The Houses as Beautiful Things

Hufflepuff: The sunrise. People smiling. Light drifting through an open window. A half-finished painting. Tulips. Flowers woven into a braid. Hugs. Dandelion seeds drifting in the wind. The world after it rains. Hope.

Gryffindor: Laughter. Friends embracing after a long time apart. A sunset just before it fades to blue. Autumn leaves. Color—each and every shade. Candid photographs. The glow of light through a foggy window. Joy.

Ravenclaw: Poetry. Bells chiming. The soft breeze of early spring. Soft piano music. Snow angels. Eyes lighting up in excitement. Seashells and chips of sea glass. A locket with pictures inside. Art.

Slytherin: Morning dew. Roses climbing up a trellis. Constellations. A dancer lost in the music. Stained glass. Tears of joy. Handwritten letters with smeared ink. Embers glowing in wake of fire. Old forests. Love.


Medieval garden characteristics:

  • Gardens enclosed with wattle fences or quickthorn hedges
  • Trellis walkways and arbours providing shade and privacy
  • Raised beds to prevent plants becoming waterlogged
  • Grass treated as a flowery mead planted with low growing wild flowers
  • Turf seats usually built against a wall with flowers planted in the grass
  • Physic gardens with regimented beds of medicinal herbs
  • Orchards providing apples for the kitchen and for making cider
  • Fish ponds and stew ponds (where fish were purged of muddy water before cooking) to ensure a regular supply of protein during the many fast days of the Christian calendar
  • Dovecotes to provide pigeons for the kitchen, feathers for cushions and dung for fertilizing the garden
  • Pleasances, or ornamental parks for recreation, relaxation and sport

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(via Wakehurst Place, Sussex, England | by Louise and Colin | Flickr)

Sene and Solas.

Rooftop. Wedding night. As they appear in The Dead Season. Commission from the lovely @hansaera <3 Thank you, love. It’s beautiful. (Click the image to view in its full glory.)


‘Why are you sitting here, Sawyer?’ Roosje asked, clearly displeased with the way the basketball match was going. ‘Shouldn’t you be like on the court, you know, helping your friends to win?’

‘I’ve just made my hair’, Sawyer replied with the duh expression on his face. ‘I can’t just go and ruin it with some meaningless testosterone-ish activity.’ He shrugged his finely sculpted shoulders. ‘I rather watch Auggie kicking Hank’s ass from the bench’, he smirked.

‘Not happy with Hank losing to your brother?” Fern asked her innocently.

‘Absolutely neutral about that,’ Roosje pouted in return.

We Do It Different on the West Coast

The papers write about it back in England
It’s practically a lifestyle back in Berlin
There’s probably some pockets in Ohio
Almost always something happening in Ohio

I heard some bad reports about Long Island
I don’t trust what people say about Long Island
I heard some good things from some friends about Chicago
I gotta see with my own eyes about Chicago
We do it different on the west coast
We do it different on the west coast
We do it different on the west coast
We do it different on the west coast

I heard they had a problem with some skinheads
At a show in a machine shop in Pomona
I feel like half my friends have moved to San Francisco
I think I’m gonna bleach my hair this weekend
And Dave went to New York – I don’t care
You can’t shut people up once they get back from their Christmas out there
Skim though such magazines as I can get my hands on
Glue circuit boards to plywood on the weekend
Trellis modulation for the children
There’s a whole new world just up around the corner

We do it different on the west coast
We do it different on the west coast
We do it different on the west coast
We do it different on the west coast

from Goths (2017)