“So I was working on a house a few years back and when I stepped into the backyard I saw the owners ‘little project.’ This treehouse connects to the main house, is two stories, and has full electricity. Yes, I asked if he would adopt me.”

Posted by reddit user brolukas


Growing up, I imagine a number of you (myself included) often dreamt about having a quaint little treehouse all to yourselves. Somewhere you could retreat to whenever you felt like. TreehouseBuilder on Reddit, made this childhood dream come true for his cousin when he built him an extremely impressive clubhouse. I’m sure it couldn’t have been achieved without the help of his super-adorable and super-helpful dog, Pac.


Treehouse by the Shore. A two-story treehouse fully supported by five beech trees. The spiral staircase takes you to the main level of the treehouse from which you can observe the surroundings; the spiral staircase inside leads to the second floor, which is designed for cozy night talks under the blanket. Located in Munich, Germany.    

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