True story

La vida es como un piano.

Las teclas blancas representan la felicidad y las negras representan la tristeza. Conforme pasa el tiempo te das cuenta que las teclas negras también hacen música.

Fuente: Lo leí por ahí.

Buying books online vs at the bookstore
  • Bookstore:*buys books* *spins around dramatically with books in the air* they're mine! All mine! They're so beautiful and soft and smell so nice! I can finally read them and see how they look on my shelf!
  • Online:*buys books* they should've shipped them by now... What's taking so long?! *receives shipment confirmation email* they're coming! They're finally coming! But why is it taking so long?! Oh what if they're lost?! My babies!! What if my babies are lost somewhere? *cries in agony*