Beautiful Cozy Tree House Located in an Atlanta Backyard

Located in his backyard, architect and environmentalist Peter Bahouth designed a dream treehouse linked by bridges in the Atlanta forest. Symbolizing “mind,” “body,” and “spirit,” the treehouse include a bedroom with a  bed that slides out of the window for sightseeing, as well as a comfortable homey living room. Lindsay Appel photographed the cozy treehouse for Jane Field-Lewis’ book My Cool Shed to showcase its function and beauty. 


Suzanne Dege’s “Hobbit Treehouse.” Originally built by the legendary natural builder, SunRay Kelley. Located on Orcas Island in Washington State. The three circular pods are all connected by hallways, decks, and bridges – evoking a certain charm reminiscent of the Ewok Village in Star Wars or an elven treehouse. The treehouse is now for rent for guests and visitors.


Urnatur, Sweden. “The wood hermitage is a place for relaxation and reflection. Here in the forest you can enjoy the luxury of simplicity, living in unique hand-crafted cottages, or in a tree house, without electricity. Sit down by the fireplace and savour the moment. The soft light of the kerosene lamp and the scent of boiled coffee readily guide you to intimate conversations, far from everyday pressures.”


The Cinder Cone Treehouses. A structure of two treehouses, a skating bowl, and a wood-fired soaking tub. The construction took about 12 months in total and costed around $170,000. One treehouse acts as a workshop and the other is for living. There is electricity and even Wi-Fi! Located in Skamania, Washington. 

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