Okay, so you mean to tell me that ftwd and their web series can introduce a bunch of beautiful Latinx families, badass Native characters, a queer Black guy, a ruthless East Asian girl, a fearless Black girl paired with a smart Latina…and all you can do is drown them all out in the ftwd tag with white ass Alicia and Troy? Why am I not surprised by this nonsense?

hi. hello. so this fic isn’t finished or even polished. this is really just kind of like a preview of a fic, i guess? but i’ve been working on it in the background for a while - it’s my “i’m frustrated with all of my WIPs so i’m going to work on this instead” fic, but i thought i would send the first couple thousand words out into the world and see if anyone likes them.

this fic’s working title is “kent parson’s imaginary cat (and other adventures)” and originally it was going to be a funny 5+1 thing about how kent’s cat is terrible and hates everyone, but then?? idek what happened. actually, i do know. what happened is that brevity is not my strong suit and also i started thinking too long and hard about what happened to the other friends that kent and jack had in the Q and what they thought about everything that went down. then i wanted to write about a former Q teammate being traded to the aces and re-uniting with kent. and also kit purrson being mean to said teammate.

okay, well anyway, please have this first chapter-ish of a troyson fic that i may or may not ever finish. (your encouragement would go a long way.) it’s really for @zimmermaenner :)

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Baby Daddy Otto

Request: I got a request. Troy and the reader had a one night stand. They have feelings for each other but don’t act on it.Then she starts having pregnancy symptoms after that night. She goes to Madison and Jeremiah asking if there pregnancy test here.Add an awkward moment with Jeremiah. She took the test and it positive and she says to Jeremiah congratulations your gonna be a grandpa now how do I tell troy. So Madison went to get troy during that time you and Jeremiah talk. You and troy have a sweet moment.

Word Count: 891

Warnings: Pregnancy (idk if that really needs a warning but I’ll put it here anyway), implied intimacy - USE PROTECTION, KIDS.

Characters: Troy Otto; Jeremiah Otto; Madison Clark; Jake Otto (mentioned only); reader (Y/N).

Note: I realise not everything in this imagine is completely accurate, but for the story’s sake just bear with me. God, I’m terrible at titles…

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askquatriemephantom  asked:

"Hey, Trois?" Quatrième said as she knocked on the phantoms door. "You free to do anything?"

The knock alone startled her, the fact that it was Quatrième who was knocking only furthered her surprise. Trois quickly pulled on PJ pants, and for a split second contemplated just pretending that she wasn’t in her room.

Too bad she’d already made a lot of noise.

She opened the door about half-way and tried to look as personable as possible. “Hi, Quatrième… I suppose I have not really planned anything. What exactly did you have in mind?” 

Guy’s Weekend

“I just don’t get how a weekend at a lake is supposed to strengthen a relationship.” Nate stated.

“Look, I don’t get it either, but listen, I have an idea.” Troy responded.

Troy’s mother has just married his new stepfather after just a month of dating him. Since Troy obviously had no clue what Roger, his new stepfather, was all about, his mother thought it would be healthy for Roger to take Troy to their grandparent’s lake house for a “guys weekend,” meant to strengthen their relationship. But get this: Roger already has four sons. Troy resisted as much as he could to his mother’s wishes, but gave in eventually on one condition: if he could bring his mate, Nate.

Nate and Troy continued riding in Troy’s car behind Roger and his sons on their way to the lake house. “Oh boy, I’m sure I’m going to like this one. What’s your big idea?” Nate asked sarcastically.

“Remember what you did last year at the prom after party to Drake-”

“No, no,” Nate interrupted, “I know exactly where the fuck this is going and you can count me out. I’m looking to relax.”

“Oh, come on! That was so hot! Some football player all of the sudden going gay! I know you don’t want to be here just as much as I don’t! I’m just looking to have a little fun,” Troy said, stroking Nate’s upper thigh.

“But with you dad? And your brothers?”

“Oh, slow your goddamn roll, Nate. First of all, STEPdad and STEPbrothers. And I barely know him and haven’t even met the other three. Plus, you’ll obviously only be able to chose one.”

“Yeah, but you’ve met Ben.”

