FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST (鋼の錬金術師): Brotherhood Production Art (X)

The Elric Family: Key-animation frames from the 1st Opening "Again" that either give me the chills or bring tears to my eyes. Storyboarded by director Yasuhiro Irie (入江 泰浩). #The innocence in Alphonse’s eyes just before losing his body and in Ed’s confused ones. #Trisha smiling… #Young Hohenheim (hottie) stretching his hands. T_T


fangirl challenge ❤: [5/?] families/groups ↝ the elrics

So today we’re going to take this picture and I’ll be able to remember us all together, smiling. No matter what, we’re always a family. So even if you’re scared, don’t try distancing yourself from us.