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Fluff/relationship headcanons for Fort Max, Deathsaurus, and Bluestreak?

Fortress Maximus (MTMTE):

  • RELATIONSHIP: It can be a bit hard for him to ease himself into a more relaxed and laid back relationship. He generally needs some reassurance that it’s not a huge problem to you when things don’t go quite to plan and that he isn’t doing anything wrong in the relationship.
  • FLUFFY: His cuddles are the gentlest and softest out of the whole Lost Light. He is intensely aware of the size difference between you as well as the difference in strength. When he touches you, it’s almost like he thinks you’re made of glass.

Deathsaurus (MTMTE):

  • RELATIONSHIP: He’s very gentlemanly with you, devoted, loving, respectful, and believes that you deserve the world. He wishes that he could spend more time with you, but you understand the responsibility he has to his men.
  • FLUFFY: You have a habit of writing love letters to each other. At first it was more meaningful but as the letters got more and more lovey dovey, you began to take them less seriously. Now you see who can outdo who with the cheesiness of the letters.

Bluestreak (MTMTE):

  • RELATIONSHIP: Bluestreak is a Chatty Cathy. He really truly adores you and gets nervous around you because of it and when he gets nervous he rambles so he just can’t help but be all blushy and ramble on and on when you’re near.
  • FLUFFY: He is one of the most affectionate bots there is, rivaling RID Grimlock for the title of PDA champ. Unlike Grim though, he can become a bit embarrassed if you’re being cutesy with him around the bots that he works with because they’ll end up teasing him about it later.