you’re here,
and I don’t know
what to do,
I make your face fluster,
but I don’t know
if this is

I want you,
more than anything,
but I’m not yours
and I can’t make you
let go off love
for just a

I’d never
forgive myself
for stealing you away,
I must know for sure
you were mine
to begin with

Thief (?) - M.A. Tempels © 2016

I found true perfection beneath your flaws.
You’ll always be mine and I’ll always be yours
—  Nari. 10:00pm // This I know.

This scene really got to me this week for some reason - I found the scene to be a little bittersweet. I think we’ve all been in that place where someone so cool who you have a crush on calls you or talks to you and you feel your excitement peak only to have reality hit you and you find yourself pulling away. That is what I got from Alec when Magnus called him and so I drew a thing :3

Yin and yang broke apart;
spiralling out of control,
going too fast, now
black goes left,
white goes
the inverted colour
of their cores
for their essence to return.
We are one, we are one,
opposites sharing
the missing
to become whole again.
Running from where
we belong.
(Non-)believers, both of us,
on the run from
The universe wants order,
but we prefer chaos.
I cling on to
I do profoundly believe in us.
—  Yin and yang - M.A. Tempels © 2016
What Carol truly means to Daryl * *

Carol Peletier is more than just a best-friend to the gifted hunter-archer

She statistically is his Relationship Partner  “One who shares a distinct honor, trust, deep respect, and mutual attraction or interest” 

Stating Daryl  ‘would do anything for Carol’  is a breathed understatement …  he is fiercely protective of his warrior queen. Anyone knows this.

Though Carol can obviously defend and protect herself.. She respectfully honors Daryl’s presence and instinct when it comes to overall survival.  

Daryl loves and adores Carol, as any man should honor, love, and respect his mate.  

Carol loves and adores her beloved Pookie …
just as Daryl loves and honors his warrior queen   <3