True Story

Doctors are 1) vital to our continued survival, literally, and 2) terrifying. This is a profession that routinely involves doing things like cutting people open, replacing their innards, and stitching them up like a character in a Tim Burton movie – and those are the good doctors who help people and practice medicine responsibly.

We are not here to talk about those doctors. Nope, we’re here to tell you about the creeps who used the respectability granted to them by their diplomas and white coats (mostly the white coats) to do horrible things, like …

6 Real-Life Doctors Straight Out Of Horror Movies

ChapteR 18 (Part 4) :

ChapteR 18 (Part 4) :

“Robyn, will you marry me?” Chris asked again then placed the mic on the floor, he pulled the black velvet box from his pocket then opened it slowly to reveal the 4CT diamond ring making Robyn’s eyes get even wider in shock. The shining diamond in the center is surrounded with a frame of smaller round accent diamonds.. It was the most beautiful ring Robyn ever saw, she couldn’t take her eyes off it or stop her tears or even breath right.. She didn’t believe what was happening and her tears were running down like crazy.. Chris on the other hand was just looking at Robyn’s eyes not known what to do know.. He was praying she will speak soon, he was so nervous and it was so quiet now with everyone just looking at them and waiting on Robyn to get herself together..
“Robyn, I love you so much because you’re the most beautiful, caring, humble, down to earth, cute and strong woman I have ever seen.. I love your soul, your heart, your eyes, your lips, your skin, your perfect and the most loving hugs ever.. Your kisses which can light up my day.. You bring me joy.. You’re the best woman ever.. The best daughter your mama and my mama could ask for.. The best sister Rorrey and Rajad can ever have.. The best friend and sister Melissa, Leandra and the others could ever ask for.. The best mother Christina ever dreamt of.. The most perfect woman for me.. You’re the love of my life Robyn.. I never thought I will love someone like I love you.” Robyn smiled a small smile finally removing her hand off her mouth to whip away the tear that rolled down Chris’s cheek when he was talking, she was still crying softly and wasn’t able to calm herself because every word Chris said touched her heart and soul and made her happy.. Chris smiled and kissed her hand then continued…
“Life is short Robyn, but together we will live it. Love is rare but together we grabbed it. The pain is bad but we will heal it together. Memories are sweet and together we will cherish them. Robyn baby, I love the way you hold my hand.. So Robyn, please held my hand until they’re tanned and truly creased.. Stay with me forever because I want to grow old with you.. Please, will you marry me?” by now everyone was on their tears.. Robyn couldn’t even speak, she couldn’t do anything, her legs couldn’t held her weight anymore, she went on her knees slowly in front of him, nodding her head up and down.. She was unable to speak, wanted to tell him so many things but nothing came out..
“Ye.. Yes??” Chris asked nervously while smiling in relief.. Robyn held his head in her hands and leaned forward and kissed his lip then pulled after a few seconds smiling..
“Yes.. Christopher.” Chris’s smile got wider hearing everyone cheering and clapping, he attacked her lips again kissing her in such a passion, he was so happy, maybe more happy than Robyn who got emotional again and let her tears run down while kissing Chris wanting to tell him everything she wasn’t able to say in words through the kiss.. Suddenly, Tina let go of Rorrey’s hand and run to them, hugging them both tightly.. The both of them were on their knees so she was on their level.. Tina made them pull away from each other and hug her..
“Baby come here, your daddy didn’t finish yet.” Mama J said, Tina nodded remembering that her father told her to stay beside her grannies and Rorrey, she kissed Robyn and Chris on the cheek quickly what made everyone say ‘AWW’ then walked back to Mama J holding her hand smiling.. Chris stood up and lifted Robyn gently up too.. He lifted Robyn’s hand and placed the ring in her finger then kissed her hand.. Robyn was trying to not cry anymore and was whipping her tears with her other hand still not believing that she just got engaged to the man she loves the most.. Everybody cheered again when Chris whipping her tears and said..
“I love Robyn. I love you so much..”
“I love you more Christopher.. Thank you for everything baby.” With that she hugged him kissing his nick while closing her eyes, everyone was so happy cause it was so beautiful and emotional thing to watch.. Tina asked Mama J if she could go and hug her parents before running to them again hugging Robyn’s waist who pulled away from Chris and kneeled in front of Tina hugging her tight..
“Mommy I’m happy.” Tina mumbled in her ear..
“I’m happy too baby, you saw what happened?! I will be in your life forever now.. No one and nothing gonna come between us, we’re a real family now baby.” Chris smiled hearing them and said..
“Yeah.. You’re right, nothing and no one gonna come between us.. You two are my life, and I promise we gonna be happy.” Robyn stood up with Tina on her hip and hugged him..
