So you know how Hogwarts is like all medieval and shit, like what the world was like during the thirteenth century, right? Like it’s almost frozen in time. And what happened in medieval times? A fear of witches. Hogwarts was a safe haven for witches and wizards, where they could practice magic and customs freely. So when the new world was discovered, some wizards and witches decided to travel over there to escape prejudice and again be free. They modernized their customs because they were again granted access to the outside world. But then, the puritans had the same idea. Soon, Wizards had to pretend to be normal people again. Until the Salem witch trials. They were forced into hiding again.

Which leads me to my point. While in hiding, someone MUST have started the american wizarding school. So assuming the witches and wizards followed the same path as Hogwarts, the culture of the time was preserved in the American school. So American wizards are walking around in Puritan clothing with names like Felicity and Hope and other early American names. Wizard students being held to strict rules and having a public display of punishment inside their school, which is likely inside a hole in a forest that’s been magicked to be bigger on the inside. Just instead of Macbeth witches, what about Puritan witch trial witches in America?

And in other countries, the culture of the country around the time that witchcraft started to be frowned upon is preserved in the schools around there