Trouble Tones

Glee is getting too frustrating again and I'm about to be out

With all the cast changes

rumors of cast fights and people being fired

rushed storylines yet slow plot development

the upcoming the songs/people singing them are weak

and apparently after the finale the show is moving to another location..AGAIN

not to mention:

Not too much more Samcedes and they may break up… again


this is exactly why I didn’t completely commit myself to the show again

doctors: yr son is autistic
parents: no hes not
me: (is extremely touch adverse, chews on things, paces, rocks, has volume + pressure control issues, has trouble reading moods + tone, has obscure/odd special interests, does not make eye contact at all ever, and etc and etc)
parents: what the fuck is wrong w yu
me: im autistic
parents: no yr not

anonymous asked:

Hey there I just want to let u know coquettefashion used to be a blog called nymphet fashion and I think that's gross...

yeah, I know and I think it’s gross too!! (?) I’m confused by this message though bc I don’t think I’ve reblogged from them recently at all? BUT I’m really having trouble reading the tone of this message and I’m not sure if you simply wanted to vent to someone about how gross you find that to someone who will agree, or if you’ve been hella scrolling my blog and saw me reblog them and want to tell me I should refrain from doing so!

1. I think the word nymphet is disgusting and it’s abhorrent to assign it to a fashion style and encourage people to associate girly, cutesy, kawaii whatever you wanna call it fashion with this bizarre nauseating romanticised image of what are, no 2 ways about it, child sexual assault victims and I’m glad you agree! To an extent I’m even slightly irked by the new name, because the word coquette I think is very much evocative of like… a male fantasy of a woman. Does that make sense? The alluring flirty little minx uwuwuwu, I dislike this but that’s more a personal thing. I’m glad they changed their url, it was very responsible but I also think it was to avoid getting in trouble more so than it was the result of an actual learning experience!

2. In terms of ~problematique blogs~ I definitely consider coquette fashion very far down on that list and although it still irks me just a tiny bit, reblogging from them deliberately or accidentally doesn’t bother me much especially since they removed the word nymphet. In terms of how little I want to associate with it, I don’t consider it on the same level as say, a ddlg blog. Howeverrrr, within reason of course I really don’t believe in the ‘um you reblogged a thought criminal and that’s illegal’ thing on tumblr !! If this message is the result of you seeing that blog on my blog, and that disappointing you, you ought to trust me enough to know I’m on your side re: the word nymphet etc and I’m not going to apologise for reblogging like an aesthetic post from some mostly inoffensive blog – . 




i cannot believe shadowhunters actually had a…

It was like 2 seconds lol but yeah, yay malec

i’m…having trouble, um, deciphering your tone on this so forgive me if i’m responding inappropriately, like sincerely.

but like yeah it was short but it happened!!! and like. as much as i would love to watch them make out softly for hours or like. even just multiple minutes. or even. a minute. that’s not really how tv works for anybody lmao. they’ve got limited time to do things in, y’know, super limited tbh, and the fact that this was something they found it valuable to spend time on when it really doesn’t advance the plot at all is pretty cool! (actually they give a fuckton of time to malec, like it’s the most well-developed romance on the show, it is the Priority Romance which honestly makes me weak beyond words.) and it was also the beginning of what was really a short, perfunctory scene so it couldn’t go on too long, y’know? so yes, do i want more of that? abso-fucking-lutely. and i realize that part of why i’m so goddamn shook by it is because queer representation is just abysmal, especially in this genre, but i still really appreciate how…casual this moment is. casual intimacy is not something you see a lot of in romance on television (even for the str8s really – i am forever in mourning that casual kisses aren’t something that writers write into shows like whyyyyyyyyyy). and like i love small moments. i love that this show takes the time for them when it doesn’t have much time and i like soft sweet kisses that don’t feel voyeuristic (like. they aren’t a show for us – i mean, like yes obviously they are a show for us because that’s what television is – but it’s not a case of Oh Wow Look How Shocking Two Guys Kissing Is; the whole point of that moment and of it happening at the beginning of a scene is that it is normal) and anyway i’m rambling i love that moment really a lot and i’m glad we have it what a show

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Love, love, love this mashup.

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Glee 3x06 - Mash-Off - Rumour Has It/Someone Like You

Only one major flaw with the end of the episode . . .

the fact that Mercedes, and Santana to an extent, kept saying that coming back to ND would mean taking second stage to Rachel. 

Um, Mercedes? Santana?  Rachel wasn’t even performing … and the New Directions still won.


P.S. I guess coming to realize that she’s always been selling herself short–it hasn’t been Rachel getting in her way–is still part of Mercedes’ story for the rest of the season.