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‘Women making fishing nets in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, preparing for the annual flooding of the river, when they can catch fish and shrimp.‘

  • photograph by: Tuyet Trinh Do, Fishing net marking in Mekong Delta, Vietnam, 2012

‘Fishing village of Vinh Hy, Vietnam. I knew their husbands fished for a living, It’s a typical image that everyone visiting the village would see. It expresses the life of the villagers, [as though they are] drifting in the ocean.’

  • photograph by Quang Tran, National Geographic Your Shot

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Where to go in Northern Ireland? Holywood

Located just outside Belfast! I loved living by the water and having unreal sunsets! The sky never got fully dark until around midnight and came up around 5am. Yup, I woke up everyday at 5am thinking it was 9am and I had slept in lol

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