Infinite Chances | A Trey Songz & Kelly Rowland Short

“Damn,” I muttered as snowflakes hit my windshield.

They’d been talking about a possible snow storm the last few days and although it had been colder than usual I took their warning with a grain of salt. Clearly the weather man had been right about something because it was snowing and sticking to the streets. The windshield wipers on my Range Rover automatically kicked in as I continued to drive. I was hoping I could get to my baby boy before this weather picked up and got worse. I just wanted to bring him home so we could enjoy our weekend together.

Trey was the father to my six year old son, Aiden. At one point in time Trey and I use to be together, but things turned sour and since then we’ve been co-parenting. We managed to do a great job, but I hated the dynamic and I didn’t know if it was for Aiden’s sake or myself. I knew there was a part of me that still loved Trey. Hell, there would always be a part of me that loved that man. He’d given me the best gift in the world, my son.

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