Trick and True

Inspired and based on KryallaOrchid’s story, Sting.

I spent a lot more time than I had planned doing this but I had a lot of fun. I learned a lot from working on PP and Krita too! I put a little of my own spin on Bumblebee’s design here (I think the doll is the most accurate based on KryallaOrchid’s description actually). I couldn’t help myself. I really loved the idea. X)

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the effect when you load a lie bullet in drv3 is really cool?? who knows where those eyes come from, but that’s an aesthetic i can get behind

Elder Scrolls religious differences are funny to me

Nords: Shor created the physical world by sacrificing himself, so he’s a hero. Talos is also a hero and definitely a legit god, meaning there are Nine Divines.

Imperials: Nords, we talked about this…

Altmer: No, *Lorkhan* tricked the true gods and separated us from the spiritual world, so he sucks. Talos was a man originally so saying he’s a god is blasphemy; there are Eight *Aedra*. And since you Nords are stupid humans, you probably also don’t know about Anu’s and Padomay’s interactions which caused the creation of Nir and thus Nirn, time, and everything important. Anu eventually personified himself into Anuri-El and then finally into Auri-El, who we are descended from. And that’s why we’re better than you.

Redguards: Okay, but Anu was a snake called Satak, and Padomay was Akel, the hunger that made it eat itself until it died and made another snake called Satakal. Also Ruptga is the father of all spirits and the first one to escape being made and resorbed by Satakal. He made Sep, who you call Lorkhan, who was also a snake, and the world was made of a ball of his skins.

Argonians: What about the Hist?

Bretons: Hey Nords, Shor is actually Sheor and he sucks so HA.

Argonians: No seriously, are we the only ones who care about the Hist?

Dunmer: Stop ignoring the Daedra; they’re not all bad. Just Malacath, Sheogorath, Mehrunes Dagon, and Molag Bal; they test us. Azura, Boethiah, and Mephala are awesome, and the Tribunal… okay they were saints not actually gods.


Bosmer: There are a lot of gods, okay, but please stop leaving out Yffre. He’s really important.

Khajiit: Okay, the Altmer are mostly right.

Altmer: Yes, finally someone with some sense–

Khajiit: Except they’re all cats.

Everyone else probably: :|