I’ve mentioned it before, but a recent comic discussion with some friends brought the idea back and I think if I put it to paper, so to speak, I can at least get my mind to deviate from pondering on it.

The thing I want to see in comics the most, my holy grail of stories as it were, will never happen. Marvel/DC working together really seems like a thing of the past. But if the stars aligned, and gods of creative thinking shined down upon the fans..

Here’s the pitch, done by a guy who never claims to be a writer but really likes coming up with ideas.

12 part mini-series. 4 stories, 3 issues each (breaks down to 2 trades of 6 each).
Wonder Woman/Captain America crossover set during World War 2.

In a variation of the Steve Trevor story, Captain Steve Rogers crash lands on Themyscira. Our first 3 issues follow Steve and Diana being introduced, getting to know each other, and working alongside the island inhabitants to fend off an invasion by Hydra who are seeking to exploit the islands resources and artifacts of legend.
As a note: Wonder Woman shouldn’t be sporting the red/white/blue costume design we normally associate with her for this. I’ll get to this in Arc 4

Diana accompanies Steve back to the mainland to act as an ambassador for Themyscira on a mission of peace. Where as Arc 1 has Steve learning about her culture, this has her learning about his. Together they stop Cheetah and save the day.

HEROES ON THE MOVE. Seeing the turmoil World War 2 has brought to the planet, Wonder Woman decides to aid Captain America in helping stop Hydra once and for all. These three issues are more one-shots in their stories, but they focus on the interaction between the two heroes, and have some fun with Sgt. Rock and the Howling Commandos. Have some pages simulating newsreels showing our heroes in action, and just how UNSTOPPABLE of a team they are.
Our third issue in this arc does however lead directly into our final story….

Picking up literally at the end of the previous issue, our heroes lead a siege against the Red Skull’s mountain base. Sgt. Rock and the Howling Commandos take on the troops while Diana and Steve confront Red Skull. Red Skull launches his giant F.U. Missile of Death, but Captain America hitches a ride, trying to do what he can to disarm it in flight, leaving Diana to fight the Red Skull alone.
Wonder Woman of course beats the ever loving piss out of Red Skull, and Rock and the Commandos take the mountain. But as is the fate of Captain America… Steve is unable to disarm the missile, and can only access the guidance controls. Sending a message back to Diana, “Take care of the place for me,” Cap plunges the missile into the ice, and is classified as M.I.A.
Our main story ends in the form of a newsreel, of Wonder Woman speaking to the people. She will take up the colors of her fallen friend, in his memory (Giving us Wonder Woman in her traditional armor design at last), and be the light the world needs. The crowd cheers as she raises Cap’s shield, a symbol of hope for the future…
…which leads us into our Epilogue. Cap waking up, years later, thawed from the ice, and back on Themyscira. Decades have passed, the world has changed, but under the leadership of Diana, it is a golden age of heroes, and the world knows a peace unlike any before.
Our story officially ends, with Wonder Woman and Captain America suiting up, a message from Oracle saying that the Green Goblin and Legion of Doom are active. Steve and Diana step out to meet their team, and as one shout, “JUSTICE LEAGUE, ASSEMBLE!” The last page being them flanked on either side by members of the Marvel/DC universe united as one.

Again, this is all stuff I’ve just spitballed. I do not claim to be a good writer, I just know the kinda stories I wanna see, and I think something like this (Though it will never happen in my lifetime) would be awesome. There are probably better ways of doing stuff I’ve outlined, and I’d love to hear it if there’s stuff you’d revise.

OC vote thing(kinda)!

Since I have a week off, I thought I’d finally devote some time to my Super OCs(I really need a name for this “AU”). Let me know which OC you want me to start on from the list below(if you’re interested of course).

Alexis “Rosewood” Grace
Anna “Avalanche” Lange
Daniel “Meltdown” Baston
Benny (Kaizen-B3N48XR) Asimov
Lana “Flare” Kekoa
Teddy Chaplin + “Sully”
Lily “Specter” Yovenko
Trevor “Tremor” Rogers