Throwback Thursday! 

I’ve been a lot of characters during my time as a cosplayer, and here’s a handful of the ones I haven’t shared much–if at all–with Tumblr at large. Tigre, Kristoph Gavin, Klavier Gavin (present & past), Daryan Crescend, and Ema Skye from the Ace Attorney series, plus Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club, Victor from Trauma Center, and Jade from Tales of the Abyss, just to name a few.

Viola/Haruhi/Derek | Mori-senpai | Tyler 

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One of the primary design goals of Trauma Center is to reinforce the methodical nature of medical practices. While a simplified version of the procedure, by requiring the player to sew up, apply medicine, and bandage any entry point they’ve made at the end of an operation, the game reinforces that primary design goal, while also providing a sense of resolution to each level.

Now presenting the hottest doctor in video game history, GABRIEL CUNNINGHAM FROM TRAUMA TEAM.

this man. this man is perfection. he breaks the 4th wall, talks to a robot named roni, HES HAS A PONYTAIL, he’s voiced by the guy  that did Roy mustang, his son is fucken adorable, he says sheesh 90% of the time and hes a fucken doctor.

what more can i say but PLAY THE GAME.


Unraveled Truth from Trauma Team
played by me