Random Human Sized and normal sized Transformers Headcannons

[Pokemon Go]

{Normal sized Transformers first}
@adelita-sanchez I’m not sure if you got this one yet, but imagine when Pokemon go first came out, some of your favorite bots started to get a small sinking feeling about it but were glad that you were excited about it and about getting it. They will gladly take you on small drives around the area to help you catch some Pokemon or hatch an egg {{God knows how fucking long that takes honestly.}} or to go to some pokestops to put down a lure and enjoy meeting and talking to new people, but then skip to a week or less later. Your favorite bots are hanging out and relaxing one night before realizing that their little human isn’t hanging out with them which was a little bit unusual because you would hang out with them on nights like these, and still did after getting Pokemon go. Before one of them could say a thing, you suddenly come running in with your phone in hand and shout: “ THERES A PIKACHU IN HERE!” Making a few of your favorite bots jump slightly or get scared a bit while some of the others watch in shock and confusion and the rest are either laughing or chuckling about the sudden outburst of energy as you ran in the room.

{Human sized Transformers now}
Imagine that after Pokemon go came out, since your favorite bots already had gotten a phone some how, you got a hold of their phones and download the game before proceeding to make them accounts and sign them in. It takes a couple of days or so for them to get the hang of it but it doesn’t take long for them to get used to it. You and your favorites go on walks together to many places to catch Pokemon and always have a few conversations while y'all on these walks. During these walls yall are adventurous when you notice a pokestop nearby but it’s at something you haven’t seen in person yet before, and so you and the bots start heading that way. Because of this there have been a few moments when you and the bots all see some amazing sights like monuments and artworks and statues and other stuff. And if you like taking photos, you manage to get a few good shots and can’t wait to go get them developed later. When y'all are walking around parks you often stop to watch the wild life or maybe just rest for a while and talk about what Pokemon you’ve caught or hatched. There are moments when there are fights on who gets to fight the gym, or who catches a Pokemon first since they pretty much pop up in the same area as it did for another person and if you are fast enough in time it does disappear from the map when someone catches it and there are sometimes fights over teams and what Pokemon is the best. But even though those fights sometimes happen, y'all end up stopping in a middle of an argument and start laughing about how silly you mighty sound before walking off to go hang out and maybe even snuggle.

[{Gonna post more later hope you enjoy and feel free to add more to this if you want!}]

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Starscream or Knockout?

starscream!! my boi!! my bby!! protect him he’s not ok!! !


Alright! Here are the pictures from the photoshoot I did at ALA 2016. I can’t even explain how much I loved making this costume, not so much in putting over 90 feet of lighting thru it, but it did come out great. 

Thank you so much to Anthony aka Bits photography, for the amazing photos he does for me! Best photographer and friend! 

The various Optimus Primes I've seen
  • IDW Optimus:somewhat out of touch robot dad, has no idea what's going on and makes poor life choices.
  • G1 Optimus:laid back young robot dad, probably secretly encourages his kids picking fights with Old Man Megatron next door.
  • Beast Wars Optimus:post-college student and his gang stranded on a weird planet with the neighbors from hades. Also sort of raising the group Kid Brother, Cheetor.
  • Transformers Cybertron Optimus:ok I was like 12, all I remember is basically "Oh for the love of Pete, what's Hot Shot gotten himself into now?"
  • TFA Optimus:"Wait what I'm a dad? When did this happen and why am I in charge of all these kids? I'm a kid too?"
  • TFP Optimus:Serious robot dad, has seen a lot of bad stuff and is not going to let any of it happen to you. Always ready with some good fatherly wisdom. Just don't threaten his charges in his presence.
  • RiD 2015 Optimus:older robot dad, kids all grown up and he's trying to let them do their own thing but old habits die hard.
  • Bayverse Optimus:"Hello, yes, I have spontaneously adopted an entire military squadron and a few jittery teenagers. Come near my kids and I'll literally tear your face off."
A Guide to Survive the ‘Cons Trying to Capture You If You Are a Human

That only applies if (otherwise they couldn’t care less about human casualties)

  • It’s an order given from superiors to capture a certain human due to information, interrogation or other crucial for the ‘Con cause reasons.
  • Bribery reasons, especially if you are alligned with Autobots
  • Other reasons where the human is required to be alive and (relatively) unharmed

We see it nearly everytime. The ‘Con is about to catch the human. The human runs away in hopes of someone saving themselves. The Con makes three huge steps and has the humans in their hands.

It is reasonable for the human to run away from the threat as far as possible. It is genetically coded, it is our fight or flight reaction and seeing something that can kill you is quite horrific. During those moments, the person actually does not really think rationally that there is a way to prevent themselves from being captured.

That is to reach a SAFE ZONE. Believe it or not, after some thinking, I have come to a conclusion that the SAFE ZONE is in fact the area closest to the Con.

To visually imagine this, let’s use Jack Darby and our beloved Vehicon, Steve.

You see, if the Con has an order to safely retrieve you (which means no deaths or injuries) they must be very careful where they STEP.

That gets more than difficult if you are literally. Literally INCHES AWAY from their giant feet. Each step they take has to really well-thought out, not to mention they need to lean down even more than usually to snatch the person.

And now it gets little funny. Running in close circles around them will cause some major confusion, anger, frustration. You get to see them being clumsy as hell. You get to see the trip, get lost, get really puzzled. 

And hell you might even get to stand directly behind them and witness the rarely seen clumsiness and utter confusion.

What if two or more Cons are after you? 

Use the same method.

In short, running in circles around them could buy you enough time to run and find a hiding spot in order to avoid getting captured by the Cons.