“Met is a stretch. Nobody’s really met Ben. He plays his lacrosse and he never talks to anyone. I’m pretty sure he’s a psychopath.”

“Or he’s just comfortable in his own head and doesn’t want to trouble himself with other people.”

“Beside the point, we don’t know any of these people, plain and simple. Plus I’d rather be rolling around with one of those guys than playing an icebreaker game with the step-family around the dinner table. I mean, you saw them. I feel like we’re in at a fucking Crossfit tournament when we’re in the same room as them.”

“I won’t argue with that. But how am I even going to get close to them? I don’t know these people. You don’t know these people. You’re the closest to them, and that’s saying something.”

Troy shrugged, “Use me.”

Nate looked at him with raised eyebrows, “That won’t be weird for you?”

“Dude, we go way back; I really don’t mind. I’m honestly surprised we haven’t done it at this point. Plus, I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like.”

Nate considered this, “You know what? Fuck it. Sure, let’s do it.”

Troy clapped his lands loudly, “Fuck yes! Rrrnng! So pumped!”

“Alright, alright,” Nate laughed, “So when do you want me to get into you?”

“Wow, I love the way that sounds,” Troy whispered, rubbing his crotch, “Ummm… You know what, surprise me. I don’t want to see it coming.”

Nate nodded, “You got it.” He reached over and held Troy’s hand.

After many miles of twisting roads and endless trees, the shores of the lake began to appear behind the forest. Just a few miles after that, the two cars arrived at the driveway of the lake house. Roger’s SUV pulled up to the side of the house and it’s doors opened, and six tall, muscle bound men poured out. Each one of them twisting their bodies and stretching, lifting up their tank tops to reveal rock hard abs. Roger got out and put his hand of the mounded shoulder of his oldest son, Taylor, and gestured Nate and Troy out of Troy’s sport car that had just pulled in.

Troy and Nate approached the ridiculously buff group of men in front of the SUV. “God, it’s like they came out of the womb doing crunches,” Nate whispered to Troy and they both laughed.

“Troy, I’d like you to meet my family,” Roger said with a wide grin, “This is Taylor, my oldest.” Taylor raised a hand with a smile, similar to Roger’s. You could tell all of these guys were descended from the same man. “He’s a business executive in the city. Good with numbers, horrible with time.” They all laughed. “This,” he continued, going down the line, “is Don. He’s a rugby player in upstate. This is Peter and his boyfriend Sam, they work in one of the TV studios in the city. And this is Ben, I think you know him from your school.” All of the sons politely smiled with a ‘sup’ to follow and waved except for Ben just raised a hand up and continued typing on his phone.

“Well, hey, I’m Troy, and this is my boyfriend Nate,” Troy said, Nate smiling and raising a hand.

“Boyfriend? Well that’s great, you two and Peter and Sam ought to get along real well!” Roger interjected. Troy, Nate, Peter, and Sam all looked between each other and Roger awkwardly as Roger let out a nervous laugh. “Well, anyways, we have all weekend to get to know one another, but for now, I am beat. I think if it’s alright with everyone, we can all spend the rest of the morning getting settled in and relaxing, then we can all meet up and have some lunch. How does that sound?” Everyone murmured and nodded in agreement. “Sounds like an enthusiastic agreement. See y’all in a bit.”

As Roger and his sons proceeded to unload their SUVs, Nate and Troy walked into the house with their arms around each other. When they entered, they each took their shirts off and went straight out to the porch overlooking the lake. Troy sat on one of the chairs and lit a cigarette. “I’ve always loved it out here,” he said, releasing his first drag, “The air just seems cleaner.” Nate hummed in agreement as he walked to the shore of the lake. He, too, liked it out here. It’s a good place to be with his boyfriend. He felt like he was starting to get as excited to have this little adventure with his lover. He looked back at the porch and saw Troy leaned back in the chair in a relaxed position, his mouth hanging a little open. Now was just as good a time to ‘surprise’ Troy as any.

