True Story

Tokyo Ghoul Characters
  • Friend:I really like that one character from Tokyo Ghoul but I forgot their name.
  • Me:What do they look like?
  • Friend:They had purple hair.
  • Me:I- ..
True story

We went to a Rolex (shop? Boutique ? Store? Idk ….. Anyways) because my aunt wanted to check out some watches (for her first Rolex) .

Anyways once we got in the car .. My aunt got into this long prayer asking God to bless us with husbands who buy us Rolexes and give us a dowry big enough so that we can buy the most expensive watch …
Automatically I launched into this feminist rant about buying MYSELF a Rolex with MY hard earned money .. And not waiting for a man to buy me what I want …

My rant was met with awkward silence …
I forgot that real life wasn’t tumblr …

New Beginning

We have been separated for 6 months now. We still talk at times but there came a month when we did not talk at all. I knew that it was the end of everything that we had. I already accepted the fact that this family would not be whole again. I carried on with my daily routine. Work - taking care of my son - sleep - work. I still think about him and in fact I do miss him even if I was hell mad at him. There was still that little pinch in my heart whenever I see happy couples. It used to be us.

One night as I get off the bus, I was talking with my co-agent about our shift when suddenly, I saw him standing there with teary eyes and all. I froze at that moment. He is not the type to make such an effort. He has no idea what my schedule for work is. He does not have my new number. I also blocked him on Facebook. He really had no clue whether he will see me that night or not. He also came from another province since he works there. He grabbed my hand and led me to a bench. He asked how I was doing and also our little one in my tummy. He apologized for everything. I felt it was sincere because I know him. He was expecting me to slap his face on the spot but I did not. Upon seeing him, I realized that no matter how ugly things turned out, I still love him. I got tired and I even cursed him but I really do love him. We even laughed because it was really scary how we quarrel. The good thing is that at the end of it all, we are still each other’s home.

We are still not together now since there are a lot to fix between us but we are doing fine. We love each other and we are willing to wait for the right time to pursue our cancelled marriage.

Fun story when I was in fifth grade this kid asked me to date him so I said sure because I didn’t know what else to do. I started going out to movies and shopping but I’d always end up with his mom while him and his brother ran around. Her husband was deployed and her family didn’t live around here and long story short I think I dated a boy’s mom for three years