Chromata Up Style Hotel, Santorini, Greece.

Plenty of hotel rooms in Santorini are carved from the cliff face, but not all of them have Missoni throws on the bed. This may look like just another Santorini hotel, but from the moment you’re handed your welcome glass of juice, you’re aware that it’s far more special than that.


Rediscover Rustic Beach Experience at Scorpios Mykonos in Greece.

Consider the inspiration. Ibiza, Glastonbury and the beaches of Goa on one hand, with Burning Man and a refined holidaying in Bali on the other. Scorpios is a unique hub where the sophisticated travel meets the unexpected, spearheading a new trend of holistic beach culture—on a sun-drenched Greek island.


Villa Fabrica: Unmanufactured in Santorini, Greece

It’s hard to find something truly unique in Santorini, where the architecture and design seem forever imprisoned by the expectation of the “cycladic” style: organically shaped, curveless white cubes, usually tiny, sometimes using dark caves as bedrooms. Villa Fabrica does away with much of the cookie-cutter style.


Craving some Santorini escapism? World’s away at Architect’s House, Greece

Mesmerizing splashes of colour and great harmony of interiors got our heads turning, prompting us to check out this new spot on our favourite Greek island. Set against black volcanic rocks and looking into the caldera, the Architect’s House enchants with sensual shapes—but this place is more than eye-candy.


Wolwedans Boulders Camp, Namibia

The essence of Boulders lies in the tranquility and solitude of its desert location, in the warmth of sunrays, in the afternoon wind, whispering in the canvas of the safari tents. Tucked away in a cluster of granite rocks, in touch with the vast arid landscape, the Boulders camp reminded us how important the choice of a hotel is to the travel experience.


Sleep in a Beautiful Cave at the Corte San Pietro Hotel in Matera, Italy.

Any city with a history reaching as far as the Stone Age will have secret places. In Matera they linger just below the cobbled streets, carved out of layers of stone sediments. Every visitor falls under the spell of the beautiful cave dwellings of Matera—especially when they are restored in a feat of timeless design.