Translation tiemz!

KuroTsuki manga, by まざ

Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: KuroTsuki (Kuroo x Tsukishima)
On Pixiv: クロ月 Artist: まざ

As per bloatedhamster’s request, here’s another Haikyuu!! fanart translation. Hope you enjoy it, and remember everyone is welcome to throw in requests if you have any!

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AzuNishi Day manga, by 橘高

Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: AzuNishi (Azumane x Nishinoya)
On Pixiv: 【腐】東西の日【HQ!!】 Artist: 橘高

aka I’m back in the fandom translating business.

Just a couple of things since it’s the my first time translating for Haikyuu!! which likely means new readers:

Hello there I translate stuff from Japanese in my free time so if there’s a particular piece of fanart or whatever you’d like to see translated, feel free to drop me a message and I’ll try my best to help (obviously it’s easier on me if it’s a fandom I’m familiar with, and I may ask whether the work has major spoilers first, but feel free to go ahead and make a request still when in doubt).

I don’t really track tags so my sincere apologies if this has been translated already. ;7;

That said, you are now welcome to follow the read more for the translated comic! Enjoy!

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I was going through some interviews in my Tsuritama books and I just

When talking about the characters they found the coolest, Yuuichi Takahashi (animation character designer) and Kenji Nakamura (director) brought up Natsuki due to his popularity within the staff (especially the ladies team, which formed a good part of the production team). Nakamura confesses that he really didn’t want to have Natsuki’s hair cut, but eventually conceded. On this subject, he mentions that Uki (character designer) offered 5 hairstyles for Natsuki, which were then shown to the women in the team to vote for the one they liked most, which would be considered final. The conversation follows as below:

Nakamura: […] Some even said they liked Natsuki better after the haircut, so I’m glad we decided to ask around staff.

Takahashi: A large part of the team were women, after all.

Nakamura: We just went ahead with whatever they told us was best [laughs].

But the bit that got me came right after this.

Takahashi: In the end it got easier to draw too, so.

Nakamura: You end up seeing the back of his neck so he gets some extra appeal too.

Takahashi: With his hair short he can look good even in the rain.

Long story short, not even the top of this team can escape Natsuki’s sex appeal. Amazing.

On another note I’m just gonna drop this guy here because he caught my attention when I was flipping the pages to get to the interviews and Idk I like him.

This reminds m of a fun fact about Yuki’s classmates though:

Takahashi: I drew about 30 students [for Yuki’s class]. Actually, the people in this class are inspired by people working at A-1 Pictures, who offered photos of themselves to use as models for the characters. Even the names came through as well.

The student above is apparently called Oomatsu, and I do believe I remember an Oomatsu mentioned in an interview maybe. The teacher was modelled after Kimura (assistant director). Now ain’t this staff just cute.

Nico Touches The Walls, 「Tenchi Gaeshi」 English Translation

Artist: Nico Touches the Walls
Album/Single: Tenchi Gaeshi (Haikyuu!! Ending Theme #1)

I haven’t seen a translation around so I thought I might fix that if that is still the case. As far as Japanese lyrics go, there’s a number of versions out there, but based on hearing I believe these are the most accurate, so I translated based on this version in specific.

Here goes!

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Yuki moved his eyes along the classroom, sweating profusely.
Ah! Natsuki!
His eyes halted when they found a mass of wild black hair. Natsuki Usami, the boy with the thin, black-rimmed glasses with rectangular frames. He was the one teaching Yuki and Haru how to fish.
Natsuki, please! Say something!
He begged inside his head, eyes desperately locked on him.
But Natsuki’s, which had been watching the scene play with little interest, sharpened in response to Yuki’s gaze as he shook his head.
Don’t drag me into this, Yuki could hear him say.
But he persisted. Natsuki was the only one he could turn to.
Natsuki!! Tell him I have nothing to do with this. I’m begging you!
Don’t look this way! You do something about it!
Help me! I can’t do this…!
Not my business. And how about you stop turning your face into that every time?
Their conversation went on through their eyes alone.
‘How much longer do you plan to just sit there?’

These two dummies share flowing conversation with their eyes alone goodbye.


The fandom asks, Ignis gives.

So here’re the Q&A sections for Yuki and Natsuki from the Tsuritama Visual Fanbook, have it as a second sneak peek. You can find translations for Akira’s and Haru’s here (I didn’t go all the way with cleaning and typing onto the image for these because I only had photos for those at the time, I scanned the book in the meantime, so Yuki’s and Natsuki’s get the full fledged scanlation format hur hur).

Couple of notes about Natsuki’s:

  • Shougi = sort of a Japanese chess. Castle is one of the playing pieces.
  • Natsuki I swear to god you gave me such a hard time with this one. Natsuki quotes Ernest Hemingway here. I have no idea how the quote goes exactly in the English copy of the book (I believe it’s in The Old Man and the Sea). I spent quite a long time researching on Japanese forums and also quotes from the English copy but couldn’t find one that conveyed this kind of message. Just know that this is what it means, but it’s likely to be worded in a different way in the original book. If anyone knows how the original quote goes, if you would be so kind as to let me know, and I’ll edit it that way in the actual scanlation release.

That’s it, hope you guys enjoy this tidbit of Tsuritama trivia fun!


As promised, time for some good ol’ Tsuritama trivias. This is the TsuriRadio comic featured in theeee Tsuritama Visual Fanbook. A few notes on this:

  • I went with Japanese name order here, personally I find it really awkward to use honorifics with names in Western order, but I wanted to use Western order for these releases like interviews so IDK WHAT I’M GONNA DO FOR THE FOLLOWING ONES HAHA gomen.
  • “How beautiful a thing it is to have good friends,” an old quote by Mushanokouji Saneatsu.
  • Irino refers to the radio show title, ‘TsuriRadio - Suki Katte Talking!’, in which suki katte basically means doing something - in this case, talking - whatever way you want to - again, in this case, more like talking about whatever the fuck you want.
  • The Japanese use the expression 'fruit au lait’ to refer to, as you might guess, a sort of fruit juice and milk mix.

And that’s that for now, hope you enjoyed the quick reading, and know I’ll probably be working on an interview next so keep an eye out for that!

Watch me extend my fanart translating tentacles yet again

I swore to myself the next fanart I’d translate would be a K one. So here, have some touching, feels-inducing SaruMi strip. If the last koma doesn’t pain you your heart has been lost. Either that or you lose it because of that same koma.

If you’ve read other fanart translations I’ve worked on, this is an artist from pixiv who’s done pretty cool art for Tsuritama (if you’d like, check out these translations I’ve done from this artist’s work– some NatsuYuki here, here and here if you feel like crying and some AkiHaru).

I’ve looked through the K tag a few times but I haven’t been tracking the tag, so if someone’s already translated this I DO APOLOGISE.

Otherwise enjoy? (´・ω・`)

You can find the original strip under the source link.

Spoiler: The watch is actually a wedding ring.

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I refuse to acknowledge the fact it's been a year already

aka One Year Later We Find Out Haru Is A Yandere

But here have a celebratory fanart translation.

Just a quick, funny little thing because I’m too busy to spend too much time on this stuff nowadays with coursework, I am gomen. Went for one that features the whole gang and Ayumi! because come on, anniversary and stuff. I had another little translation ready but I checked the link back to the source and it seems it was taken down so I’m not posting that one. ;^; As for this one’s original, you can find it via the source link as usual. =3=

Anyway, enjoy the crack and HAPPY TSURITAMA ANNIVERSARY!! ☆☆

Guess I ended up acknowledging it in the end welp.

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