Trubble Club


Brain Frame and jam comics group Trubble Club have joined forces to kick off the first annual Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE)! This Friday, the 15th, members of Trubble Club will be performing several short comics from the Trubble Club oeuvre. Guest artists Gabrielle Bell, Leslie Stein, and Mike Taylor will also be drawing, live, in front of you, the audience, not unlike gladiators fighting to the death in days of yore (be sure to give them a thumbs-up). Live music! Hosted by Lyra Hill, the lady behind Brain Frame, and Sackley, the tramp behind Trubble Club!


Flier by Jeremy Tinder, Grant Reynolds, and Aaron Renier.


Jeremy Tinder teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and collaborates with like 10 other amazingly talented folks at Trubble Club. His paintings are hilarious. It has that positivity that’s a trend with illustration, with smiley-faced wood personifications (anthropomorphisms?). But I feel like Jeremy’s slyly poking fun at that trend with a secret wink that you have to look out for. Best part of his work is that I’m pretty sure it’d be easier to build some of these out of wood than to make a painting. Simple but well-crafted, I like that. 

Muckman for Hire. Reminds me that I have to find a job.

Also, a bit about these guys -

“Like the underground comix artists in 1960’s Berkeley, Trubble Club brings together Chicago’s most talented young comics artists to draw some of the weirdest comics out there today. The group meets every Sunday at a rotating location and draws jam-comics together. One artist draws the first panel of a jam comic, and then passes it to another artist in the group to draw the second panel, who then passes it on to a third artist. This process is continued until the group has a finished comic. Trubble club then self-publishes the finished comics in minicomics.”


The Chicago cartoonist collective Trubble Club read their open-submission online exquisite-corpse opus The Infinite Corpse, allowing the audience to direct the choose-your-own adventure by pointing at the screen with laser pointers, while Ian McDuffie played the part of the strip protagonist Corpsey; Jeremy TinderBen Bertin, and Kevin Budnik embodied supporting characters; Lyra Hill narrated; Tyson Torstensen improvised synth accompaniment; and Grant ReynoldsAaron Renier, and Danielle Chenette, behind the screen, drew backgrounds on overhead projectors in an effort to keep up with the unpredictable (unprecedented) plot at Brain Frame 13 on July 28th, 2013.

Photos thanks to Gillian Fry and Cynthia Post.