Alleyway. Mahabalipuram, India par Marji Lang
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Old woman walking through a narrow and colorful street of Mamallapuram in Tamil Nadu, India.


Bora Öztunç
Canon 1Ds Mark II

You shoot an incredibly diverse range of images. Which subject draws you the most as a photographer?

There’s an old saying of Rumi : “Heart is sea, tongue is shore. There is what in the sea, it hits the shore.” Photography is like that; how I live, what I feel, who I met and everything inside me comes out with my photographs. I love being on the road, it always feels right being close to nature, away from cities and all the meaningless mess surrounding us. Capturing the never ending roads, breath taking landscapes and people’s relationships; among them are the ones that draws me the most. 

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Monk. Bodhgaya, India par Marji Lang
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Japanese Buddhist monk folding his cloth near the Mahabodhi Mahavihara temple in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India.

Marigold. Calcutta, India par Marji Lang
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Marigold flower garlands seller in a street near the Kolkata’s Flower Market in West Bengal, India.

Cycling. Pondicherry, India par Marji Lang
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Cycling ladies in the streets of Pondicherry (Puducherry), a Union Territory enclave in Tamil Nadu and formerly French comptoir, India.