Travis, mid-rant: “—gathering dice has no limit! Right? You haven’t said like ‘when I get a thousand dice—’”

Laura, interrupting: “No! No! ‘Cause here’s the thing! Have you been in Wil Wheaton’s game room?”

Travis: “Oh I’ve heard about the big ol’…”

Laura: “He’s got barrels, you guys! He’s got barrels of dice! Barrels!

Travis: “Right! But short of, like, you know, Roger Rabbit throwing a bunch of, like, dice on a floor, making villains go like ‘who-o-oa!’ and fall, what are you gonna do with barrels of dice?!”

Laura, inexplicably Scottish: “I don’t know, I just want them!”


This clip comes from a panel at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017. Longer clips from this panel can be viewed »HERE«!


Just wanted to check in ‘cause, y’know… I look up to you a lot and admire you and… conversation came up like an hour ago about, like, ‘what are we all going to do?’ and… there was a reality that I kinda thought of, like, sailing the sea with you and being first mate and captain.

Laura: “It’s a little bit much, can you lessen the pressure maybe?” [groans dramatically while Ronin slams into her, laughing]

[Ronin inquires if that is more to her liking]

Laura: “It’s a little heavy-handed. Lighter. Lighter pressure, please.” [groans as Ronin slams into her again just as roughly; Travis laughs behind the camera]

[Ronin inquires again as to whether this is feeling better, as Travis cracks up]

Laura: “Yeah, that one—that one was really great, thank you.” [groans again] “Don’t you get a running start!”

[Ronin laughs while Travis wheezes]