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A guide book or travel guide is “a book of information about a place, designed for the use of visitors or tourists”. Travel guides can also take the form of travel .Find the latest information about when to go, how to get there, where to stay, how to get around, and what to do in popular destinations around the world.

I’m in Moscow visiting St. Basil’s Cathedral. It’s so colorful it looks like it’s made of candy! It’s really just built out of stones and bricks, but it sure is pretty to look at.

St. Basil’s Cathedral was built by Ivan the Terrible during the 16th century. He had it built to celebrate his victory over the Tartar stronghold of Kazan. Its official name is “Cathedral of the Intercession of the Virgin by the Moat,” but its nickname “St. Basil’s” has always been much more popular. The cathedral was nicknamed “St. Basil’s” after a “holy fool” named Basil the Blessed. He was very popular at the time the cathedral was built, and Ivan the Terrible liked him a lot. Basil is actually buried in the cathedral.

There are nine chapels inside the cathedral - one under each onion dome. Each one is filled with beautiful icons, medieval paintings, and a lot of amazing artwork on the inside of the domes.

Next time you’re in Moscow, make  sure you pay a visit to St. Basil’s Cathedral. Until then,

check out my travel guide to help you get ready for your next adventure:

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IT’S OUR HISTORY: Wallace’s Adirondack travel guide


It is always exciting walking into a library or favorite bookstore and perusing the travel section. You can research an area’s best day trips, learn about great hotels, and see pictures of some of the attractions.

Opening up a travel guide from the late 1800s is just as exciting, especially when it is one describing all of the sights from our neck of the woods. Peeking through “Wallace’s Guide to the Adirondacks,” you learn about that same detailed information and picture what it was like to plan a vacation 100 years ago.

In 1894 author Edwin R. Wallace wrote “Wallace’s Guide to the Adirondacks – Descriptive Guide to the Adirondacks” and gave a comprehensive detail of what to do and see. You can read about the North Elba and Lake Placid areas in Part III of the book.

Article Photos

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to a vacation. Some folks are into a grand and modern experience, while others are interested in a more rustic setting. Lake Placid did not have a shortage of either at this time.

Wallace explained that visiting the Adirondacks is easier and more accessible with the railroads traveling through the Adirondack Park. Arriving to the area at this time could have been done either by stagecoach or railroad. When reaching the area by rail, hotels offered stagecoach ride accommodations to and from.

If you were looking for the most modern amenities and a lavish experience in 1894, the Mirror Lake Hotel, the Stevens House, and the Grand View House were on the top of the list.

The Mirror Lake Hotel stood five stories tall and resided just above Main Street overlooking Mirror Lake. It held 400 guests and was noted to have large verandas and reception rooms with fashionable and elegant decor. Two grand drawing rooms on the first floor were connected with a music hall in the middle which featured evening dancing with a live orchestra. Each sleeping room was supplied with an electric bell for room service, incandescent lights, and steam heat. The basement offered billiard parlors for both ladies and gentlemen, a bowling alley, smoking room, reading room, and even a children’s play room.

The “newly” rebuilt Stevens House offered guests a place to stay in the large main building and also offered auxiliary cottages on the property and could accommodate a total of 350 guests. All of these included the most modern appliances. The most notable descriptions were the views from the piazzas and spacious parlors and dining-rooms. Many of the hotel rooms were equipped with an open fireplace. They boasted supplying their hotel restaurant from the connecting farm on the premises, but also offered metropolitan delicacies. An orchestra performed daily.

The Grand View House sat a short distance from the North of the Mirror Lake Hotel and could accommodate 200 guests. The rooms and verandas of the hotel offered mountain views and were decorated with comfort, convenience, and luxury in mind.

Mountain spring water and the most up-to-date sanitary arrangements were a mainstay at these locations. Each of these grand hotels also offered telegraph offices on premises. Also through the hotel-livery services guests were able to obtain “every style of vehicle to allow the guests to visit new places daily.”

If a visitor was interested in a more intimate or rustic setting, there were lodgings to meet those needs. He described the newly rebuilt (at that time) Lake Placid House that was situated in the Village of Lake Placid. It could welcome 60 guests and offered modern conveniences.

