So the Summer of Steven promo. As always, the drawings give us little hints about the upcoming episodes!

First on the left, we’ve got Steven holding a bubble containing the Bismuth we saw inside Lion’s mane. Big Bismuth things in store…

Then, we’ve got Steven in winter gear. This puzzles me, because Steven’s (summertime) birthday wasn’t too long ago, and we just had a sunny baseball episode. Maybe I’ve just lost track of SU time? Or maybe they travel somewhere cold?

Steven wearing a lifejacket. Probably from the episode in the promo when he and Lapis are on a boat. Possibly “Alone at Sea”? 

Musical/jet-powered Steven. We’ve seen multiple promos of Steven flying around via jets from his feet; I’m guessing from this it’s gonna be the episode “Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service,” given the pizza cutter and the flying.

I’m gonna assume both of these fancy Stevens represent the same episode, possibly “Mr. Greg.”

Steven wearing gloves and a tag around his neck. Not sure what it represents (name tag reminds me of a con pass lol), but he looks excited! 

This one alarms me. And with it on the end and so different from the rest I get the sinking feeling it might be the last episode of the summer.