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omg do u like the original teen titans.....??? legit my favorite cartoon show!!! i had the biggest crush on robin and i obsess over the show religiously 🤧🤧🤧

uh ya b of course!! i obv had a crush on cyborg and lowkey on raven too but yas that show was great omg i remember saving up to watch the trouble in tokyo finale

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Out of all the times in the show Robin wanted to confess his love but just chickened out of it, which episode had that then most (besides Trouble on Tokyo)?

I don’t know if there was ever actually a moment where Robin actively wanted to tell Starfire he loved her, apart from Tokyo.

You have to remember he was very recalcitrant to even admit to himself that he had feelings for her.  He was sort of forced to confront this fact in “Stranded” and that was probably the first time he would have confessed, if not for the untimely interruption of the monster.

Now, as to opportunities where he could have confessed, if he wasn’t such an emotionally-inept dunderhead, those are much more plentiful. XD

“Sisters” and “Date With Destiny“ had a couple good opportunities.  I think the one that got me the most was “The End Part Two“, though, when they exchanged looks right before Robin left with Slade.  That was a perfect opportunity right there.


Tari’s Top Ten Favorite Big Damn Kisses

The Big Damn Kiss, AKA a kiss that is Serious Business.  Usually a First Kiss, often resolving the Unresolved Sexual Tension and frequently conveyed with much fanfare and music swelling. XD

  • #10 - Robin and Starfire (Teen Titans)

Yeah, I know, you’d think for them being my number one OTP of all time their cute confession and kiss in the rain in the Teen Titans DTV movie Trouble In Tokyo would be higher up on the list.  Lol.

But while I endlessly love how adorably awkward Robin is as he tries to stutter out his feelings and how Starfire just smiles and tells him (essentially), “Just shut up and kiss me”, and that their romance music cue pipes in right in this moment, I think the moment itself is actually kind of underplayed for a BDK.  Also the animation is just a teensy bit awkward.  (Sparking the eternal debate about whether or not Robin’s eyes are closed.)

Nevertheless, my reaction is the same as Cyborg’s and the other Titans:

“Well, it’s about time.”

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i saw what you wrote about what you thought in trouble in tokyo and i agree 100%. they had SO MUCH potential for a good movie but it felt so rushed in places for me. i also really like how you expressed how you felt w/ how they treated Raven. the way they made her interact w the others (especially Beastboy) just seemed like lazy writing to me or something you would find in a mediocre fanfic. overall the movie was... okay to me, but i feel like you could write a much better version lol

I still consider it a good movie, just one that they should have pulled out all the stops for for the very last thing we were getting of 2003 animated Teen Titans.

I have considered writing Daizo’s backstory a few times, especially since NO ONE ELSE HAS TACKLED IT BEFORE WHY DO YOU PEOPLE NOT LOVE THIS VILLAIN LIKE I DO???  WHERE IS YOUR FANFICCER’S IMAGINATION???


But yeah.  There’s a few things I’d tweak about Tokyo despite how much I love it.  Maybe it’ll be a fic one day, maybe not.