Under-Cliff, located on Lake Placid, could house 50 guests. It had one central building surrounded by tents and cottages. Its location was enticing to guests who wanted a retreat style experience. Since it was located on the lake, it was only reachable by steamboat or rowboat.

The author also mentioned two locations that were not always available to guests, but would occasionally open their doors to the public. “Castle Rustico,” a large log structure located on the west shore of Lake Placid, could receive up to 60 guests when opened.

If the visitor chose to stay in our neck of the woods, there were many outdoor activities to engage in, from fishing to hunting. Wallace gives tips and advice for hiking Whiteface Mountain and suggests hiring a guide. Some suggestions for day trips were to take a boat ride on the steamboat Ida and view Lake Placid. Another recommendation was to make a trip to the John Brown farm, residence, and gravesite. The farmhouse even offered the sale of refreshments to guests.

This is just a peek into Wallace’s guide, there are several more chapters describing things to do and see in the Adirondack Park and other places in which you might be familiar. A simple online search for this book will bring up free versions, due to the age of the publication. It might be a fun winter activity to explore vacation options from 100 years ago.

Upcoming lecture

Please join us at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 24 at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts as Historic Saranac Lake shares the film “Hotel Hope.” It explores the story of the Will Rogers Memorial Hospital, where those affected by tuberculosis in the entertainment industry came to seek treatment. This event is free and open to the public.

Please visit our website to learn more,

See that mountain over there? That’s Mount Everest. You probably already know that it’s the tallest mountain in the world; but did you know that it’s still growing? It’s not growing very fast, but it grows by about a quarter inch every year. Right now, it’s about 8,848 meters (29,035 feet) tall!

Mount Everest actually has three names because it’s right between Nepal and Tibet. In Tibet, Everest is called Chomolungma. In Nepal, it’s called Sagarmatha.

It’s not easy to climb Mount Everest. Climbers have to wear spiked boots and thick, puffy clothing. They also use ice axes and ropes to keep them from falling as they climb. If you decide to climb Mount Everest, it will take you about 40 days to get all the way to the top.

Traveling is a lot of fun. Check out my travel guide to help you get ready for your next adventure:

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How we plan our budget travel trips

We generally have a process we follow when we first start dreaming up a trip. These are a few of our basic tips, mostly in order.

Scan the sky

We check flights on Kayak and Google flights to get a sense of what’s available, and then often check directly on airline websites as well for any deals or cheap flights not listed on travel search engines. Keep in mind that while booking with Kayak can save a few dollars and is always reliable, it can be quite a hassle to update, change, or even access online reservations with the airlines directly. Typically, we recommend booking through the airline we’re flying even if it’s slightly more. 

Know when to book airfare tickets

Kayak gives a prediction of whether flights will rise or fall in the coming weeks which we’ve generally found to be somewhat accurate. The best time to buy tickets is a tricky science (possibly black magic), but is, according to this article (“When to buy airline tickets based on 1.5 billion airfares”) exactly 47 days before departure—as a general guide. :) However, this totally depends on your destination, time of travel, and days for travel. If possible we try to travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays as fares can be cheaper on these days.

Another possible tip: purchase tickets mid-week as prices often drop during these times - travelers are more likely to book on the weekend during their time off so airlines raise prices. That said, however, we’ve found great deals Sunday nights.

Get cheap, immersive accommodations

The first thing we do when traveling anywhere where we won’t be staying with friends is search our destination on Airbnb. With over 1,500,000 unique (and usually privately-owned rooms, apartments, or entire homes) in 34,000 cities and 190 countries, Airbnb is one of our favorites for getting the local flavor of a destination at much cheaper rates than hotels. It’s also often a great way to get insider tips (and, frequently, airport runs or other favors) from the host. We typically reserve entire apartments with Airbnb but have also rented several private rooms with the host in-home and had wonderful experiences with this. Increasingly, small hotels and bed and breakfasts are listing on Arbnb as well.

Want to try Airbnb? Follow this link  for $20 off your first Airbnb rental!

For hotel bookings overseas, we generally trust TripAdvisor.
For hotel bookings in the US, we usually book through Hotwire.