Nate walked quickly up to Troy on the porch, reached inside his pants and brought his cock out, rubbing it to stiffen it. About five feet away, Troy became aware of Nate’s presence, opened his eyes, “Shit dude! What are y-“ Nate grabbed Troy by the shoulders and inserted his cock into Troy’s mouth, pushing the tip to touch the back of his throat, and Troy welcomed it. Just then, Nate began to liquefy his body to Troy’s surprise. Then Troy began to involuntarily suck, forcing the liquefied mass of Nate’s body into Troy’s widening mouth. As he was sucked in all of Nate, Troy began writhing in the chair moaning, “OOOoohh, fuck.. oooh, yes I can feel you, I can feel you all around inside me I can feel-…” Just then, Nate had taken over. Nate turned and twisted, looking at his boyfriend’s body from another angle, stretching and flexing his body, enjoying the feeling he’s been waiting on for a long time. “Alright,” he said in Troy’s voice with a clap, “Let’s go find us a playmate.”


Nate walked up the stairs in the house in Troy’s body, looking for someone to start with. He arrived at the first guest bedroom where Peter and Sam were staying. He knocked on the door and entered; they were unpacking their bags.

“Hey, you guys need anything? I’m really familiar with the layout of this place,” Nate lied in Troy’s voice. Peter had just changed into a more casual blue v-neck from the polo he rode in wearing, and Sam had done the same with a rose v-neck.

“I think we’re fine, but thanks for asking,” responded Peter. “Yeah, thanks,” agreed Sam.

“Ok, Nate and I will be in the guest room downstairs if you need us for, you know, anything. Really, anything at all.” Nate said with a wink, grabbing his crotch and doing a Michael Jackson hip thrust.

Peter and Sam just looked at each other.

Nate closed the door silently laughing and readied himself to leave Troy. He decided the best route to please Troy. Nate began to exit through Troy’s dick in the form of a long, white, silky, trail of cloud, hearing Troy release a long moan as he exited. Troy whispered “thank you” to the trail of Nate and walked downstairs to their guestroom. Nate continued under the crack of the door to Peter and Sam’s room and quickly slithered under the bed. “Weird kid, and I think I heard him reaching orgasm or some shit just outside the door,” Sam said. Nate could see that they were changing to go out on the boat. Peter laughed, “Just play nice. Dad married his mom, so I think at least I have to get used to him.”

Sam went to the bathroom as Nate slithered to the pair of board shorts on the ground. As soon as he nestled in them, Peter walked over to them and pulled them up his legs and around his waist. Just as soon as this happened, Nate shot himself into Peter’s ass and began filling himself out in Peter’s body, while Peter fell convulsing onto the bed. Eventually, Nate took control and was rushed with the feelings of the body. He looked at his new impressive arms and gave them a flex, feeling the muscles of each with his other arm. He took off the v-neck and bounced his new pecs and flexed his abs. He began to feel his new dick throbbing, and he pulled down the board shorts, the monster 11 inch cock sprung up and slapped the bottom of his impressive torso. “Woah,” Nate said out loud. Turns out the package matches the body. Just then, Sam existed the bathroom and Nate turned to towards him, amazed and nude. Sam looked down at Nate’s erect cock and smirked, “Your dad said relax, so I’ll help you relax.” Sam walked towards Nate in Peter’s body, taking off his own shirt as he came, and pushed Nate onto the bed, and immediately began sucking his new dick. “Wait a m-… oooohh…” Nate called out in pleasure. He held on to the back of Sam’s head as he went up and down. Troy was damn good at giving head, but Sam was a goddamn master, it turned out. After a short time, Nate exploded in Sam’s mouth. He watched as Sam swallowed and crawled up the bed towards him and planted a passionate kiss on his mouth. Nate welcomed it, but realized what he was doing quickly. He turned and slid off the bed, putting on a pair of Peter’s underwear. “I’m going to the kitchen, need anything?” Sam leaned back, wiping off his mouth, “No thanks. But in those? We’re still guests here.” “I’ll be quick.”


