October: 17th: Chixie Roixmr

decided to dedicate this month to Hiveswap/hiveswap friendsim fanart!


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I know everyone is super hyped about The Dragon Prince and it is great but have you watched Hilda? 

It’s such a sweet, gentle cartoon about a young girl who goes from living in the wilderness to moving to the nearest city and learning to adapt. 

The art style is lovely, the characters are nice and it shows a great relationship between the main character and her single mum who is all for encouraging Hilda to be herself and often helps on her adventures but also is a responsible parent. 

When Hilda tells her mum that the other children she meets are bad and do bad things, she doesn’t try to justify it and even says she’s glad she didn’t stay to befriend them. She accepts the absurdity and the strange creatures without batting an eye only questioning the talking raven because ‘it didn’t talk to her’. The only thing she really questions is the safety of her child and her happiness.

Hilda herself is a sweetie, she’s friendly and tries her best even though shes struggling with their new life. But she understands her mum is trying to make the best of it. 

Basically its an adorable show and I think you’d like it. 

p.s. I need a Deerfox