Hey guys! 

You can obviously see that my colour of the month is truly yellow!! So, since Australia is huuuuuge, I decided to start a little travel journal, “Where to next”, for all the road trips and little adventures around Melbourne. Today’s destination: Sorrento!

Also I gotta add in a little Troye Sivan reference cause darn diddly the heaven mv got me tres shook.


((should i have a little 500 followers giveaway?))

neat beat: HEAVEN by Troye Sivan

I’ve been so busy! It’s only the fourth day of my fall sport, and I’ve already had my first mental breakdown. Not sure how well the school year is going to go, considering I can’t make it through preseason. 


Journal Series: Since I’m going to be traveling at the end of this week, I thought it’d be appropriate to make a special travel journal post for my journal series! Here are a couple spreads from my journals I’ve taken to Canada, New York City, Boston, the Philippines, Paris, London and Amsterdam (: Journaling On-The-Go Essentials post coming soon!


Here’s some journal entries you know, because I’m kinda done with school.
Also I made tea just to take these pictures and then it got cold but I drank it cos I’m South African and I would rather die than waste Rooibos tea.
Also that is an original drawing in the book. 📷:me