Nate left the room in Peter’s underwear, his cock still erect from it’s earlier treatment, bouncing in the compression of the underwear. Peter was off the list. He and Sam loved each other too much. Nate and Troy didn’t want to tear any relationship apart. He passed the home gym, where he noticed Don was working out. He stopped and watched and Don looked over and noticed him too. Don looked down and noticed Peter’s huge boner in the compression of the underwear, “Not interested, faggot.” Nate, a little taken back, grabbed onto the still erect member over the underwear, “Oh, you mean this? Don’t worry, this was already well taken care of.” Don chuckled a bit and continued his exercise.

What a tool, Nate thought as he continued walking until out of sight. Time for subject number 2. He exited in his same trail of cloud from Peter’s ass and exited his underwear from the legs. Peter reached back and felt around his bubble butt, thinking he had just had a bowel movement. He slithered into the home gym and went over to the bench press where Don was easily benching maybe 225 lbs. of weight. Nate entered Don through his ear and Don nearly dropped the weight on himself out of shock. He clenched his teeth together and writhed as Nate entered. It didn’t take long for Nate to be fully in control. Turns out it wasn’t that hard to get into Don’s head; the only things that are up there is pussy and rugby. Don’s body, on the other hand, was something to talk about. Nate stood up and started studying his new god of a body in the mirror.

Nate lifted his arm up and immediately smelled his musk from working out. He felt his new 10 inch cock growing against his gigantic thigh and reached down to shift it. Christ, this family was hung like horses. He squeezed both of his pecs and rans his hands along his abs, next flexing his arms to inspect their unbelievable size. He heard someone approaching and saw Peter walking back to the stairs with a bowl of cereal. Peter looked his way and threw his head up in a ‘sup’ gesture and Nate returned it, now flexing his thighs and ass in the mirror. Funny, he would have been completely turned on seeing a guy like Peter walking around in just his underwear, but he felt nothing. He still felt his member throbbing against his thigh and couldn’t stop thinking about boobs, so he went to the bathroom and rubbed one out to get rid of the feeling. Afterwards, he still felt horny, so he went back to the home gym to do some lifting. He grabbed a couple of 70 lb. dumbbells and began curling them. He watched himself in the mirror and took pleasure in seeing his humongous guns growing and pumping in the mirror. He set the weights down panting, but immediately started thinking about pussy. This was exhausting living like this. He couldn’t feel himself attracted to Troy anymore and he knew he couldn’t adequately please him in this body. It was time to try another one on for size.


Nate strutted out of the living room and into the kitchen where he saw Roger cutting onions in preparation for lunch.

“Sup pops?” Nate said in his best bro voice.

Roger looked up, “Ah, good, at least one of you is at least wearing shorts. Peter came in here wearing nothing but his underwear. I think he and Sam were getting a little too comfortable.”

“Yeah, I heard the bed rocking. Sounds like Sam really knows where to hit it.”

“Come on, Don. I don’t want to hear things like that. I know it happens, I just don’t want to hear about it.”

“Whatever, prude, I know from experience.” Nate joked as he opened the refrigerator to look preoccupied. Roger looked at him questioningly. Nate, realizing what he said, just chuckled to pass it off as a joke. Roger just shrugged and laughed and continued busying himself with the onions. Nate looked into the refrigerator and concentrated. He began to push himself out of Don’s ear as Don clinched his teeth together sucked in air in pain. Roger heard what was happening and turned around to say something, but Nate dove straight into him through his nostrils and quickly got in control of Roger. He didn’t intend on using Troy’s stepdad with him, he just wanted to try him on for size.

“What’s up, Don? Ear infection? I thought those were only childhood things,” Nate said in Roger’s voice, rubbing his nose and sniffling.

“Uuuhh, um, I don’t know, I feel weird,” Don said confused.

“Well, go take a shower before lunch; you smell like death,” said Nate, still secretly admiring Don’s musk.

“Uh… yeah, ok. Yeah,” Don answered, still confused and turned to leave.

Nate gave Don a pat on the ass as he left and watched it jiggle. Don turned around confused, and Nate just smiled.  Don left and Nate began to evaluate Roger. Again, he felt the strong desire for some pussy, but not as strong as he felt with Don, and in particular for Troy’s mother. It was clear that he was missing her and very much in love with her. Just thinking about her got Nate hard. He felt his stiff foot long member in Roger’s cargo shorts. So that’s where all these boys get their impressive tools. He grinded it up against the counter where he was cutting onions and moaned. This is the body that produced all of the cut men in the house. The thought of that made Nate even more hard. No, he thought. This is just weird. He’d never taken over a father before and it just felt foreign. It was time to find someone else.