To buy: instant coffee, dry fruits, oats, wheat bread…

One of the best perks of traveling with Airbnb: fully stocked kitchens. As so much of our travels have included renting other people’s apartments for a few days, naturally we’ve also picked up a habit of finding the closest market or grocery and stocking up. We love pretending to be locals wherever we are and there’s nothing more local than the corner mart, right? We typically eat a simple breakfast of yogurt and ripe seasonal fruit, muesli or granola, or a boiled egg and toast, with coffee. For lunch, we often make tuna salad or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with fruit and chips. This saves up quite a bit of money over the course of a trip, money which we usually spend on eating out for dinner after a day of exploring.

Know when to splurge

We try to cut costs with accommodations, tickets, and some meals, but we splurge for memories. A few of our most memorable experiences have been spending a couple hundred to swim with whale sharks and manta rays on our honeymoon, or dropping another hundred to kayak through Vieques’ bioluminescent bay (where a glowing shark glided mere feet from our kayak!). We also tend to balance out cheap accommodations with a few nights’s stay here and there at a resort, especially when traveling in southeast Asia where you can often stay at a five-star resort for the price of an average hotel in the States.

Plan ahead but stay (really) flexible

Last but not least, it’s super important to scope out your options in transportation, accommodation, and excursions before you go. TripAdvisor, Google, and blogs are great resources for finding hidden gems, local transport options, and location-specific budget tips. In Krabi, Thailand there’s an airport shuttle that can be booked ahead but costs significantly more than the local public transport that costs a handful of dollars but may not be on a regular schedule.We’ve rented cars in Mexico and in Puerto Rico, which allowed us freedom and flexibility while avoiding costs that add up: such as paying for shuttles, taxis, and arranged tours. For example, rather than paying for a tour bus to a beach north of Tulum, Mexico that’s famous for guided tours swimming with sea turtles, we packed a lunch, drove ourselves to the beach with our own snorkeling gear, and paddled out into the sea…where we swam with sea turtles. Of course, in addition to getting to the same sights as paid tours, we also spent hours driving through the countryside and discovering gems off the beaten path. In Puerto Rico, researching ahead and renting a car opened the door to several amazing experiences that cost us nothing extra: climbing a mountain in a cloud forest, finding a double waterfall in a rainstorm, exploring the entire coast of the island of Puerto Rico, and stopping at food stands for local staples. Remember, when it comes to budget travel: research, research, research. And then be willing to let that all go and take an unexpected left turn down a nearly overgrown rainforest road…

We would love to hear your budget travel tips so feel free to share in the comments!

To prepare for a whole new culture, is crazy and insane, because no matter what I can’t be prepared. It’ll be so much different, so many more new things and places to explore and people to meet.

  I’ve bought two travel guides to France itself and to the French Riviera. I still don’t know where in France I’ll be staying, but while I’m there I tend to explore and try new things as much as I can.

  I’ve also bought a book about art in Paris, which I’m so excited to see! And then a recipes book for pasta meals, because all I know to cook is muffins and waffles, which is not enough (obviously). 

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Barcelona travel guide: discover Spain’s most vibrant city

External image

This essay was creatively on at: Barcelona Travel Guide: Discover Spain’s Most Vibrant City

Spain was a third most-visited nation in a universe in 2014, customarily behind France and a United States. And when Singaporeans go to Europe on holiday, many of them select Spain!

There’s so many to see and do in this nation filled with comfortable and hospitable people. There is considerable architecture, a outrageous artistic heritage, pleasing beaches and tasty tapas.

Summer is really a time for Singaporeans to revisit Barcelona in sequence to entirely conclude a sights and culture.

For those uninformed with Spanish culture, there’s one word that describes it ideally – passionate.

From vast family gatherings, bullfights and flamenco dancing to charming festivals, a passion in Spanish people is tough to resist.

The nation and people secrete such life and unrestrained it fills we adult with an upbeat and certain mood customarily by walking down a streets.

Here’s a accessible beam we during have put together for those looking for an sparkling tour in Barcelona.

Top Things To See In Barcelona

Lovers of pattern and story will really adore Spain. In terms of UNESCO universe Heritage Sites, a nation ranks customarily behind Italy to hoard a second mark with a tip series of buildings on a list.

