Transmission tower

Some Denki headcanons

-he’s actually really smart. Academics just aren’t his thing but he’s really good at thinking outside the box and coming up with unique ideas

-he loves art. Looking at it, making it, modelling for it, loves watching it be made, He loves it all

-he prefers to draw abstract because he can just let the lines and shapes and colours flow across the page without having to worry about making it look like anything in particular

-got diagnosed with adhd when he was 12. Turns out his neurotransmitters are constantly in overdrive because he has way above average levels of neuro-electricity which resulted in adhd

-it was actually a big confidence blow until at the age of 14 he watched an interview from a dyslexic pro hero with an electric type quirk and he realised that his adhd was part of him and that that was fine.

-he’s constantly moving, leg bouncing, finger tapping, biting his lip. He just can’t be still. Too much energy

-has a hard time falling asleep. He takes like half an hour to get comfy and even then it doesn’t matter if he’s exhausted his body and brain just won’t shut up.

-he’s actually pretty self conscious. When he first developed his quirk he couldn’t control it which prompted people to stay away from him in fear of getting zapped or having their electronics fried.

-he’s also pretty anxious about swimming. He knows he has good control of his quirk now but he’s constantly scared he’ll just forget and end up hurting everyone in the pool.

-he just naturally has a lot of built up static energy so sometimes if he pats someone on the shoulder he unintentionally gives them a little shock or makes the hairs on the back of their neck stand up.

-going through areas with lots of transmission towers or radio/electric signals (e.g: cities, electronics stores, radio stations) makes him pretty nauseous.

-he actually did a lot of studying on things like electrodynamics, electromagnetic forces, electrochemistry & electrophysiology when he was about 10. He really wanted to understand his quirk and electricity in general not to mention learning how not to hurt people with it

-he also learnt a bit about neuroscience electrophysiology within the brain so he didn’t accidentally seriously harm himself (or someone else) by going overboard with his quirk.

-he really likes classical music. Depending on what it is it can really pump him up or calm him down. He just loves it

-he knows how to tap dance. Saw a competition once on tv when he was 6 and begged his parents for lessons which he got.

-he continued tap all the way through middle school and actually got a few medals and trophies but he knew he’d have to quit to keep up with his high school work.

-freaking loves cuddling with Kirishima because he knows that if he accidentally activates his quirk Kirishima can just harden his skin which doesn’t conduct electricity when it’s hardened.

-he actually just loves cuddling his friends in general. He loves to be close to people on both an emotional and physical sense but he’s still pretty self conscious so he doesn’t cuddle people all that often but he does so a lot of arms around the shoulders/pats on the back/ruffling hair or other slightly less full body thing.

-even though he’s very tactile he also respects the boundaries of others. For example: he knows Bakugou doesn’t like being touched and he’s cool with that, whatever makes his friends happy.

-has broke a tv/console 4 times over the years playing frustrating video games. He also fried his phone once playing flappy birds.

-the class emergency phone charger and he is not happy about it.

-is surprisingly good at long doing division/multiplication and equations mentally, he has a fast brain.

-flirts with literally everyone just for shits and giggs and he also believes that everyone deserves the confidence boost of being flirted with now and again.

-once accidentally propositioned All Might and nobody will let him live it down. Mina has a video

-respects that his flirting makes some people uncomfortable but if a person (read: Kirishima, Mina & Sero) is cool with it he will constantly flirt with them even though his feelings are completely platonic. It’s just how he shows his affection.

-Bakugou taught him to colour code his notes and to make mind maps and Kaminari felt like 15 years had been added to his lifespan.

-he’s really flexible. Can do the splits, the crab, get both legs behind his head at the same time. He’s just been really flexible ever since he was a little kid.

“When I was in undergraduate school, there was a foundry, but they wouldn’t let the women actually do the bronze pours. My roommate and I were the first ones. There were a lot of times that one had to push. Sculpture itself felt like a male domain. So it felt like a feminist stance to be a sculptor.”

An interview with artist Becky Howland on her work at MoMA PS1, 30 years ago and now in our Mark Leckey survey (closing Sunday, March 5!). Read it at

[Becky Howland with her Transmission Towers #1–7 in P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center’s third-floor “Auditorium” in 1986. Photo courtesy of Peter Bellamy; Becky Howland. Transmission Tower #1.” Installation view, Mark Leckey: Containers and Their Drivers, MoMA PS1, October 23, 2016–March 5, 2017]