He went outside in Roger’s body by the pool, where he saw that Taylor was lounging out sunbathing. Taylor had an impressive body. It was clear that he spent a lot of time keeping himself toned and healthy. Nate moved over to Taylor and stood over him. Taylor should have heard him coming. It was clear that he was asleep.  This would make it easier to take control.

Nate decided to have his last bit of fun with Roger and exited through his dick. The long silky trail of smoke drifted out of Roger’s growing dick as he threw his head back moaning and went straight into Taylor’s open mouth. Taylor coughed a couple of times, but Nate was fully in control within two seconds. He opened his eyes and looked up at Roger. “Hey daddio,” he called up to him while Roger looked around, confused by how he got out there. Nate looked down at Roger’s still erect penis in his shorts, “Too bad the new lady isn’t around to fix that” he joked. Roger looked down shocked and covered himself, running back inside. Nate laughed and inspected his body. Before he could even reach down and touch his new large pecs, his mind started racing. How was the company going to turn out this quarter? Would sales be able to gain enough commission? Would accounting meet their deadlines? I really need a girlfriend. Am I going to have enough time this weekend to make that conference call?

Nate was overwhelmed; he was already done with this body.  He couldn’t even get himself hard. Nate pushed himself out of Taylor’s mouth as Taylor coughed a bit, looked around, and dozed back off. Crazy how that fucker could even sleep, Nate thought. He slithered along the ground in his silky trail of cloud and went inside. As far as he could remember, there was just one more. He really hoped this one worked; he didn’t want to come back to Troy empty-handed.


He went into the living room and saw Ben lying on the floor in front of the fire, checking his phone. Good, he was preoccupied. He slithered along the floor and approached his legs, where his board shorts where fanned open, giving way to a clear entry path.

Nate slithered into his shorts, feathered his cock a bit for it to stiffen, and pushed himself in. Ben moaned loudly and arched his back while the tail of the Nate’s trail whipped and slithered the rest of the way into his pulsating cock. Nate gained full control and pushed himself up on his hands to catch his breath. He looked down and saw his heavy, heaving, mounded chest and his heaving, cobbled, sculpted abs heaving, as well has his cock staining against his shorts. He pulled them down and a throbbing, thick 13 incher slapped itself against his abs. He turned over on his back and started yanking on it furiously until he exploded and showered his abs with his cum. He watched as his legs clenched with muscle and lifted his arms and gave them a flex. He was perfect. He thought about going to surprise Troy and found himself getting even more turned on. Good, another gay guy in the house. This guy was more than perfect. He went to the bathroom to clean himself off and started walking to Troy’s room.

He arrived at the closed door and knocked and then positioned himself in a way to turn Troy on. He stood leaning to the side a bit and rested a hand near the bottom of his torso on his impressive abs.

Troy answered the door shocked and immediately turned on.

“Hey, man, sorry to bother y’all,” he started shyly in a deep baritone, “But my phone is starting to die. Do either of you have an iPhone charger?”

“Uh, yeah, um, yes,,” Troy stammered. Nate had to keep himself from laughing. “Yeah, uh, Nate went off to meet some people he knows that live on the lake, but I think he has one in his bag.”

Troy turned to walk towards Nate’s bag to search for a charger and Nate followed, but took off his shorts and rubbed himself a few times to get stiff as he followed. He stopped behind Troy, who was bent over the bag rummaging through it, “You sure your boyfriend won’t mind you looking through his things?”

Troy turned around and Nate was standing over him in Ben’s body completely naked. Troy just looked up with his mouth wide open. Nate bounced his pecs; he knew that always got Troy really turned on. It was then that Troy knew it was Nte.

“You son of a bitch!” they both laughed. “Ben?! Out of all of them Ben? I’m not complaining, I just didn’t know he was gay.”

Nate lifted up his arms in a lazy shrug, “Queer as a three dollar bill.”

