what has happened since Lotus was released
  • britney has tried and failed to get a #1 with 4 singles from 2 different albums and got a vegas residency
  • azealia banks finally released broke with expensive taste
  • beyonce came out with BEYONCE and went on 2 world tours
  • taylor swift released another album since 2012, went on 2 world tours, and threw white shade at katy perry
  • katy perry released an album and went on a world tour
  • living legend hilary duff released her 1st album in 8 years AND she released a tinder and “fan demanded” version of her music video
  • ariana grande released 2 albums
  • mariah released an album, went on a tour, and now has a vegas residency
  • lady gaga released the disastrous artpop and the “knows artpop was a flop so she switched genres” and released that jazz album
  • lana del rey is about to release her 2nd album
  • miley released bangerz (!!!!!!!) and is currently on tour
  • selena gomez released an album and got back and broke up with justin 4 more times
  • justin bieber has not released any music since 2012 HOWEVER he did pee in a bucket, threw eggs at his neighbor, slept with a dozen brazilian prostitutes, and got a DUI
  • justin timberlake released 2 albums, went on 2 world tours, and starred in 2 movies nobody has heard of

and her fellow voice coaches?

  • pharrell released his first album in 8 years and annoyed everybody with the happy song
  • gwen released two songs and ummmmm ?????
  • shakira released an album and 2 babies
  • usher idk even know but he had a bunch of songs on the radio i hear his ass every 2 minutes for the last 2 years
  • blake shelton came out with 2 albums and a redneck christmas special
  • maroon 5 has released 2 albums and been on 3 tours and adam works full time on the voice bitch you aint been on there in 2 seasons and you bout to take another break!!!
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