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Some GEM!AU Trivia:

Saturn Girl’s weapon is an energy sword and she can directly control the energy part that forms the blade, so it can spontaneously explode in your face when she wants it to.

Triplicate Girl’s skin is brown/dark due to being a quartz-mashup… AND I AM VERY UPSET THAT IN THE SHOW HER SKIN WAS NOT DARK LIKE IN THE ROUGH ART! *cries at lack of POC*

Shrinking Violet constantly has Brainy compete with her to see who can build better human-tech to determine who is the “Tourmaline of the week”, in a friendly manner of course, and usually ends in ties. If there is a winner, they get to pick who gets what chores of that week. Everyone fears those dark times.

Dream Girl is a prophet, but was not very high on the social ladder back at HomeWorld. She was deemed as a valuable asset before escaping to Earth. She also tends to get along with Mekt, much more than Garth.

Ayla is currently kept in the legion’s temple in one of the chambers in her gem form, as she is unable to hold a form more than a few seconds due to the extent of the gem’s damage. Garth and Mekt constantly pay her visits


From The Line it is Drawn #187: “It’s Spring Break time! So suggest something that a comic book character would do for spring break! Somebody better suggest Batman water skiing!" Pictured are the girls of the Legion of Super Heroes playing Beach Volleyball. Can you name them all? No fair looking at the tags!