Tristin Lowe - Mocha Dick

Mocha Dick is a 52-foot-long recreation of the real-life albino sperm whale that in the nineteenth century terrorized whaling vessels near Mocha Island in the South Pacific. Mocha Dick, was described in appearance “he was as white as wool”, in an 1839 magazine article from The Knickerbocker, engaged in battle with numerous whaling expeditions, often sinking smaller boats, and was a source of inspiration for Herman Melville’s epic Moby Dick.

Mocha Dick,  2009, wool felt, vinyl coated fabric, and internal fan,127 x 165 x 609 inches. in Collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum Phila. PA

It’s so lifelike, you have to touch it. More than 52-feet long and 10-feet high, Tristin Lowe’s ghostly (ghastly) white sperm whale installation, Mocha Dick has the look and feel of an awesome creature of the sea. Made out of industrial wool that mimics whale flesh with its gashes, harpoon scars, and wooly barnacles, Lowe’s work is a marvel of ingenuity.