“Thank you Christopher, you don’t know how much I love you and Tina.. You just made my life and I’m thankful.” Chris kissed her forehead and before he could say anything, people were around them and start saying their congratulations..
30 minutes later, Everyone back to the party but Robyn and Chris, she was sitting on his lap resting her head on his shoulder, he was wrapping her in his arms like a little baby..
“Since when you been planning on this??” She asked while looking and playing with her ring..
“Since forever to be honest.. And told Rorrey everything.. I needed a man help.” Robyn pulled away and looked at him with confused face..
“What?!” He asked smiling at her..
“I thought you told just Melissa and Lele.” Chris made her rest her head on his shoulder again..
“No baby.. They didn’t know I was going to propose.. No one knew but me and Rorrey.. The rest of them thought my surprise was just the house.. But I love you way more than that.” Robyn kissed his nick softly sending chills to his body..
“I fuckin love you Chris.. I can’t believe I’m engaged to you!! The only man who really understands me and love me with all my problems and bullshit!! I’m engaged oh my God, do you realize what you just did?! I can’t believe it.. I love you Chris.” He laughed and hugged her tighter..
“I wanna kiss you.” She mumbled and Chris didn’t think twice, he lifted her chin and they start kissing all over again, their tongues playing with each other.. The two of them moaning loud but they were didn’t care because the music was so loud and the kids were playing outside..
“Awww look at them.” Mama J said smiling.. They were sitting across them..
“My baby girl is engaged.. I can’t believe it.” Mama Fenty said whipping her eye..
“If someone told us this was gonna happen three months ago we would told him you’re crazy.” Lele added..
“I’m so happy.. Look at them all over each other..” Melissa said smiling..
“I don’t know and don’t want to think what they gonna do in Paris tho..” Rorrey said laughing and checking his head..
“Yeah.. When they’re leaving?! We should tell them they can’t act like that in front of Tina tho.. She understand everything.” Mama J said but Rorrey start laughing..
“Nigga what?!” Mel asked him annoyed..
“Tina will stay here with us.. Maybe they want to get so freaky.”
“WHAT?!.. No way.. Robyn agreed on that?” Lele asked shocked..
“Nah calm yo ass.. She still don’t know it.. But Chris want to spend some time with Robyn alone.. Since they start dating they didn’t got the chance to be alone and talk about things you know.”
“Oh, Tina will be disappointed.. She’s used to have them around, Even used to have Robyn around more than Chris.” Mama J said and she was right..
“Yeah.. But Chris is right, They’re engaged now.. They should have some time alone, Talk about the wedding and every other thing.” Mama Fenty said, and just then Robyn and Chris got up walking to them.. Both smiling like idiots..
“Whatcha talking about huh?” Robyn asked while holding Chris hand tight..
“Of course they’re talking bout us Robyn.. We are the cutest couple here so everyone is gonna talk about us.. Right?!” Chris said smartly and smirking..
“Yeah we’re the cutesy, y'all saw my ring?!” Robyn said proudly and showed them the ring in her hand..
“It’s so beautiful baby..” Mama J said smiling and patted beside her.. Robyn let go of Chris and sat between Mama J and Mama Fenty and hugged them both..
“We’re so happy for you Robyn, for both of you actually.. You deserve it.. And yes we were talking about y'all.. Kissing like that? Of course we talked about you two.. We almost heard your moans.. Don’t smirk Chris.. You too!” Mama J said laughing at him.. Robyn face was starting to get red.. She wanted to change the subject as soon as possible..
“Mommy and you? Why you not talking-.. Wait.. Why you crying?!” Robyn said and hugged her mother rubbing her back..
“I’m just so happy baby.. Look at you.. My baby got a man.. And the best man she or I can think of.. Robyn listen to me, you deserve Chris! And you too Chris, you deserve Robyn because I know what I raised.. So Robyn I want you to be a good woman to him.. Be always on his side and have his back, be the best wife and the best mother Tina can ever have, be there for the sickness, hard time and the bad times before being there for the good and happy times.. Do you hear me?” Robyn had tears in her eyes..
“I heard you mommy.. I promise you.. I will be good for him and Tina.. I will be the good woman you raised me to be, I promise I will make you and granny proud.” Robyn said and whipped her eyes.. Chris smiled and made his way to them, he sat beside Mama Fenty and grabbed her hand..
“I promise you too mama.. I will do anything in my power to keep her happy cause I love your daughter more than the life itself.” Mama Fenty gave him a smile..
“I know Christopher.. You’re the gentleman I always prayed my daughter will fall in love with.. You’re my son and I love you baby.” Robyn smiled when they hugged each other and turned to Mama J who was whipping her own tears.. Robyn pulled her to a warm hug..
“Thank you sweetie.” Mama J mumbled..
“I know how much you’re proud of him.” She mumbled in Mama’s ear..
“Actually baby, I’m more proud of you.. I know my son is a gentleman because I raised him.. But you? Since I met you, you was this lonely, hurt, sad but strong ,caring and loving woman.. And look at you now, you’re really back on your feet.. You know everyone is so proud of you right? You granny.. Your little angel.. Tina.. Everyone.” Mama J felt Robyn hug tightening around her when she mentioned her daughter..
