И тааак, я если честно не знаю буду ли я появляться следующие четыре дня или нет… Мы просто со всеми 10-ми классами едим завтра в так называемый “Дом Европы”, в Бад-Мариенберг. Там интернет будет как нам сказали, на что я ооооооочень надеюсь, но как получиться рисовать к сожалению не знаю:( Вот так… Щя пойду собирать чемодан…

We spend so much time looking for a key to unlock the door to happiness, but the door to happiness has never been locked. The door to happiness has alway been open and it will always stay open for anybody willing enough to seek prosperity within and without themselves. There is no key to happiness. The trick is to allow yourself to step through the light of an open door.

The Pilgrimage: Day 23

I hung out in Red Lodge for a little while, ended up talking to another guy who was also doing the “moto-vagabond thing” as he called it, but he has a giant brand new BMW 1200. It was a little funny to talk to him, because the biggest problem he’s had on his trip since leaving Indiana was getting ‘bogged down’ in some mud in the badlands. He had to wait for an hour for the mud to dry, and then got free. Yup. 

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