You can pattern to see pattern with a Roman influence, pattern with a medieval background, baroque-style buildings, as good as Moorish pattern filled with facilities such as a horseshoe arch, patios, glassy ceramic tiles and elaborately forged wood.

La Sagrada Familia

External image

The La Sagrada Familia is an iconic church and architectural art block that helms as one of Gaudí’s many famous works in Barcelona.

The church has been underneath construction given 1882 and one of a many famous things you’ll hear about a church is that it’s always underneath construction. In fact, it’s estimated to be finished customarily in 2026!

External image

Gaudi worked for 43 years on a La Sagrada Familia until his genocide from a comfortless collision in 1926. After Gaudí’s genocide in 1926, a construction of a basilica was continued by other superb architects and craftsmen according to his skeleton and models.

However, due to a disproportion in construction materials used afterwards and now, his designs post a plea to complicated day architects that have to use their possess interpretation of his designs.

When we revisit this architectural wonder, do notice a contrariety in a mill colour between a masquerade and behind of a building. Queues to enter a building are always prolonged so try to buy your tickets online.

Park Güell

External image

Park Güell was consecrated by Eusebi Güell, who reserved a pattern to Antoni Gaudi to build a stylish park for affluent families staying in a area.

The park went into construction in 1900 and took 14 years to finish. While it started as a private estate, it was sole to a City Council eventually and strictly non-stop as a open park in 1926. In 1984, UNESCO announced Park Güell a World Heritage Site.

External image

The park has some extraordinary mill structures, superb tiling and fairytale like buildings. There are several highlights we should demeanour for here – a famous dragon stairways, a vast patio during a staggering section named as a Greek entertainment in a strange plans, as good as a opening and porter’s board pavilions.

External image

The park is divided into 2 zones, a staggering section that requires we to buy a ticket, or a giveaway entrance area that is open to all visitors during no cost.

You can entrance a park by metro yet do report during slightest 20 mins travel time as a park is uphill, so be prepared for some high climbs. However, it’s a good place that combines both greenery and engaging pattern so it’s really value a visit. Prepare to spend during slightest half a day there!


Montjuic is a distinguished mountain unaware a Barcelona harbour, and within it contains a series of parks and attractions. One of a pivotal attractions here is an aged installation during a tip of a mountain called a Montjuic Castle, that offers a illusory perspective of Barcelona.

You can take a Montjuic funicular, that provides an easy approach adult a mountain from a metro, afterwards take a wire automobile to get adult to a palace directly.

Other than a castle, a park offers several other attractions, including an architectural museum called Poble Espanyol that was built in 1929.

It is one of a biggest traveller attractions in Barcelona given it offers a one-stop finish featuring contemporary art, pattern and gastronomy in a still and pacific environment.

You can emporium for disdainful wines, oils, marinated hams, spices and candies within, as good as eat during one of a artistic restaurants there.

Top Things To Do In Barcelona

Dali Museum

External image

The Dali Museum creates for a good day outing out of Spain into Figueres in a operation of Girona, and takes customarily underneath 2 hours.

Figueres was Dalí’s home city and a museum is home to a vast collection of his work. Even a building itself is a work of art – during a tip of a museum are golden mannequins and some hulk eggs, reminding we of a surrealistic thesis in his art pieces (these hulk eggs reminded me some-more of Humpty Dumpty though).

Because of a surrealistic inlet of his artwork, a museum provides a really engaging revisit for those who aren’t into art-appreciation as well. You can pattern to see a accumulation of art collections, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography and installations.

External image

The Dalí Museum consists of 3 differentiated museum areas charity visitors an unguided and personal track to visiting a several galleries:

  • The Theatre-Museum that was refurbished from a aged fire-damaged metropolitan theatre.
  • The organisation of galleries that contains many works from a artist’s legacy.
  • The Dalí·Jewels muster rooms.

Personally, it supposing a really engaging revisit with some staggering highlights, such as a Rainy Cadillac, diligence of memory, Labyrinth as good as a Mae West room.

