwards but quickly got to his feet. I broke a pole that was to my left and started running towards him, he grabbed my arm and threw me onto a wall.

“You’re an Alpha aren’t you?” I growled at his comment. “Then fight like one.” He walked over and towered over me. I took this opportunity to grab his ankle and flip him down. Once he was on the ground I saddled him throwing punch after punch to his face. I stood up and grabbed the pole stabbing it deep into his chest.

“No one messes with my betas and gets away with it.”

A/N: there is a bit of taken and bourne legacy in this. Hope you liked it x

anonymous asked:

So, why do you think Stiles is being so angry/violent in this season? I know he's frustrated nobody listens to his theories, but what else?

i think he is like a ticking bomb 

all the frustration of the the 4 seasons is catching up with him and idk i think he is just gonna explode ex. when he tells scott about the not everyone can be a true alpha. i dont think he meant it to hurt scott, more like he sometimes feels helpless since he is human. and i mean stiles is probably my fav character but he is very flawed too and i realize that so ya



I have a theory. I’d like to test said theory, but let me fill you in first:

I follow TONS of Teen Wolf blogs - Allison fanblogs, Lydia blogs (like mine), Stydia-centric blogs AND Sterek blogs. As many Sterek blogs as any other type. And let me tell you something about the Sterek blogs I follow - other than the fact that they are superlax with their tags (sorry, I love you guys tho), they are perfectly lovely, interesting, and wonderful people. There has been nothing but love and sunshine and support for Posey on my dash, and in the tags, I’ve seen JUST AS MANY Sterek shippers furious about how Posey is being treated. They just like shipping two hot boys - they’re not trying to fucking kill somebody. 

My theory is that all of the current drama and chaos and the death threats that have followed are being created and generated by an extremely small (but extremely vocal) subset of this fandom - and that it is not in any way indicative of the fandom as a whole. 

And I think we need to show that - both to ourselves, the TW cast and the network. We love Tyler. We love Teen Wolf. And we are not the tiny subgroup of terrible little feral brats that are attacking a 22 year old boy (he is 22, right?). We are more than that. 

So pick a hashtag (or tweet them both, i will be) and show Tyler (and his mother and the rest of the cast) that, no matter what the assholes say, we love our alpha.

(now excuse me while i tag this with everything i can think of because I don’t have enough followers to get something like this going)

EDIT: Added #POSEYTIVITY by request and because it’s super, duper cute. Our fandom is big and loud and we always go absolutely crazy on Moonday - think we can get THREE trending tags? I bet we can!