Troy approached and planted a passionate kiss on Ben as he felt every muscular contour of his back, grabbing his bubble butt, and rubbing his crotch. “I can’t believe it. Lacrosse Ben. Shy as a mouse, hung like a horse, and now inhabited by my boyfriend.”

“You want to talk about hung like a horse, this whole family is packing!” Nate exclaimed. “They must have been raised around a nuclear reactor or something. Christ almighty.”

They both laughed and continued making out. Suddenly they heard Roger call everyone in for some lunch. “Let’s go show them how close we’ve gotten,” Nate suggested.

They both laughed and walked through the house together to the kitchen. This was going to be a fun weekend.
In Your Arms, the Calm - XplodingSeahorsePants - Fear the Walking Dead (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
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Characters: Troy Otto, Madison Clark
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Troy is surprised to find someone stealing a shower while water rations are being strictly imposed, but winds up learning a bit about gynecology instead of punishing the shower thief. Sexy hijinks ensue

“You want to do what?” Troy asked in surprise; the two of them were friends of course but they had never discussed anything past being each others wingman. “I mean I know that the heat can be drastic but, are you sure about this? This isn’t something you can take back once you commit to it and something so permanent…I just, I don’t want you to wake up one day regretting it, you know? So I’m going to ask again; are you sure?”


A Seduced Reaction -- The Matrix Wingardium Leviosa of Slendermans

The third dedication to this week of Nostalgia

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Never send a human to do a fangirls’s job.

Others in the series:- KBTBB || DDIWT || MPD || MSB || CTC || PIL || AKD

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  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: how did Troy Bolton get into Berkeley? his only outstanding talents were basketball and drama, and Berkeley never went to see any of his plays and probably only saw him play basketball a few times. Is Troy Bolton that good at basketball? or did he have stellar grades? even that is unlikely, seeing as he complained about not doing homework multiple times and in High School Musical he tried to make an excuse about doing homework, but Chad Danforth, Troy's best friend, was surprised he was even doing his homework. It wasn't ever shown that Troy and Gabriella had any classes outside of homeroom, and while you could debate that it meant they were on the same educational path, his many jock friends, even Justin, who was shown to be the 'dumb guy' multiple times, were also in that class. was Troy Bolton a genius? was he that good at basketball? or did he have a connection at Berkeley? and even that brings up another question: why would Troy choose to go to Berkeley, when he got a free ride at the school near him? he didn't even seriously consider Berkeley until the end, so how could he make such a costly and important decision on a whim? he chose a school just so he could be near Gabriella. that cost his parents thousands of dollars and will probably put him in some debt. this brings us back to the original question about how he got into Berkeley and the real question: how can I apply to Berkeley I want to be near Troy Bolton.
More on Star Trek and mixed-race identity

When I was in grad school I took a class on the history of mixed-race identity and interracial relationships in US history. It was probably the best class I have ever taken. 

As my research paper for the class, I asked the professor if I could write about how Star Trek (in all its incarnations) addresses the issue of mixed-race identity through the lens of crew members who were the child of two different alien species. Initially, I started my research comparing one major character from each of the first four series: Spock (TOS: vulcan/human), Troi (TNG: betazoid/human) Tora Ziyal (DS9: cardassian/bajoran) and, of course, B'Elanna (VGR: klingon/human.) At that point, my professor told me I had to narrow my paper down to one of them so I chose B'Elanna.

But what I find so interesting about these four characters is that they all except Deanna Troi a) are non-human looking and b) are all struggling with these two parts of their identity.

In some ways this depicts some of the struggles that mixed-race individuals have faced (as I read in my course texts–I don’t presume to know first hand as I am a 100% white bread girl.) But you have Spock who gets by by actively denying his humanity–he is ashamed of it. And what’s more he can pass as Vulcan.

Now this is an interesting take on passing privilege. In our society, we generally talk of passing privilege as someone who is mixed/etc. who can “pass” as white (when white is set as the societal norm.) But in this case when humans are that norm (as far as the viewer is concerned) Spock actively tries to pass as fully Vulcan. 

