10 Shuffled Songs

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Empire Ants - Gorillaz
Help, I’m a Rock - FZ/The Mothers
Cut Throat - Death Grips
Tea for One - Led Zeppelin
Willie the Pimp - Frank Zappa
Not in Love - Crystal Castles
Running from the Cops - Phantogram
Beat It - Michael Jackson
Radio Prague - This Heat
In Absentia - The Mars Volta

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Reverend J. M. Woodman -  World shown as a repeating Orb, changes in the rise and fall of the Oceans and the sediments shaded in, all the while the Sun never stops glaring down on the proceedings as a constant reminder of a Holy Influence, “God in Nature and Revelation”, 1875.

Plate I -  Manufacture of coal
Plate II -  Kosmos in vapor
Plate III -  Flood at its climax
Plate IV - Transverse view of the water, as it commenced together and rotate upon the outside
Plate V -  Waters gathered into one place
Plate VI -  Condensing from the outside, with comfessed poles
Plate VII -  Dry land appearing
Plate VIII -  A globe of water, holding earthy matter insolution
Plate IX -  Deposits of the sea, settling to their own specific gravity

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Swampert’s not even a psychic type, but he can predict the future! Or the weather, at least. It does this by sensing tiny disturbances in waves, so I suppose we should start off by talking about Ocean Waves!

Like any wave, ocean waves are energy moving through matter

Waves get the energy they need to form one of two ways:

  1. Interaction with wind
  2. Interaction with land

Things like tides and currents will also influence waves.

But, Unlike traditional transverse waves (like a sine or cosine), ocean waves are progressive or orbital waves. This is because the individual molecules move in small circles, or orbits, as the wave travles through them.

Other than that, oceans waves have all the same parts as any other wave, a crest, trough, wavelength, and so on. Of course, large enough waves will actually collapse on themselves because of gravity, creating that white foamy shape you’re all familiar with.

The velocity of an ocean wave is a weird function of wavelength (λ), depth of the water (d), and gravity (g);

As a wave moves towards a beach and the water gets shallower, the wavelength will become shorter, and the peak will grow higher.

Play around with out this or this simulation of ocean waves, if you’d like.

Now that we’ve established what waves are, we we can talk about how Swampert can predict the weather. As I mentioned, waves are formed from winds. Storms, obviously, whip up a lot of strong wind conditions in the atmosphere, which would coincidentally create a lot of strong waves.

As long as the waves are moving faster than the storm is, the waves will get to Swampert before the storm does, giving him enough warning to protect himself.

As for the detection of waves, Swampert’s fins must be some kind of sensitive pressure detector. Water molecules, being pushed around from the waves, will be hitting against Swampert’s fins in their own wave-like oscillation. With this, Swampert can feel the wavelength, strength, and so on. When he feels stronger waves, he’ll know a storm is on its way.

If the waves a storm creates move faster than the storm itself, Swampert will be able to detect a storm and protect itself before the storm reaches it.

Coincidentally, storms far out at sea often create the best surfing conditions on beaches.

Waist trainers waste money. Do yoga 🙏 Yoga strengthens the transverse abdominis a.k.a. the deep “corset muscles” which shape the waistline and provide stability for the lumbar spine.

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Pilates was designed to strengthen the core muscles, which happen to be the most important ones for your body during and after pregnancy. All mothers-to-be should look into taking classes during those 9 prenatal months.

Your balance is challenged when your center of gravity shifts in your body. You will learn how to re-stack the spine and have better posture, alleviating back pain.

Your pelvic floor is weakened due to the pressure of the baby weight on your bladder and transverse abdominal muscles. You will learn how to strengthen your Kegel muscles, better controlling your bladder.

Always check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise plan, as each woman’s medical history and pregnancy is different.


The (optional) panoramic windscreen was invented and patented by Opel, first used on the H-series GTC in 2005. The panoramic windscreen reaches all the way to the middle of the car roof on the GTC, in contrast to other glass roof configurations, there is no transverse spar that reduces visibility



Paul Andersen explains how the wavelength is the distance between oscillations in a wave. In a longitudinal wave this might be the distance between areas of compression. In a transverse wave it might be the distance between crests or troughs. A simulation and an example problem is included.

By: Bozeman Science.

Abdominal Activity and Gait

We came across this cool study today, after a well educated patient asked about abdominal activity during gait.

Here is the bottom line:
low level activity in the rectus abdominis and external oblique throughout the gait cycle, more concentrated activity of the internal oblique at initial contact/loading response (heel strike).

This makes sense, since the external oblique occupies more real estate and has a larger cross sectional area; it most likely has a role in stabilization both in rotational like emoticon planes as well as the saggital plane (Z). Perhaps the action of the internal oblique at initial contact is to assist in external rotation of the pelvis on the stance phase leg, as the the opposite leg goes into swing?

