Busco la senda de tu infinito, el espolio de tu memoria, asir cada luna que te ofrezca el poeta y enterrarla en una ausencia sin añoranza.
Trenzo en el aire gotas de música, virivianas confortables que serpenteen tu desnudez al filo de un abismo sin remordimientos.
Armó el esquema de valor que sepulte las ambiciones ajenas que te quieren despojar del hilo invisible que trence para ti.

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Dio gets spray tanned

Lord Dio, the most powerful and feared inhuman being in this world was sitting at home and watching another Episode of “Friends” that Vanille Ice recorded for him yes yes what a nice boi!!
But then he thought of all of his minions and he noticed
No one can say minions anymore without crying because of those yellow Surprise eggs
But it also dawned upon him that all of his minions had such beaut skin…………. And he himself could play Draco fuckn Malfoy with his white bread ass skin because even Jonothons body was white now because he spent like 100 Years away from the sun watching Nickelodeon.
So of course he called Trence to him and asked
“Tererorence, how do I get a beautiful tannn without actually going in the sun because I don’t wanna die”
“ROFL lord Dio, I’m a GAMER if you hadn’t noticed!! I do not care about tan or cake LOLZ I’m so random…………X3” Trency answered and went away to play another game of “The Slimes”
So he called Pacci, his super no homo only best buddies dudes bro™ who was also a priest and he had beauty dark skin. Sadly, Paccle lived in MURICA so Dio could only call him.
“Wryllo, Rucchi, my tomodachi chwan. Tell me, how did you get ur skin to be so,, dark” Deo asked and Penny sigHED loudly
“Honestly this is the third time i have to tell you this, Dio. I was born with dark skin. Stop calling me”
“Haha Pecchi, you dumb priest” Dio said and hung up.
But he was still not any closer to a beautiful tan
he ended up asking Vanilla Ice because his OVA version had a good tan
Chocolate Ice went to his bedroom without using the door again and dio was just tired of this fucking bullshit but needed a good tan so he didn’t kill him.
“Dear Vanillar Ice, explain me how I could get a tan like yours without entering the death ray known as sun”
“Lord dio, I think i have a solution for you” Strwaberry Ice said and just a few days later, he took Dio to a spray tan Studio where Dio killed like all of the staff and costumers so Vanilla Ice had to spray tan Dio but he didn’t know shit about spray tanning and Dio forgot to take off his clothes so now he had terrible tan lines especially on his head because of his weird ass heart.
Jotoror laughed
the end

At 12:45AM, we don't think properly.
  • Me: Hey Torrence...check out my antennae. -piece of hair off the side of my head wiggles-
  • Torrence: Woah. Omg Jo lmao. xD try bite it with your mouth.
  • Me: Aaaang! -tries and fails-
  • Torrence: lmfao I'm bored Jo. -spins in circles in his chair-
  • xxx
  • Torrence: I'm waiting til 2:30 to go to Mauna Kea.
  • Janci: That's the mountain right?
  • Torrence: No that's the sea lmao
  • Jo: ...Janci wtf xD

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Photos of world war 1 Ambulance

Better late than never

We can mention some of the interesting facts about the ambulance service of the First World War, the first motorized indeed. For example there were many women driving ambulances, some of them even bought their own vehicle, this was very common in the French and British armies. Some conscientious objectors British changed their service in the trenches by the ambulance driver as these were not armed. However in the French army 127 ambulance drivers were killed. These vehicles helped save thousands of lives and probably one of the few cases where industrial progress benefit in something, fighters Despite these many wounded were evacuated in cars and even in trences narrow road that reached almost to the front .