Tari’s Top Ten Favorite Big Damn Kisses

The Big Damn Kiss, AKA a kiss that is Serious Business.  Usually a First Kiss, often resolving the Unresolved Sexual Tension and frequently conveyed with much fanfare and music swelling. XD

  • #10 - Robin and Starfire (Teen Titans)

Yeah, I know, you’d think for them being my number one OTP of all time their cute confession and kiss in the rain in the Teen Titans DTV movie Trouble In Tokyo would be higher up on the list.  Lol.

But while I endlessly love how adorably awkward Robin is as he tries to stutter out his feelings and how Starfire just smiles and tells him (essentially), “Just shut up and kiss me”, and that their romance music cue pipes in right in this moment, I think the moment itself is actually kind of underplayed for a BDK.  Also the animation is just a teensy bit awkward.  (Sparking the eternal debate about whether or not Robin’s eyes are closed.)

Nevertheless, my reaction is the same as Cyborg’s and the other Titans:

“Well, it’s about time.”

anonymous asked:

meta on what you think wtf was going on in robin's head when starfire kissed that japanese boy? also what he thought when he found of starfire used him for english XD

Lol I think I sort of went over that already in my post about Robin’s jealous moments?

Essentially, “WTF?” was exactly what he was thinking.  It’s a little mini-reversal of their situation in “Stranded”, wherein Robin was now the one assigning more romantic meaning and context to her actions than had actually been present.

He doesn’t get angry with her, though, and makes a deliberate, concerted effort to be patient and just ask her why she did it.  In spite of some slight annoyance in his voice and expression.

I think he figured it had to have some kind of reasonable Tamaranian explanation, though that didn’t stop him from being a little personally upset about it.  And when Starfire tells them about the whole Learn Any Language Through Lip Contact thing, I think there’s a strong case to be made that Robin flashes back to their first kiss back in “Go!” and just has this moment of realization like: Oh.

And probably feels like kicking himself once he figures it out.

It’s a little moment that adds to the overall low feelings of self-doubt that he carries throughout the film.  Like, wow, how could he have missed that, what kind of a detective is he?

It’s not something he holds against Starfire though, as when he asks her about it later it’s with a smile and affection laced through his tone.