External image

While we competence not be means to name a paintings and design as some art enthusiasts could, lots of these are so famous that we’d have seen them somewhere during a lifetime.


External image

Being a partner of thesis parks, a revisit to one of Europe’s largest thesis parks was not to be missed.

PortAventura is located circuitously a coastal city of Salou in a operation of Tarragona. Reaching there from Barcelona is easy and a tour time should not be some-more than 60 minutes. The park is a ideal place to revisit in summer, filled with stirring rides and H2O adventures!

External image

The park is separate into 6 themed areas – a Mediterranean area modelled after a standard strand village, Polynesia, an Asian-themed China, Mexico, a cowboy-themed Far West and a latest further of a family-friendly “Sesame Street” area.


External image

The park offers a accumulation of rides, from jaw-dropping drops to mellow rides. One of a many famous rides here is a Shambhala, a tip rollercoaster in Europe, that drops from a 76-metre peak, as good as a star attraction, a Dragon Khan that facilities 8 loop-the-loops during an acceleration of 110 km/hr.

After all a adrenaline rush, suffer one of a park’s many eateries consisting of a operation of cuisines such as Mexican tacos, Chinese buffets or some normal cakes and coffee.

If we imagination holding your time to suffer a thesis parks, we can also embody an overnight stay during one of a hotels nearby.

Hit The Beach

With a beautiful continue in summer, it is a rubbish if we do not strike a beaches of Barcelona. Golden sun-tanned bodies, charming beach umbrellas and children building silt castles are some of a common sights you’ll see!

The closest beach to a city is a Barceloneta beach. You can even take a 20-minute travel here from a city centre of La Rambla.

Be warned though, as this is a nearest beach to a city centre, it will be really swarming and isn’t a cleanest beach we will find.

It is not odd for people to be half bare during a beaches, so do not glance or be surprised. If we wish a bolder experience, we can always conduct to a Mar Bella beach, where there is a nudist stretch.

What To Eat In Barcelona

There’s so many smashing food in Barcelona and eating tapas is a renouned approach of dining here. Tapas are radically tiny plates of elementary Spanish delicacies and are customarily served as a “bar food” to go with drinks before cooking (it’s common to have dinners around 9pm in Spain!).


External image

Eating tapas is a good approach to sup here as we get to try so many opposite forms of food in customarily one seating! Some of a renouned tapas dishes to try in Spain include:

La Tortilla Española

This Spanish omelette is done with a inexhaustible portion of potatoes and onions and can possibly be served comfortable or cold. These are utterly distinct a skinny omelettes we know; over here, a omelettes are some-more quiche-sized, around 1.5 inches thick.

Pan Con Tomate

This is a quintessential Catalan tapa. It consists of white toasted bread dirty with creatively pulpy tomato and drizzled in oil and garlic.

Patatas Bravas

This is a Spanish homogeneous of fries or chips. Small low boiled potato cubes served customarily with aioli or a sharp tomato sauce.


These anchovies are distinct a sodium-soaked form that we competence be some-more informed with. They are served in vinegar with parsley and garlic.


Think of these as a Japanese croquettes that we are some-more informed with here. Stuffed with several fillings such as ham, duck or spinach, they are customarily breaded and low fried.

Pimientos de Padrón

These are not-too-hot peppers from a Spanish municipality of Padrón. The sparkling partial about eating them is that we never know when we competence strike yourself with a strong sharp one! They’re customarily boiled in oil and served with sprinkles of sea salt.

You can find lots of restaurants portion tapas in Barcelona, or try out one of a restaurants during Plaça Reial, a block filled with some of a city’s best nightclubs and a charming venue to sup and relax in a evening. It’s located customarily subsequent to a famous touristic travel of La Rambla.

External image

Other Spanish specialities to try include:


External image

A renouned boiled mix mangle that’s customarily eaten dipped in a thick chocolate salsa or sprinkled with sugar.


External image

Some of us competence already be informed with paella, a common rice plate that can be found in some Spanish restaurants here in Singapore as well.

The plate is widely regarded as Spain’s inhabitant plate and we can find it baked with a accumulation of mixture in Spain, such as with seafood, vegetarian or mixed.