“I love you mama.. I hope what you said is true and I’m really making them proud, I really wish they were here today.. But I have y'all now.”
“MOMMY..” Tina shouted running to her.. Robyn pulled away from Mama J.. Tina jumped on her lap hugged her tight..
“What baby? Is there something wrong.” Robyn asked because she hugged her tight and for a few minutes without saying anything..
“I’m just so happy mommy, let me see the ring.” Robyn smiled at Tina and showed her the ring..
“It’s beautiful, Daddy why you didn’t tell me?! I would’ve loved to get the ring with you.” Tina said with her hand on her hips.. She was annoyed at the fact that Chris didn’t tell her anything until a few minutes before he proposed..
“Well baby, I’m sorry I wanted to make it surprise and I know you can’t keep secrets.” Chris said smirking at his daughter and wanting to annoy her because she was acting like she’s a boss or something.. Tina gave him a look and said..
“You don’t know anything daddy because mommy and I have so many secrets you don’t know.. What about that daddy?” The ladies laughed at the face Chris gave Tina and Robyn as he asked..
“What secrets?!”
“No! I will not tell you daddy, I promised mommy and it’s something between us.. No boys.” Everyone was laughing, Robyn laughed too but stopped when she saw Chris’s face.. He was shocked, confused and a little sad that his little girl shut him up like that in front of everyone.. Robyn grabbed his arm and pulled him to sit beside her after mama moved from her seat..
“Awww baby, fix your face. Don’t give me and her this sad face.. She told you it’s a little secret between the mommy and the daughter.. Don’t be sad daddy, We have our own secrets too.” Robyn said smiling and winked at him.. He give her a smile and kissed her cheek..
“You lucky I love you.”
“But daddy?! You gonna marry mommy!! Give her a kissy on here.” Tina said innocently while pointing at Robyn’s lips, Robyn and Chris sighed.. She been picking up on their kissing too much..
“Tina, sit on my lap.. I wanna tell you something.” Robyn gave Chris a confused look.. While Tina to his lap confused too..
“Baby you’re a big girl.. And you know so many thing.” Chris said not really known where he should start..
“Yes daddy I’m a big girl.” Tina said and clapped for herself..
“Yes baby.. You know me and mommy will get married right?! So me and her should have some time alone.. We should-..” Robyn cut Chris off confused as hell..
“Chris.. What are you talking about??” Chris sighed and held her hand and said..
“I’m talking about France.. Baby Tina.. Me and mommy are going away for a few days.. And I’m so sorry baby girl, you know we love you so much.. But..” Tina looked at him with sad eyes..
“So daddy? You and mommy are going away without me?! You gonna leave me here alone?! But I love you and mommy.” Tina said trying not to cry.. Her words hit Robyn so hard.. She felt like she’s gonna break the promise she made to Tina by not leaving her..
“No..” Everyone turned to look at Robyn with confused look..
“Mommy.” Tina moved to her lap and hugged her.. Robyn hugged her back resting her head back at the couch and closing her eyes..
“Robyn..” He mumbled..
“I’m so sorry Chris.. You know I love to spend time with you alone and I know we need that time so much.. But I can’t do that to Tina.. I can’t leave her here.. I promised her Chris.. I promised her I will not leave her alone.. And I’m gonna keep my promise.” Robyn said and a single tear ran down on her cheek.. Melissa knew this was gonna happen and she wasn’t surprised to hear this.. Chris on the other hand was speechless, he didn’t ever think Robyn will not agree on this.. He didn’t know what to do or what to say because he already got the tickets and their bags ready in the car outside.. Tina pulled away from Robyn and whipped her tear what made Robyn open her eyes and gave Tina a weak smile..
“I love you mommy.” Robyn grabbed her hands and kissed them..
“I love you too baby girl..”
“Mommy.. Can we talk alone just me and you outside?!” Tina asked.. Robyn nodded and just stood up with Tina on her hip, she needed air anyway and going outside will help her now.. She walked a few steps then stopped and turned to see speechless Chris.. She sighed feeling so bad that she just fucked up everything he planned for her, she walked back to him lifted his chin and kissed his lips softly..
“I’m so sorry baby.. But I can’t do this to her.. She was alone for so many years.. I.. I’m sorry.. Please forgive me.” She said but didn’t wait for him to speak and walked outside..
“It’s okay bro.” Rorrey said patting his shoulder..
“I don’t know what to say or do.” Chris mumbled rubbing his face..
“Lets wait to see what Tina will tell her.. I have a feeling she will agree in a way or another..” Lele said hoping what she said is gonna happen..
“Well, I hope so because everything is ready.” Chris said..
“I know she want it.. She want to go with you Chris.. I know and I can feel it.. But she don’t want to leave Tina alone.. She’s feeling like she gonna let her down.. And Tina think she’s gonna leave her like her mother did.. That’s why she’s sad and Robyn know it.” Mel explained and she was telling the truth.. Chris just nodded hoping and praying she will change her mind..