Trial and Tribbleations

Star Trek Discovery Weird Klingons Theory

Ok, so if you’re a big Star Trek fan, then you know that, in the Star Trek universe, there was supposed to have been a genetics war in the 1990s. Then, during Star Trek Enterprise, the Enterprise crew has a run-in with Dr. Soong (grandfather of the Dr. Soong who invented Data), who tries to continue those experiments with genetically augmented humans (Augments). This all goes terribly wrong, many lives are lost, and we all learn a valuable lesson: any human who believes that they are intrinsically better than other humans will commit acts of genocide.

Skip forward to the Enterprise episode Divergence. The Klingons try to use Dr. Soong’s research to create Augment Klingons, but they just create a crazy, deadly virus that is threatening Klingon civilization. Naturally, they kidnap Dr. Phlox to help them fix it. He comes up with a cure, but one of the side effects of the virus, since it was based on human augments, is that the Klingons who got the virus have smooth-foreheads and look very human-like.

At the end of the Divergence episode, we know that a lot of Klingons have been infected. Although Phlox’s cure will keep them from dying, they can’t necessarily stop the virus from spreading and, since it affected them at a genetic level, any children they have will also be changed.

So, essentially we have two sets of Klingons now: smooth and original recipe. We know that, during Kirk’s time, the Klingons you see are the smooth kind, like the ones in The Trouble with Tribbles. However, in TNG, we only see the original kind and in Trials and Tribbleations, it becomes clear that, not only have the DS9 crew never seen a smooth Klingon, they haven’t even heard of them. So, we can assume that, by the time of DS9, Klingons have either figured out a way to reverse the change or they have killed off all changed Klingons.

My Theory about the Discovery Klingons: Discovery takes place around 90 years after the initial virus incident. My theory is that the virus continued to spread and that actually a lot of the Klingon Empire ended up being affected. So many, that it was impractical to just kill all of the affected. So, the Klingons have been working ever since on genetic manipulation to try to change back. I think the ones we see in the discovery trailer are perhaps the result of a failed experiment or the result of inbreeding among a group of klingons who have quarantined themselves from the affected colonies and planets. My thought here is that there are probably a lot of very different looking klingons at this time as some of them are the smooth kind, some of them are descendants of both kinds, some are the original kind, and others are the result of a myriad of genetic and cosmetic experiments to try to reverse the damage.

Or… the makeup team just got it super wrong. Could be that too. 

anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where someone gives Piett a tribble. As in from Star Trek. All things considered it was probably a Rebel. Trials and Tribbleations ensue

OH. MY. GOSH. :D This is fab. The tribbles are my favorite thing. I have seen the Trouble With Tribbles episode more than any other. And Piett having to deal with this? Poor man. That couldn’t end well. I suspect at least one tribble would end up dropkicked out the air lock (and probably by Vader) (sorry, dear tribble).

“Trials and Tribbleations” LOLZ. That is perfection.