“Cluster analysis identified two patterns of activity for the internal oblique, external oblique and rectus abdominis muscles. In the lumbar erector spinae, three patterns of activity were observed. In most instances, the patterns observed for each muscle differed in the magnitude of the activation levels. In rectus abdominis and external oblique muscles, the majority of subjects had low levels of activity (<5.0% of a maximum voluntary contraction) that were relatively constant throughout the stride cycle. In the internal oblique and the erector spinae muscles, more distinct bursts of activity were observed, most often close to foot-strike. The different algorithms used for the cluster analysis yielded similar results and a discriminant function analysis provided further evidence to support the patterns observed”

Clin Biomech (Bristol, Avon). 2002 Mar;17(3):177-84.
Abdominal and erector spinae muscle activity during gait: the use of cluster analysis to identify patterns of activity.
White SG1, McNair PJ.

My first Spoonie Strong Saturday Selfie.

I suffer from Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. Also mild asthma and chronic back pain and undiagnosed sleep issues.

Here is me, 4 weeks after surgery to have a stent inserted into my transverse sinus after they found a rather dramatic stenosis which was causing havoc.

I’ve been feeling good after surgery, it has helped a lot. But I don’t know how long it will last.

I’m currently taking double blood thinners, which isn’t ideal for a clumsy aged care worker, but I get by!!!

Today was a good day.

34 weeks

A few things worth noting:

  • I am gaining weight at rapid pace. The fact that I ate both McDonalds and Jimmy John’s yesterday probably does not help.
  • For fun I measured my waist this morning. 44 inches!! This girl is nice and out front.
  • This week I started Operation Turn Baby. It’s actually been somewhat relaxing to have a little routine at night. I do 2-3 exercises, bounce on my ball, and go for walks. I also started seeing the chiropractor. Baby is transverse and very wiggly so I do think she will get it together. The chiropractor has really helped the headaches that have come back recently.
  • Things around the house are coming together. I washed the NB-3 month clothes last night and ordered a few new girly cloth diapers. I need to prep those and buy a box of disposables. My breast pump came and is good to go. I think we have enough bottles and burp cloths. The car seat is good to go. I should probably wash the fabric on the swing. 
  • My mother, Saint Mom, called the other day to tell me that she got a new job (very good news!) but doesn’t start until after Memorial Day. Since she will have nothing to do next week she wanted to know if Jack could come to their house for the week. UMYESPLEASE! How fast can I get him there?? Cris will be out of town and I was worried about having Jack for over a week on my own because he has been a real pill lately and I have negative amounts of energy. Mom to the rescue! He is going to Nana Camp on Sunday and I cannot wait! I plan to do a lot of yoga, sleep, read, finish a few things around the house, have a girl’s night with some friends, and be as lazy as possible. 
  • Today I finally brought my ball to work. What took me so long? It’s only a million times better than my shitty 15-year old chair. I finally feel like I will make it through an entire day without crying.
  • The next few weeks are insane at work but I am done traveling (with the exception of one day trip) until after maternity leave. Hooray!
  • I have been irrationally stressed out about getting Jack into swimming lessons this summer. Last night I found out there is a heated pool with great instructors 15 minutes from our house. It’s ridiculous how excited I am about this! He can start in July.
The Work of the Body: The Six Degrees of Freedom

The Six Degrees of Freedom

In terms of the the simplest gross anatomy you have a muscular-skeletal system, internal organs, four peripheral limbs in most cases. What you may not know is the way that these things get organized by anatomists or how they relate to how you move in space.

Anatomists divide bodies into “planes.” If you stand up the imaginary line that divides the left side of your body from the right side is known as the Sagittal Plane. The line midway between your back and your front is known as the Coronal or Frontal Plane. The line the would divide you in half horizontally is known as the Transverse or Horizontal Plane. Here is a basic illustration of these planes independently

and combined

As a human being you are a three dimensional object in space. All three dimensional objects have what are termed “Six Degrees of Freedom.” this is a reference to the fact that they can move in six potential fashions. The first three are tied to the Three Anatomical Planes: Forwards and Backwards (“Surging”), Right and Left (“Swaying”), Up and Down (“Heaving”). The other three are about moving around your center: turning along the frontal plane (“Roll”), turning along the sagittal plane (“Pitch”), and turning along the transverse plane (“Yaw”)

Here is a basic illustration applicable for any 3 dimensional body

and a human illustration specifically

If you are interested in pursuing a form of physical training which incorporates moving through all six degrees of freedom see Scott Sonnon’s FlowFit

That is the absolute basics of Human Movement. Up next will be a more specific look at the muscular-skeletal system and the network of tension which interconnects it and allows it to move.