A rare coin from the city that once housed the Library of Aristotle

This silver drachm is from the ancient city of Skepsis in Troas circa 480-450 BC. On the obverse is the forepart of Pegasus with the inscription ΣKHΨIΩN. The reverse shows a fir tree with two grape bunches all within a linear and  dotted border.

The ancient city of Skepsis was located in the Troas region (aka Troad), which is the modern Biga peninsula in Turkey. It is about 31 miles southeast of the ancient site of Troy. The settlement is notable for being the location where the famous library of Aristotle was kept before being moved to Pergamum and Alexandria. Strabo wrote in his Geographia XIII, 1, 54-55 that Aristotle was “the first man, so far as I know, to have collected books and to have taught the kings in Egypt how to arrange a library." 

“Your name isn’t Swoops!?” Kent exclaimed in the middle of the locker room.

Several of the guys stopped what they were doing to stare confusedly at Kent. Swoops (or rather, not-Swoops) froze guiltily in the middle of putting on his shirt. “Uh,” he hesitated. “No, actually. It’s Troy.”

“Yeah, I know that now,” Kent said, waving his phone accusingly at his teammate. “Why didn’t you say anything before?” If Johnson hadn’t texted the news to Kent after practice, he probably would have continued on calling Troy the wrong name.

Troy shrugged. “You never really asked.”

“I just thought you really liked basketball.”

“Yeah, I like that too. But, come on, Parse, my name has been on my jersey for the last three years.”

For the first time, Kent properly looked the jersey that was hanging on Troy’s hook.  “Huh, I don’t know why I never really saw that.”

In his hand, Kent’s phone buzzed again, and he looked down to see Johnson’s message: That’s all we know for now. Will keep you informed about Troy’s background story in later updates.

Kent shook his head in confusion, and put his phone down to finish getting dressed.

Johnson was really weird sometimes.

i love how in stories about ancient times and ancient heros there’s always someone who says “you will be remembered for centuries, the glory of your name will never fade” because it’s true, we’re hearing about them right this moment, they lived thousands of years before us, yet we still idolise them and love their stories. it overwhelms me and fills with awe