Previously on Celebrity Childhood: #TreySongz sings “ABC’s” 😂😂😂 | #TreySongzImpersonation | #Impression

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Tina Turner & Trey Songz “Slow Motion!” I laughed so hard when I uploaded this video! I LOVE this song! tinaalwaysonbeat #tinaturner #treysongz #sammiedavisjr #bonus

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When #TreySongz Stubbed His Toe 😂😂😂 (CamCred: Dwayneking) | #CoreyNyell | #TeamNyell | #TreySongzImpersonation | #impression

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This video snatched my weave 💘💘 #TEAMNOEDGES

Dating Bryson would include..

1.) ass grabbing (a lot)
2.) late night walks around the city
3.) deep conversations
4.) watching basketball together
5.) arguing
6.) I’m sorry sex
7.) morning sex
8.) shower sex
9.) baby making sex
10.) private photoshoots
11.) smoking weed while listening to drake
12.) helping him with his music
13.) making dinner together
14.) your parents hating him
15.) you getting jealous
16.) him being protective
17.) daddy kinks
18.) dirty texting
19.) him catching off guard photos of you
20.) constant roasting
21) hair grabbing during sex
22.) you leaving scratches on his back