And I asked myself, “where do you want to go?  What sights do you want to see?” Now, I have these spreads.  The one with the tiny writing is my watch list for 2017, so far it has telenovelas and dramas in it.  Truth be told, I love how these came out.


19/12/16 6:27 PM // (clockwise) reading A Torch Against the Night + breakfast, my travel journal, new post it notes I just bought at staples, and a peek into my bullet journal and other journal. Stoked bc I’m traveling to Sonoma tomorrow! What are you guys doing during the holidays?


Journal Series: some pages from my thanksgiving holiday break. In my experience it can be really hard to journal while you’re traveling; you often don’t have the time or energy at the end of the day to sit down and journal, so my favorite method is to gather different memorabilia (Polaroids, postcards, metro tickets, menus, etc) to tape in and jot down some quick memorable things or thoughts about where you went. It’s a quick, simple, and creative way to keep all your memories.


What’s inside / how I use my (midori) traveler’s notebook! Many of you wanted to know about “my little brown notebook,” so here you are. This is by far the most customizable and fun organizational system around in my opinion. Hope you enjoyed the peek inside!

Week 9 + 10 Spreads 🗺

I’m so happy to be traveling again! The month and a half I haven’t gone anywhere I was very restless and discontented - now I feel like my old self again!

I also always try to get ahead of my work when I’m traveling - that’s how I keep up with school and everything else which I mostly do during the flight to wherever.