We are playing two fantastic shows this week!  One of them is TONIGHT!  If you’re a local, then come out!  Ya don’t wanna miss dis.

04/10/13 - A&M Theatre w/ iji, The Jerry Riddle?, Trees Eating Humans, and In Glove With Bach -

04/12/13 - A&M Theatre w/ Andy D, Laughing Owl, Party Pelicans, and My Life As a Giant -

‘Ahh, this makes me want to write…’
'What about?’
'What about? Well.
About skies full of stepping-stones and rainbow-colored spirits, flocks of paper wishes; creatures who live in wishing trees and eat human hearts; about worlds of dreams, buried just beneath your eyelids; about stories weaving in and out of the mind, packs of wolves in the forest at night, Arctic spirits dancing under lit-up skies and monsters living underneath the ice; people who are made of birds; trains that depart for the world of the dead (what is it about worlds below?)…. I want to write about Halloween and mythical beings and creatures and imagination. Worlds that exist entirely in your head. Reality blending over into fantasy… Wildly different worlds joined at the hip, an opening into other eyes locked inside your heart, people with eyes that glow yellow like a wolf’s and faces as broad as the moon. Spirits living in the room next door and the animals that make their home in the shrines.’
—  autumn leaves in may // introspectacles

The show last night was sick!!

Now check this out…Stephen Steinbrink (for fans of The Shins, The Middle East, Band Of Horses, Andrew Bird) all the way from Olympia, WA will be serenading us on the 4th of February!  That’s a week from tomorrow!

And then of course we have those awesome locals The Jerry Riddle?, Trees Eating Humans, and Stephen Washburn!  Come get ill w/ good tunes!


Trees Eating Humans forever.