B'Elanna was picked on for her entire life for being part Klingon. She blames her Klingon side/personality as being the reason why her human father left. B'Elanna was the character that I found the most troubling. Though in many ways this critique applies to Spock as well. In the Trekverse there is this notion of essentialism–when compared to non-human species. Vulcans are super logical, Klingons are aggressive and so forth. I think that this serves as a mirror (unfortunately I don’t believe it was a deliberate one) to look at our stereotypes and racial essentialism that pervades our society (Fill in the blank: “Asian people are ___” “Black people are _____” “Hispanic people are ____”)

B'Elanna feels neither at home with her Klingon family (she is “too human”) nor does she feel the same with humans (she is “too klingon”.) B'Elanna is the classic tragic mulatto. As is Spock (though to a lesser extent as he has basically “chosen” his Vulcan side and, again, he has passing privilege.)

That brings us to Tora Ziyal–the child of a Cardassian and a Bajoran. Two species that are at war and are an allegory for the Nazis and the Jews respectively though it also has note of the Israel/Palestine as well–and really, she represents a product of two groups with strong animosities towards each other. As such her life is torn apart (and *spoiler alert* she dies as a result of this conflict.)

And that brings me to Deanna Troi. Who–surprise surprise–is a white woman. She is the only one who seems fully at peace with both sides of herself–in fact, I’d argue that with Deanna there is no two sides there is just Deanna. Yes, her telepathy isn’t as strong due to her human side–but she has empathic abilities which humans don’t and that makes her especially adept at her job. I found it especially interesting that the only one of our mixed-race major characters in Trek canon who looks human is the only one who doesn’t struggle with their identity.

I love Star Trek. And it is SO progressive and I still cry when I hear the story of MLK telling Nichelle Nichols that she has to stay on the show because Gene Roddenbury got what they were fighting for. My heart warms that Whoopi Goldberg first saw Nichols on TV and went running through her house to her mom crying “There’s a black woman on TV and she ain’t no maid!” We can say it time and time again representation matters. And Star Trek has done SO MANY good things that it pains me to mention this one place where it really falls short. And I think that so much of this representation was done with the full intention of bringing to light the pervasive issues of racism that so many mixed people have to face. I just don’t think they did as good a job with it as they could have–I think it was a little too trope-y.

But I’d love to hear if anyone else can weigh in on this and maybe challenge my perceptions of the writing/plot lines.

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There’s something amusing in the way Kyungsoo and Chanyeol handle you so differently. 

Chanyeol is all exuberance, hands skimming up and down your body, never staying in one place too long, always keeping you guessing. He makes you whine and moan, desperate for more than just fleeting touches. But he enjoys your torment too much, grinning down at you before kissing you passionately, nipping at your bottom lip and then pulling away before you can tangle your fingers in his hair to anchor him against you.

Kyungsoo, on the other hand, is all about slow, burning pleasure. He builds you up slowly until you feel like you can’t take any more of the pleasure-pain he gives you, but one look into his eyes tells you that it will be worth it. He always makes sure you’re begging for him, for his touch, before he brings you to a shuddering climax, delighting in the way his name falls from your lips. 

It’s no secret you’ve been sleeping with both Kyungsoo and Chanyeol separately, but somehow the suggestion - from Chanyeol - of a menage a trois surprises you. It should probably be embarrassing, how quickly you agree. But fifteen minutes in and any embarrassment is thrown out of the window, as you’re distracted by the way Chanyeol is rolling your nipple between his fingers and the way Kyungsoo grinds his hips into yours, building you up more and more. 

In between them, it doesn’t take you long to come, moaning out your pleasure as you ride Chanyeol’s hard thrusts and hollow your cheeks around Kyungsoo’s length. 

You wonder if this was supposed to be a one time thing - but you sincerely hope not. 

Luckily, from both Kyungsoo and Chanyeol’s gaze you suspect not. 

“Baby girl, I’m not done with you yet,” Kyungsoo says darkly, and Chanyeol moans lowly as you clench around his softening cock. 

You gingerly climb off Chanyeol, who looks very sated, and let Kyungsoo position you on your hands and knees. As he rubs himself over your slick folds before pushing in, you think to yourself that there was absolutely no way you would allow this to be a one time thing. 

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