Trouble Tones


Heather Morris on the Glee set today. 1.5.2014 more here!

on 5th pic she looks so alone. she just needs Naya :) but look at her smile on 2nd pic. this is all that matters! and look at her hair on 4th pic! and look at Kevin on the last one!!! i wanna be him! this will be good performance! it won’t be as good as it would be if Naya would be there, but just seeing Hemo again… i’m happy anyway.

Glee is getting too frustrating again and I'm about to be out

With all the cast changes

rumors of cast fights and people being fired

rushed storylines yet slow plot development

the upcoming the songs/people singing them are weak

and apparently after the finale the show is moving to another location..AGAIN

not to mention:

Not too much more Samcedes and they may break up… again


this is exactly why I didn’t completely commit myself to the show again

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Love, love, love this mashup.

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Glee 3x06 - Mash-Off - Rumour Has It/Someone Like You

Only one major flaw with the end of the episode . . .

the fact that Mercedes, and Santana to an extent, kept saying that coming back to ND would mean taking second stage to Rachel. 

Um, Mercedes? Santana?  Rachel wasn’t even performing … and the New Directions still won.


P.S. I guess coming to realize that she’s always been selling herself short–it hasn’t been Rachel getting in her way–is still part of Mercedes’ story for the rest of the season.