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While it looks like we and a spectrum of other organizations have helped to stall Fast Track and the TPP, it has not gone away. There is still much work to be done and we need to generate more awareness about the TPP. So far, all the major media outlets have ignored the TPP. WHY? Because they’re in on it. We need to send them a message that not letting the public know about this “trade” deal monstrosity is unacceptable. Join our Twitter Storm tonight!

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Learn more how the TPP relates to GMOs and food, and print out this PDF to hand out:

Transpacific Partnership

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Unlocking Opportunity for Americans through trade with the Asia Pacific

President Obama’s trade agenda is dedicated to expanding economic opportunity for American workers, farmers, ranchers, and businesses. That’s why we are negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 21st century trade agreement that will boost U.S. economic growth, support American jobs, and grow Made-in-America exports to some of the most dynamic and fastest growing countries in the world.

As the cornerstone of the Obama Administration’s economic policy in the Asia Pacific, the Trans-Pacific Partnership reflects the United States’ economic priorities and values. The TPP not only seeks to provide new and meaningful market access for American goods and services exports, but also set high-standard rules for trade, and address vital 21st-century issues within the global economy. 

Here are a few of the ways the Trans-Pacific Partnership will unlock opportunity for you

The TPP will support Made-in-America exports

The TPP will make it easier to sell Made-in-America goods and services exports to some of the most dynamic and fastest growing markets in the world, and support homegrown jobs and economic growth. 

The TPP will enforce fundamental labor rights

The TPP will level the playing field for American workers and businesses by building strong and enforceable labor standards. 

The TPP will promote strong environmental protection

Environmental protection is a core American value. Through the TPP, the United States is negotiating for robust environment standards and commitments from member countries, and addressing some of the region’s most pressing environmental challenges. 

The TPP will help American small businesses benefit from trade

American small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, and have accounted for nearly two thirds of new private sector jobs in recent decades. The TPP will improve transparency and regulations to help U.S. companies engage in and benefit from increased trade in the Asia Pacific. 

Unlocking Opportunity for America

The Trans-Pacific Partnership will grow trade with one of the world’s fastest growing regions, and share American values and commitment to improve labor practices and elevate environmental standards around the world.

The TPP will also have great benefits at home, for you and your community. Explore the below map to learn how the Trans-Pacific Partnership will benefit your state and industry, and help Made-in-America businesses grow and support local jobs through trade with the Asia Pacific Region.

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For those who STILL believe this is just a drill, think again.
The Need for #JadeHelm Secrecy
Can you imagine if Jade Helm forces were to be told the following in their briefings?

1. The Trans Pacific Partnership will bring down the U.S. government and cause a collapse of the dollar.

2. You are the martial law force and as such you will be facing an angry and hungry public armed with guns.

3. The Special Operations Forces will extract and/or eliminate as many opposition leaders as possible.

4. Conventional units, such as the #82Airborne, operating under the auspices of #DHS, will impose martial law once the extractions are complete.

5.Riot control measures will be in effect including the assassination of perceived public protest leaders. Snipers will be employed for this purpose.

6. The troops will be told that most of the protestors are domestic terrorists in an attempt to depersonalize them in the eyes of the troops, thus making it likely that lethal force will be ordered and complied with.

7. Jade Helm will assist in the transition between the former United States and the #TransPacificPartnership (#TPP).

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