The urge.

I barely notice

When, like a magnet

My hand shoots to my brow

The breath.

I take after

As if by the simple touch

 I feel, my hair

Calms me down

The pull.

Happens quick

And I check my fingertip

And my mind finally sees

What my hand is doing to me

Now my mind is screaming

“don’t you dare”

As my hand goes back up

To pull

Just, “One more hair!

Then it will be over

I’ll never pull again.”

As my fingertips rip

Five brows from my head

And the magnet continues

Right to my lip


 I can’t quit”



 through my skin

My eyes


Poke, poke, at my lip

And on to the next…

- KateJuliana

(devientart: LivingLifeOutLoud)


Status update :) I know this is really egotistical, but I’m incredibly proud of myself for the progress I am making. My bald spots in the back are clearing up. I feel as though it really is true, hair will always grow back 💜 I have decided to try growing my hair back for the first time since shaving it 😁 wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

Trichotillomania / Trichotillimania

Here it is. I really do not feel like I can do this on any other social networking site just yet. I have been fighting Trichotillomania for 4 years. It is an obsessive compulsive disorder to pull out your own hair. Many pull out their eyelashes, eyebrows and hair from their head. I pull out from my scalp, or snap the ends of my hair. It is an absolute bastard to live with. It is easy fr people who do not have Trich to say “just stop pulling” but it is an OCD. It really is not that simple. I guess you can say this is me joining the Trich community.

With Trichotillomania the best way to beat it is to control it. It is learning how to not let yourself get to the point where bald patches appear. Some people suffer worse than others. I myself have controlled my Trich to the point where I no longer had bald patches. Unfortunately I let it get the better of me again. I can not wear my hair fully down, I always tie it all up, or half up half down. I’m on progress now though and my pulling is getting less. My boyfriend is so supportive.

I understand how it can make you feel. I’ve managed to control it before, I feel like I am beginning to get control back again. I’m taking it one day at a time. Wake up in the morning and tell yourself “I’m not going to pull again.” We know if we said to ourselves “I’m never going to pull again” we would be lying. Be proud of going a day without pulling!

I want to be able to help other people with Trich, or anybody who feels they may have it. My ask box is always open. I will answer un-anonymous privately. I will also answer all anonymous ask and set up a link on my page for them so they are easier for people to find.


I’d appreciate re-blogs to spread awareness 💕✨