My current feelings for the webcomics I am reading:


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Always Raining Here:

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BFF Comic:

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Behind The Obsidian Mirror:

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Tripping Over You:

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Toxic For You:

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(It just started in April, so not much is up)

Tobias And Guy:

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anonymous asked:

How long have you had your cat?

jojo? :) a loooong time now. he’s an old man lol

i found him when i was 8 so almost 10 years now? i guess thats not super old for a house cat but hes getting up there

the lady fostering his litter wasnt sure how old he was when we took him home tho he was probably only eight weeks

awwww i miss him so much when i dont go home here ill upload a pic from my phone

jojo is snuggles with my knees through the comforter :)