Where To Shop In Barcelona

Mercat De La Boqueria

External image

Mercat de la Boqueria is a executive marketplace in Barcelona that provides a charming and interesting experience.

External image

Although it is some-more of a furnish market, we can demeanour brazen to a outrageous accumulation of fruit and unfeeling stalls, seafood havens, and for those who adore ham and cheese, this is substantially one of a many available places for we to get them.

External image

While a plcae during Las Ramblas apparently creates it a touristy area, it is not odd for locals to be here as well. One of a reasons is that there’s an area in a marketplace where we can find eateries and it’s utterly renouned to have tapas while sitting during a bar-like counters.

Shopping Areas

There are several offered areas in Barcelona, such as a famous Las Ramblas, Plaça Catalunya and Passeig de Gracia. You will be means to find general brands such as Mont Blanc and Armani, yet also many tiny shops offered books, clothes, excellent Spanish products and souvenirs.

At Plaça Catalunya, we will find one of a largest dialect stores in Barcelona, El Corte Ingles. Remember to stop by a cafeteria during a tip turn for a coffee mangle after your offered spree.

Singaporean fashionistas competence also wish to demeanour for attire from a eminent Inditex Group that carries a informed labels of Zara, Pull Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka and Stradivarius. Prices are generally a small cheaper than in Singapore, generally if we revisit during a sales period.

Money-Saving Tips For Barcelona

Hotels can be utterly costly in Barcelona given it’s a really touristic place. If you’re travelling on a budget, demeanour for hostels or pensions as these are customarily a lot cheaper.

Here we can find a cheapest hotel and hostel rates in Barcelona during Remember to use a rewards credit card when engagement your stay in sequence to save even some-more income on your trip. Here we can see a collect of a 2 best cashback credit cards for travellers.

If you’re a on an even tighter bill and would like a giveaway place to stay, we can try couchsurfing!

Couchsurfing is fundamentally staying during a host’s residence for free, yet keep in mind that it’s not a hotel stay so provide your horde with honour and try to get to know them and spend some time with them.

This is also a good approach to accommodate locals that can give we insider tips of a city, and we competence even finish adult creation new friends! Remember to do something good for your host, like mouth-watering them to a grill (or cooking for them) or bringing them a commemoration from Singapore.

To start your couchsurfing adventure, we can make your comment during

To save income on food try to stay divided from restaurants that are packaged with tourists, customarily these restaurants also have traveller prices. In a centre of Barcelona there are many good restaurants and cafeterias on small side streets, if we see a lot of locals inside, that’s a good sign!

Supermarkets in Barcelona sell a far-reaching accumulation of standard Spanish food like marinated ham, chorizo, aged cheese, olives, anchovies, olive oil, and a lot of other things during really inexpensive prices. If we buy these equipment during supermarkets instead of during really touristic travel markets or specialised stores, we can save a lot of money!

If you’re a booze partner we can get inexpensive bottles of decent booze during internal supermarkets. A good bottle of booze costs as small as 2 euros in many supermarkets (personally, we suggest Rioja red wine)!

I’d suggest that we use open ride in Barcelona instead of renting a automobile or holding a taxi. Car let is costly and it’s really tough to find parking spaces in a centre. Public ride in Barcelona is utterly inexpensive and efficient. You can get all around a city by metro and we can also take buses if we cite to observe a scenery.

External image

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030 タビのしおりのこと。



While you are in Venice there are some things you can’t really miss. First, don’t worry about the weather, if you don’t catch a perfectly sunny day, it’s not a problem. On the contrary, Venice is much more fascinating when it’s foggy.

1. Visit all the beautiful monuments like Piazza san marco, the Guggenheim, the palace.

2. Read Hemingway’s Across the River and Into the Trees, it beautifully describes Venice, and will help you to get the mood of the city

3. Enter a Bacaro (Typical venetian cafè) and order an “ombra e chicchetto” (typical wine and appetizers) to have a real autochthonous break.

4. Write something down, and make sure you have the right music with you, i’s the best place to get some inspiration

5. Don’t go there when you are depressed or slightly dysthymic. It may give you the final blow

Everything in Venice is just a little bit creepy, as much as it’s beautiful.