i just want to see and explore things on my own, feel the sun on my skin with closed eyes, think of beach days with sand in my hair, cycle down a hill, let the air blow against my face, go to cozy coffee shops with lots of pillows, journal in the park, hear kids laughing and having the time of their lives, buy new plants and give them names, drink tea on rainy days while listening to vinyl records in my room full of lit candles and fairy lights, take polaroid pictures and hang them up my wall, visit an art museum to observe other people (because they are art), listen to the street musicians, sit in a bus and see the beautiful world. this earth offers so many possibilities and i want to fall in love with all of them.


Hey guys! 

You can obviously see that my colour of the month is truly yellow!! So, since Australia is huuuuuge, I decided to start a little travel journal, “Where to next”, for all the road trips and little adventures around Melbourne. Today’s destination: Sorrento!

Also I gotta add in a little Troye Sivan reference cause darn diddly the heaven mv got me tres shook.


((should i have a little 500 followers giveaway?))

neat beat: HEAVEN by Troye Sivan


Journal Series: Since I’m going to be traveling at the end of this week, I thought it’d be appropriate to make a special travel journal post for my journal series! Here are a couple spreads from my journals I’ve taken to Canada, New York City, Boston, the Philippines, Paris, London and Amsterdam (: Journaling On-The-Go Essentials post coming soon!