Looking for more blogs!

If you mostly post video games content, please interact :D

currently interested in:

  • dragon age & mass effect (and other bioware stuff)
  • overwatch
  • fallout series (mostly fallout 4)
  • telltale games (tftb, twau, twd)
  • borderlands series
  • naughty dog games (uncharted, the last of us)
  • assassin’s creed (ac:origins hype!)
  • Troy Baker and/or Laura Bailey stuff
  • maybe other games, why not

I’m also interested in films, basically every other blockbuster coming out, especially star wars. Space stuff, nature stuff, funny stuff, aesthetic stuff is welcomed. I don’t mind political discourses. Tagging system is appreciated.

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“This (scene) was something- we all felt it, we all looked back and everyone was like, you can’t put your finger on it, you know that it’s good but there’s something that’s missing. We took a break and we came back and it’s really something that she (Ashley) did in the scene that completely changed it. It was something improvised, it’s when she says “Everyone has left me, everyone- fucking except for you”. She pushes Joel, it’s the first time she’s gotten physical with him and on the surface it looks like this petulant child but at the same time you see strength […]” - Troy Baker