Transformers Photography

So I saw a certain photoset of Genrations Arcee doing some heavy lifting, and I was skeptical as to it being done without external support. So I cracked out my Arcee, to see if she could do it

I started small, to see if she was even sturdy enough to hold any other bot. She was

Next size class up, and still no problems

A bot more than twice her size, and barely breaking a sweat

It took a while to find the right position, but she managed to god damn hold Ultra Magnus, who I can assure you is not a lightweight

But now I wanted to take it one step further than the original. I wanted to try for a combiner. Annoyingly all the smaller combiners were so awkwardly shaped and weighted she couldn’t even get a grip. However the biggest one, while way to big to hold by the middle, was a success

So yeah I now love this toy even more, and we’re getting married.


Here’s some “low quality” (phone camera) quality pics of Aero Alpha.

He is so much fun!! Mine’s a bit tight and it makes it a hassle, but once you get the pose–OH is it so worth it.

I’m happy Arcee’s blue blades fit! I wish they had given him his ‘electric/fire/whatever’ blades we see him use in the comics. But this works….


SO HEY here’s a gallery i did and totally forgot about. my uncle bought this bad boy a while ago and asked me to take some photos for him

this is comicave optimus prime, an officially-licensed third party figure that’s apparently at 1/22 scale

it’s a really big bugger, really hefty because of the diecast content and bonkers partscount. surprisingly pretty well articulated too, with jointed fingers and everything, but of course because of the size and complexity you’re not gonna get it to do yoga poses

the paint on this lad is crackers too. all those flames intricately picked out, with the subtle dry-brushing on the metallic parts, making things like the glyphs (which translate to basically keysmashing ) pop

it’s not really my kind of thing (i prefer retail figures, cheap and cheerful as they are), but there’s no denying that this thing is really impressive. it was a pretty interesting experience messing around with this lad too!