In the candle’s flickering light, the library’s thousands of books emerged from the shadows, and for a moment Nicholas could not help admiring them again. During free time he had almost never looked up from the pages he was reading, but now he saw the books anew, from without rather than from within, and was reminded of how beautiful they were simply as objects. The geometrical wonder of them all, each book on its own and all the books together, row upon row, the infinite patterns and possibilities they presented. They were truly lovely.
—  Trenton Lee Stewart

MBS - Family by Friendship by kanzeNatsume

“Kate, Constance, Reynie, Sticky

I just finished the first book the other day and it was aweshum!

No MarySues
No Cliches
No Boring Parts!

I can’t believe I shelved this book for over 2 years and just read it this month :U whoa, what did I just miss?!" 
- kanzeNatsume


Posted with artist permission :)